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Dr. Phil's Son Sued

You Told Me Your Dad

Was a Marketing God

5/21/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dr. Phil's son wants to be the next KING in the world of female bodybuilding ... with a little help from daddy ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Phil's kid -- Jay McGraw -- is being sued by a hot blonde fitness instructor named Holly Holton ... who claims she created a gym program geared towards women called Pink Iron.

It's kinda cute ... her L.A. gym has pink weights with hearts on the barbells.

But we digress ... point is, Holly claims Jay approached her and wanted to license her brand for next to nothing ... in exchange for a TON of publicity from his world famous father.

According to the suit, filed in L.A., Holly claims Jay promised, "My dad will market the sh*t out of Pink Iron."

Holly claims she agreed to the deal ... and was all set to become the spokesperson for the product ... but Jay backed out and partnered with a different company, which is named P.I.N.K. Method.

To make matters worse, Holly claims the spokeswoman for P.I.N.K. Method bears a "striking similar resemblance" to herself ... blonde, hot and toned.

Holly is suing for breach of contract ... and wants a ton of cash to make things right, though she doesn't specify an amount.

We reached out to Jay's camp -- so far, no comment.


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Fuck Celebrities    

It looks like junior is a big a POS like pops.

884 days ago


Obvious in the way of "likes" and "hates"?

That Holly & Friends are here working over-time.

Writing and micro-managing comments.

-That's how I tell who's here.

Working public opinion and/or trying to.

884 days ago


Sounds like Jay said what he had to to bang this chick. Too bad she beleived him. If she has nothing in writing, sucks to be her.

884 days ago


Would you really want a man who looks like Mr. Potato Head representing your product anyway?

884 days ago


Everyone is missing the point. Dr. Phil was on the cover of Newsweek for this last month. He promoted The P.I.N.K. Method on his show but didn't bother telling the public it was a company and product his SON developed. It's misleading and dishonest. Dr. Phil and his son pulled one over on everyone and this person stood up to the giant.

884 days ago


Please girls, take heed from this. Do NOT assume that some guy is going to help out your business. If anything many "boys" lately mooch of of successful women. Times have changed. Holly looks like she has a really good idea now hopefully she can get it up and running. Maybe Dr. Phil will see what his horrible son has done and he will give her some start up cash to apologise for the sons antics. If so, please pay him back as soon as you can Holly. Rule Number one NEVER depend on some guy. Unless he is a gay guy. They tend to like girls and respect them more than the straitys that uses Papa's wealth for an empty pick up line. And no, I'm not buds with Holly writing in this blog. Just a person who has watched umteen zillion women make the mistake of believeing just another DB.
Harvey, maybe you would kindly have a topic that trains people not to trust strangers/hook ups.

Love your show and love that your team is bright and honest or so they seem. Shivoan is my girl. Love all the girls and cant think of their names. You be nice to them Harvy.

Best of luck Holly.

884 days ago


The MacGraws are nothing but hucksters. Sounds like she got played.

884 days ago


Those McGraw's are SO shady!!! Won't do anything for anyone unless there's a buck in it for them. I hope she WINS.

884 days ago


What a freakshow.

884 days ago


oh yeah he was hitting that in the most depraved ways I'm sure....

884 days ago

She's baaaack    

Thank God there aren't a whole lot of blonde silicone balloon chested Barbies out there so she can prove someone stole "her look." Seriously bytch? I can't wait to get a membership to a gym with pink weights and women with EEE silicone breasts running around looking for any port in a storm to get their famewhoring up and running. Honey? Anyone who hooks up with anything to do with that McGraw family deserves all the bull.zhit that comes with it.

884 days ago


What do you expect from a morally bankrupt family?

Dr. Phil sold his soul a long time ago and will now do anything for money. He's been pimping out his fugly wife and sons for years now, trying to buy credibility for his zero-talent family.

Looks like the son has learned well.

884 days ago


willing to bet he scammed her to get into her pants leveraging his dad and his dad connections (its a guy thing)

then when he either tired of her or she stopped giving it up he baled on her and stole her ideas !

884 days ago


Whatever!! Not impressed with the doc's kids as they depend on daddy for a living!! Guess they never got the concept of making their own way and I suggest the parents have not encouraged independence!!

884 days ago


So basically he copied everything in concept from the first chick and created his own company so he could have closer to 100% of it. Not nice.

883 days ago
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