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Terrence Howard

My Ex-GF

Smacked Me Down

5/23/2012 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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More girl trouble for Terrence Howard ... this time the actor claims his ex-GF showed up to his home in Pennsylvania and smacked him in the face.

According to CBS Philly, 39-year-old May Seng Yang was arrested over an incident at Howard's home on May 6.

Howard reportedly told police Yang knocked on his front door around 11 PM ... and when he opened up with his new GF by his side, Yang clocked him in the nose.

Howard reportedly told police he was romantically involved with Yang for several years ... but she wouldn't leave him alone after he broke things off. 

Yang was charged with assault, trespassing, harassment and disorderly conduct -- but Yang is denying the allegations ... claiming SHE was the one who was attacked that fateful night.

Yang is due in court in June.

Meanwhile, Howard is still in a legal war with his estranged wife Michelle ... who claims the actor got violent with her on several occasions. Howard says it's all BS ... claiming she's a racist who threatened to have him killed.


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Oh Terrence. You should be embarrassed to say your girlfriend smacked you. C'mon, you're a piece of crap and you deserve everything you got.

880 days ago

Don't feed the Trolls    

Mr. Howard you need to check your pimp game bro. Because you're not "winning"

880 days ago

Shelly Smith    

This man needs to get a "grip", not everyone in his life is a racist! At some point...this has to fall back on him and his temper!

880 days ago

Pierce Aero One    

Somebody had to do it.
This is the same man that Oprah had to admonish for using the N-Word, at one point. It is not ok. He said he did it "With Love." Puh-lease. It is still offensive to some. Yet, he calls others racist. I don't buy it. I grew up with plenty of folks that I KNOW saw black as beautiful. He always made me wonder. Smack him one for me.

880 days ago


this man has a serious problem with the ladies

880 days ago


Stalkers get dangerous after they're rejected over and over, time to lock her up like Meg Griffin's stalker.

880 days ago


who cares !! this guy is a LOSER... i dont even know why he's a Celebrity and he not that fine neither, gee wiz.. just irks me, he is so like YUCK! i dont get why people like him. seriously

880 days ago


So domestic violence is funny as long as it is happening to a man but if this story was the other way around suddenly is a serious matter?

I'll remember to laugh at the battered women in shelters the next time I drive by.

880 days ago


No sympathy for this dude, these guys DO NOT need gf(s) or wives to screw-up their life. I don't understand why they continue with all the drama.

880 days ago


The courts need to start taking spousal abuse more seriously when it involves a woman hitting a man. It happens more often than people think. It makes me sick that women think they can get away with this yet when a man smacks back she screams abuse. If you don't want to get hit, you shouldn't be hitting! It's wrong whether it's a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man. The punishment should be the same!

880 days ago


Yang? I'm beginning to think he's not into black chicks.

880 days ago


it's so sad when men enter a relationship, then decide to trade for a new girlfriend. they always complain and insult the ex when they keep trying to make it work. let me help some of you out. if you just want to sleep around or be with the hottest girl that wants you, then don't get into serious relationships. people in serious relationships work things out and keep trying.

880 days ago


Terrence, let me give you a piece if advice: IT'S YOU, DUDE!!! I realised years ago that the one thing that all the s***bags I dated had in common was ME. Hence, clearly, I have a s***bag magnet and so do you. If you like a woman, run the other way because you're attracted to the trash in her.

880 days ago


Howard's father was a murderer (look it up) and junior himself has a history of domestic violence allegations. There's a reason why he was canned from the Ironman franchise. Go away already.

880 days ago


kung fu death grip

880 days ago
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