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Simon Cowell

Brit's Officially On Board!!

(... Demi Too)

5/14/2012 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Simon Cowell twitter photo with Britney Spears, L.A. Reid & Demi Lovato
Simon Cowell finally announced what we all knew was coming ... Britney Spears is joining "X Factor" ... and so is some other girl.

Cowell just tweeted a photo of himself with Britney, L.A. Reid and the show's 4th judge Demi Lovato (pictured hovering awkwardly over Simon's shoulder).

Simon included a message with the pic -- "Can't believe it's finally happened. Very exciting!"

FOX just made the announcement at the Upfronts in NYC -- where advertisers vie for commercial airtime on TV shows "up front" ... several months before the shows actually premiere.

As we reported, negotiations between Britney and "X Factor" honchos went right down to the wire. Britney's conservators -- her fiance Jason Trawick and her dad Jamie Spears -- signed the $15 million deal on her behalf.

Demi signed her deal immediately before Upfronts as well. It's unclear how much she's getting paid ... but it's fair to assume her paycheck's gonna weigh a lot less than Britney's.


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puss puss pow    

lmao who the hell are these psychotically deranged people who comment????!!! WHY are you SO harsh for, are you that misreable in your own personal life? Would you be able to see that in person, I cracked up when I was reading the comments, it HAS to be one person commenting over and over again, there is NO WAY there are this many crazys... is there?! anyway Britney is a legend and mark my words, the show will have record ratings... oh and she gets paid 15million and YOU dont, jealous?

799 days ago


i think britney spears is lovely girl and also demi, simon seems happy but i dont think that the ratings will be that huge, the voice stand up against alote of shows lik DWTS and football and basketball games and still solid at least it demo still 4.0 and above without britney spears so you never know

799 days ago


Gross. No one likes Britney Spears anymore. She's over-the-hill and crazy. This is the final nail for X Factor.

799 days ago


Unless Simon makes some serious changes in terms of the over the top production X Factor had last season, he again will take a beating in the ratings!

X Factor lacked the feel that both Idol and The Voice have. Sometimes less is more.

On a positive note X Factor's season finale was fantastic!

799 days ago


Might be healthful for the two young women with so much attention lavished upon them to focus on and help other young performers -- they may find it quite satisfying and fulfilling. I don't think they can do any worse than the two who were fired. Compassion as a judge is admirable, but you can't just sit and cry and refuse to make the tough choices. The younger women hopefully will be more assertive and decisive -- I just hope they have enough experience to make good calls. I think they will -- they have both been so active in the business and recently, too.

799 days ago


So many ignorant people on here, it's actually quiet sad. Before you talk smack towards Ms. Lovato, you should do some kind of research.
And Demi's paycheck? lol seriously? Im sure she'll be making MUCH, much more than you all will.

799 days ago


Who caressss... Im not going to nor do I plan on watching this..... Simon is an ass.. and no matter who sits next to him .. he's still an ass ... Give it up Simon.. u lost ... The voice and American idol rockssss.. stay home Simon...

799 days ago


demi has a huge head. even bigger than the black guy

799 days ago


I'm not so sure that Demi Lovato is going to pull in new viewers. I barely know who she is except that she was in rehab for a million things. She's too young to judge anyone. I don't mind Britney as much as she has been around for ages and clearly has been through a lot and still somehow managed to rise to the top but I don't think she has the ability to be spontaneous and helpful. (Picture JLo on Idol and then Britney...I can't imagine that Britney could articulate like that.). Simon needed a BIG name for the forth spot. I would have liked to have seen Shania Twain (She's articulate, been around a long time, and brings a country flavor to the show) or someone else who has been around and can actually coach. i wouldn't want Britney or Demi coaching me considering how their lives fell apart!

799 days ago


It looks like two old grandpas and two young things...simon made a bad move!

799 days ago


Demi really filled out her figure compared to camp rock. Kinda hot

799 days ago


Way too many unlikeable people on this show.

799 days ago


These judges are like viewer repellent.

799 days ago


I thought Simon was going to upgrade the show with talented, seasoned, experienced judges. Mate, I can hear Paula and Nicole laughing their assets off from here, and I'm in Australia!

799 days ago


who cares?? notice lower case

799 days ago
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