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President Barack Obama

KILLS at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

4/29/2012 6:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton were all on the receiving end of shots from President Barack Obama at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner. 

Obama seemingly began the night on a serious note, touching on the one-year anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden ... but then the video screen showed a picture of Donald Trump

Host Jimmy Kimmel's routine was a bit more polished -- poking fun at the Secret Service prostitution scandal, Obama's re-election bid and, of course, Kim Kardashian.


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Ball of Hate    

If only Obama would put as much effort into running this country as he does for all of these shows and events...

872 days ago


That clip was so funny putting Doanld Trumps picture up when President Obama said they captured the most notorious person...LMAO

Love you President Obama 2012

872 days ago


He's a joke all right.

872 days ago


Unlike Obama , Mitt Romney didnt eat his Dog !

872 days ago


While Rome burned Nero fiddled.

872 days ago

Vicky Miller    

Tired of Obama wanting the US to believe he killed Osama! I'm surprised the SEALS didn't find Osama in Obama's summer home!
This guy has to go!

872 days ago


Obama was funny. The look Michelle gave him when he told the dog joke was priceless. Jimmy was good, but it was odd. I've never seen him so nervous, poor guy. His Sully needing to drive lohan home joke was funny.

872 days ago


The President thinks he's a stand up comic and Kim K and Lindsey L are invited guest to the WH...what the h*ll is happening to our country?

872 days ago


Obama's was kind of whack

872 days ago


Wow ... we must have watched two different speeches. Obama was occasionally and rather mildly amusing, but he hardly "killed it." And while Jimmy started out very strong, he fell a little flat the longer he went on. At least he didn't bomb like Leno and others before him have.

Really, someone at TMZ needs to take off his rose-colored campaign glasses, put his or her politics aside, and take an objective look before writing stupid headlines like this one. Really, I laughed louder at the TMZ headline than anything Obama said.

872 days ago


Obama & Kimmel both did a great job!

872 days ago

In Depth News    

WHY is Jimmy Kimmel and President Obama supporting the Nationalize Health bill of 2010 (1st ever) , by leftist democrats. The Health Bills are political bias , will lead to worse health care (based on limiting growth), slowly destoying the USA economy , and denies individual liberties.

Both republicans Lincoln and Reagan would be against those leftist bills of 2010, because they were huge advocates for indidual liberties.

872 days ago


Four more years. Get used to it.

872 days ago


I watch this dinner every year, and i was very suprised at the jokes the President made...they were out of his character,and did not make him look good...granted he has people writing his jokes, but they were done in very very poor taste...and what on earth were the trashian pimp mother and fat ass doing at this dinner....seriously, enough with them....they have to go to every single's sickening.....ugh...........

872 days ago


I didn't watch the clip since I don't find ANYTHING funny about what this man has to say. But I will take your word that he was great and killed it. Good to know he will have another career available after he loses the next election.

872 days ago
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