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Up to $1 MILLION in Debts

(But I Really Needed DirecTV)

5/1/2012 8:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Nadya Suleman claims she's so damn broke ... she owes between $500k and $1,000,000 to various creditors ... including doctors, lawyers, teachers ... and DIRECTV!!!!

TMZ just obtained a copy of OctoMom's bankruptcy documents, in which she claims she only has between ZERO and $50,000 to her name ... because she's blown a fortune on super important things like water and power and the ability to watch all of her favorite cable shows.

God forbid a destitute woman with 14 kids be kept from watching "Game of Thrones."

Here's the list of Octo's creditors:

-- Orkin Pest Control
-- Roberto Robles Gardening Services
-- Sparkletts
-- William F. Turner Attorney at Law
-- Kaiser Permanente
-- The DMV
-- Farmers Insurance Group
-- Verizon Wireless
-- City of La Habra Water Dept.
-- So Cal Gas Company
-- So Cal Edison Company (power)
-- Sylvan Learning
-- Superior Court of California
-- Whittier Christian School
-- DirecTV

In the docs, Octo claims she completed a debt education course -- as required from everyone who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Octo took her course on the Internet ... though it's unclear how she paid for the Internet access.


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I have mixed feelings on this topic. First of all, I feel Nadia is to blame for having 6 children that she could not afford, and then going to great lengths to have even MORE. However, I don't like the fact that SUPER POWERFUL Oprah has had her on her show and SUPPOSEDLY tried to help her by bringing her together with Suze Orman and that was IT. If Oprah really wanted to help this dumb ass woman and 14 innocent children, why didn't she at LEAST do something for her? If not a show on OWN (really - could a show about this bunch be any worse than anything else that's on OWN now?), at least provide for her in some way since you (Oprah) acted as if you wanted to help her. And TMZ and every other media outlet that continues to shine a spotlight on this woman, why don't you do something to help? YES - Nadia got herself into this ugly mess, but I am also shocked that no wealthy people have stepped up to employ her or help her out of this situation. Now she's turning to porn or something close to it. What's next? Whatever money she makes from this project won't last long with 14 kids. Stop looking to this pathetic woman for entertainment and do something to help. I do NOT believe she should be handed a house or anything else that would, in theory, appear to be rewarding bad behavior, but at least employ her in some capacity that would let her try to raise these innocent children with a little bit of dignity. Otherwise, as the kids get older, this is only going to get much worse. I don't want to follow this entire family through the years for "entertainment" as they continue to go downhill. It's just not right.

873 days ago


I know that the doctor's medical license was revoked, but I feel he should have been sued for malpractice. Even though she asked for this, he knew she already had 6 kids with no means of support. It's pretty clear to most people that she has some sort of mental/emotional issues. But he went ahead and implanted 8 embryos anyway. This doctor either did it for fame or was experimenting on her. Either way it seems like malpractice to me. I haven't a clue what should be done at this point. But hopefully CPS will keep a close watch. The kids shouldn't be suffering because of her poor choices.

873 days ago


I have DirectTV and my son watches it more than I do. LOL. They have a channel called babyfirst. You CAN watch the babyfirst on netflix though.......

873 days ago


" because she's blown a fortune on super important things like water and power and the ability to watch all of her favorite cable shows. "

What water are you referring to the bottle water she drinks, or the stuff she uses to bathe her kids in and flush because she owes on that too. Blowing a fortune on power. Who doesn't or do the people at TMZ get theirs free, because everyone who has it is certainly blowing a fortune on it. But I guess in TMZ world some people in this world should be cooking by candlelight because don't you know power is a luxury.

It's quite obvious the majority of her debt is to a lawyer, a hospital and a mortage that TMZ in its true fashion of unbiased reporting forgot to mention. Can't humanize her after all. Sure would hate to have her look like lots of other people who, when, they had it overspent and now have to pay the piper.

By the way didn"t Lady Gaga go bankrupt not to long ago, where is the pictures of her at an ATM. How come Evan hasn't asked Donald Trump, considering the amount of times he's gone bankrupt shouldn't he be getting out of business, and perhaps is he maybe not the best person business wise to host the Apprentice. No they leave them alone, because unlike Octomom, these people Octomom doesn't have the people to keep the hounds at TMZ away. Oblivion after all is not a good place for TMZ, Harvey could find himself in a bankruptcy court.

873 days ago


I do not see a problem with her having cable. However, I personally do not have cable, in order to save money, so maybe she should have sucked it up and not had cable, I did. She Really should have thought of all this before all this. What's mess.

873 days ago


f**k her she is a piece of sh*t low life. who in the wants to see her in porn video, in my eyes her pu**y is like throwin a hotdog down a hall n bad roastbeef. just stop talking about this lowlife n leave her alone demn dirtbag. she does nuttin and gets everything given to her that bs

873 days ago


People who don't have money to pay for Orkin and gardeners and bottled water shouldn't be signing up for those services. I can't afford them either so guess what? I pull my own weeds and kill my own bugs. With 14 kids, she can delegate those chores around easily.

873 days ago


she can't take care of the kids. take them away from her!

873 days ago


TMZ, Are you happy with your self! She needs HELP or the KIDS will suffer, YOU *****....

873 days ago


You could give that bitch a million bucks and she'd be bankrupt before the end of the year. She's trash. She has a welfare mentality---there's more where that cheque came from she just has to devise a sad-sack story or given an off-chain-offer, call TMZ, they'll post it---folks like myself will say "go to hell" and an idiot or two will cut a cheque. All in a day's work of a social parasite.

873 days ago


Lets clear up some of the misconceptions that seem to be rampant on this board:

1. FRESH embryos were implanted in Nadya, and not Frozen ones, for every one of her IVF treatments. Nadya knew that fresh ones were implanted because there are procedures she had to follow prior to their extraction to prepare the body and embryos, obviously these procedures wouldn't be necessary for frozen embryos. She also signed all the paperwork stating they were fresh and how many were being implanted. The Doctor isn't the only one to blame here. Nadya sought him out, and signed on the dotted line. She knew exactly what she was doing.

2. Nadya has a college degree in child adolescent development AND she has a psyciatric technicians license. She was also studying for her MBA... So she is well educated, and can earn a good living in her chosen field.

3. Nadya had ALL the kids in day care, yet she still did not get a job.

4. As stated by Suzy Orman, and agreed to by Nadya...enough money was donated to her to provide for all of her children until adulthood. That money was squandered away...yet people believe more money should be donated. What do you think she'd do with that money?

There, I think that covers all the misconceptions stated...

873 days ago


This psycho gets worst everyday....she needs to be sent ASAP to the mental institution NOW!!!!!!!

873 days ago


What difference does it make if they are fresh or frozen? Do you know. Google it. Forzen are actually better. In IVF depending on age 1-3 eggs are implanted, hoping one takes hold. She got double the amount, twins, maybe triples might have been a reasonable expectation. Anyone who would have bet on her having 8 would have been rich beyond their dreams.

873 days ago


Before Nadya had her children, Dr. Phil offered her around the clock care for her 8 infants, as well as childcare and assistance for the 6 older ones, until they reached the age of 18. - So what does she do????? She turns it down. What a freaking idiot. I feel sorry for the children, because this situation is not their fault, but JEEBUS, she hasn't done one thing to help herself out. Please, someone take these children and give them to families that can raise them properly and give them a chance at life.

873 days ago


txcn: 23 minutes ago

What difference does it make if they are fresh or frozen?

The difference is the lie she told. That she was so religious that she had to implant all the frozen embryos because she couldn't let them die... Gee, funny there are still 29 left. Does that mean we can count on more babies from her???

873 days ago
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