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Lance Armstrong

I'M DONE ... After 500+

Negative Doping Tests!!

5/15/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Armstrong is through defending himself against allegations he cheated to win his Tour de France titles ... because he says he's already given 500-600 samples that were ALL negative.

Armstrong, speaking on Gavin Newsom's new late night talk show, says he's not even arguing with people anymore who think he cheated -- "I'm not wasting any more of my time talking about it and you shouldn't waste your time talking about it. Let's move on." 

Armstrong is currently competing in triathlons, and says he believes most people already made up their minds about whether he was juicing during his string of 7 consecutive Tour de France victories. 

Newsom's new show premieres on Current this Friday night.

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lance won the 7 times clean, only people that are gealous that they can not do that. lets talk about all the trash in this world that smokes pot, and do drugs. and the people that rob people. so get over your self cause you will never be able to be a real person like lance, and that helps people out.

804 days ago


I was duped here by Cracked.com. I am now at TMZ. I hate everything about this place, and everyone here.

802 days ago


He WON Fair and Square............People need to GET OVER IT and Move on .....

801 days ago


GAVIN NEWSOM has a late-night talk show ??
He's the Lieutenant Governor . . . I've never heard of a Lt. Gov. having a lat-night talk show.

703 days ago


I want to know how any do cheat, my ex was in the Olympics and when I asked him he said "Of course" like it was a given

695 days ago


Enough is Enough! This man is tired of fighting. If there is no evidence, speculation is invaluable!! Lance is a smart guy because after awhile, there is no reason to continue to try and prove your innocense to people who have already condemned you ****to thine own self be true!!!

650 days ago


So Miguel Indurain becames again the best. Say it in www.auanaum.com if you want

644 days ago


well, I guess Indurain bacames the best again, but i'm dissapointing with all this.. what about discuss in www.auanaum.com? But let's focus just in the good things

644 days ago


I would love to believe that he won fair and square. I grew up in Europe with his name being a legend in cycling (and the Dutch have a general fondness of bikes, we can't help it, so Tour De France never passed me by unnoticed even as a kid). Even just because he survived such a deadly disease or even just because I'd like to believe that my musical heroine, Sheryl Crow, would not have stayed with a cheater of any sorts.

But the truth is that the odds are so far against him telling the truth that I can't lie to myself about this one, sorry.

Winning the Tour more than once is remarkable enough, let alone 7 times, let alone without testing positive ONCE (as has been previously commented, most winners have been tested positive at some point), on top of that his body had suffered a huge blow from a disease. Of course you can physically recover from it but that doesn't mean you can just win 7 Tours in a row right after. Nature doesn't work that way. And statistics show that there is about a 0,00001% chance of likeliness for a cyclist to win 7 times without testing positive at any point in his (relevant) career. If it was humanly possible, others would have come close at some point. Never, not even remotely. I'm sorry Lance, I really am, I want to believe in the fairytale but the truth is in a world full of false ideals about health and appearance, the last thing we need is more false ideals about fitness and what can be expected of people whose physical wellbeing has been completely uprooted to get rid of a cancer. It doesn't work that way and people deserve to know the truth. I understand he'll never admit it because it would make not just his titles collapse, but everything he stands for, and I think he truly believes he stands for something good.

640 days ago


I could use all the "performance enhancing" drugs ever created and I would STILL SUCK ATHLETICALLY!

555 days ago
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