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A Real Man at Heart

5/3/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna loves drinking beers and making it rain at strip clubs so much -- it's almost like she's actually a dude ... but she's totally NOT.  Right? RIGHT??    

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Rihanna is a horrible person. She makes a huge deal about being hit by CB, but then intentionally lifts the restraining order and makes music with him. She doesn't care about being beaten, so why do so many others still care about it and condemn Brown for it. I'm sick of hearing about her, Chris Brown and the whole thing. She sucks. She's not even that good of a singer.

867 days ago


Because her real self is tacky, thats why.

867 days ago


She has no class

867 days ago

Pudding Tang    

i'm gonna go out on a limb here but this wouldn't be the first time she does something for shock value or just contradictory in itself out of stupidity

867 days ago


I like this new layout better than the old one. I don't know what other people's deal is. It's clear, easy to read, and easy to click. My page is is not freezing. The only thing is, ever since they changed the format I get the invalid source error on internet explorer, but that is all.

867 days ago


If we get semi nude pics each day, in a year there's nothing left to increase her exhibitionism and attempts to provocate. Rihanna says she wants a boyfriend but famous and powerful is enough to deal for some men. If she continues to present herself like a sex monster, she turns off some candidates; they get fear.

867 days ago


A cry for attention. She's no different from Willow Smith, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and the list goes on and on and on.....

867 days ago


This child needs some serious intervention. She’s still young enough to wake up and get her life on track before it’s too late. It’s a huge cry for help and I wonder where her parents are as this young girl is going off the tracks. It’s sure obvious her manager et al don’t care as long as she’s getting press whether it is good or bad. They’re sucking the life out of her and when she’s used up they’ll toss her carcass. Sad.

867 days ago


I like the main page lay out. Less bull****, better to scroll. The comment layout is kind of bubbly though.

866 days ago


A lot can be done these days with plastic surgery. I think you're onto something TMZ

866 days ago

DJ Blur    

..what a role model

865 days ago


Rhianna needs to grow up! She is degrading the female sex with every dollar she throws at the stripper! The whole strip club thing is just wrong, but let's see it what it's for. It's one thing when a stripper has to do these sexual acts for men because a guy is sexually aroused by it, but when a chick who is not gay comes in and makes them do the same sexual acts for her, how embarrassing is that? What reasoning could she possibly have for going to a strip club and making these women degrade themselves even more? It's no different than a beggar who asks for money from you and instead of just helping him/her out you stand there and tell the beggar, " I'll give you a dollar if you hop around and squawk like a chicken!" She's a douche bag.

859 days ago


I couldn't even get past Part One, if I watch the other show I want to choose to.

738 days ago
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