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Kim Kardashian

Makes Peace

with 'Mad Men' Nemesis

4/27/2012 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

John Hamm and Kim Kardashian
Say what you will about Kim Kardashian ... but she doesn't hold grudges, because our spies tell us she made peace last night with the actor who has been trashing her -- Jon Hamm.

Kim and Jon were both on a special live version of "30 Rock" Thursday night.  Kim had a pretty small part but she slayed everyone at the end (take a look at the video).

Jon Hamm was also on the show, did his thing.  You'll recall Jon went after Kim with a vengeance last month, saying Kim was stupid and a "f**king idiot."

But after the show last night, we're told they both spoke to each other and, as Kim told a friend, "We laughed it all off." Kim also said Jon was "very sweet and very respectful."

We love show business. It's so phony.


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Trooper Tom    

Look at Baldwins face as she is taking a photo LOL

916 days ago


When is the day that we will not hav eto hear from this scams of the earth? what is so special about this people ,just sex tapes,making a mockery with the big weeding,marrying black basketball dudes for money ,the pimp mother pimping her daughter's what is good about this family... the wimp wtepfather who found out his wife was cheating on her hubby before she divorced him? because they are rich ? we are a bunch of idiots if we watch their low vain shows (I don't) or buy their stuff (I don't )

916 days ago


The only reason they made up is because the PR's decide them what to do,it will not look good if they get in fights ,he dislike her she dislike him of course is all Hollywood ,a bunch of hypocrits ......

916 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kim is such a stupid loser she just wants Hamm off her case. That's why this untalented porn star sucked up to him

916 days ago


there is a very fine line between love and hate....this man has a crush on

916 days ago


I hope TMZ writes another story about Kim K before this gets bumped to the 2nd page instead of 1st page. It's only fitting to keep the best performer and soon to be Mayor or President of the USA front and center!!!

916 days ago


East Coast ending was BETTER. Paul McCartney walks out, says he fell and doesn't know who he is, so Tina Fay says they are dating and they walk off... Then the two guys kiss. No Kim K BS.

916 days ago


i heard the first line but watched it twice and couldn't hear the line to Alec......

916 days ago

Carly O    

Whore. I am special because I like black men f***ing my ass and p***on me. I was willing to tolerate that, and willing to have it filmed. So from now on, those of you who value vapid, shallow people like me should spend your money on my Sears collection...oh wait...who the F buys clothes in Sears? Oh wait...who values useless whores.....oh wait...I might be a little pretty after you give me plastic surgery and suck all the hair off and take away from every single aspect of my looks which will look like the old lady in black from head to toe...oh wait...some misguided fool might have actually loved my vapid self...oh wait....even I realize I am a total waste product and the *** Kanye is even more useless than I am and I hope that $40M is a crash and burn because KIM....NOBODY GIVES ONE RAT'S ASS ABOUT YOUR UGLY PSORIASIS SELF AND YOUR DUMB ASS BABY VOICE....YOU ARE DONE

916 days ago

Carly O    

Seriously, she has to back off from everyone who calls her anything bad because she is a confirmed, filmed whore who will take it up the ass on film and will be willing to be pissed on by some nobody black rapper. How can her reputation get worse?

916 days ago
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