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Anderson ... OWNING

A Really Bad Mom

5/23/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Anderson Cooper deserves serious props for absolutely crushing England's so-called "Barbie Mom" -- and we LOVE the way he did it. But it leads to a great question: why don't more talk show hosts do this??

Plus, Situation claims he never had an alcohol problem -- and he's ready to start boozing again on "Jersey Shore." Smell like a disaster to you? Also, rapper 2 Chainz -- arrested by TSA for flashing a 4-finger ring! Umm ... things are about to get all racial up in this newsroom.

(0:00) Anderson Cooper welcomes the plastic surgery-pushing "Barbie Mom" to his show... and kicks her right off!
(5:22) CBS sues ABC over a new reality show they think is too close to 'Big Brother,' leaving us asking: Is ANYTHING on reality TV original?
(8:01) A stunt extra from 'Transformers 3' involved in a horrific accident receives a MASSIVE settlement from the studio.
(10:22) Dr. Oz comes clean on his infamous "noodle" photograph.
(12:24) Controversy on 'American Idol' after Phillip Phillips' performance last night, but we have proof it was much ado about nothing.
(18:17) Rapper 2 Chainz gets arrested with brass knuckles at the airport, reminding us to ALWAYS read warning labels.
(25:52) The Situation breaks the silence on his stint in rehab... but we're calling radishes on his explanation.
(28:50) Will Smith tells David Letterman why he slapped the crap out of a kissy reporter.
(30:26) James Bond is changing his signature drink order from a martini to... a Heinie?
(33:15) Prince Charles takes a new hobby for a spin, but we think he should've stayed home with Mum.
(35:17) A San Francisco politician is channeling legendary activist Harvey Milk... but his methods sound a little crazy, even for us here in LA!

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Flying Blind    

the other question on the boat sinking, if a small helicopter shows up and only has one life preserver. who does he throw it towards?

Of couse Diddy has already sunk.

I say Tara, who do you say?

881 days ago


So, we are to believe that this was not staged?

He knew who she was ... He knew what she was about ... He reached out to her ... He invited her on the show ... He invited her to sit and talk with him .... then ..... he acts all disgusted and kicks her off the show!

Ummm ... could this be more staged?

881 days ago



881 days ago


I like Anderson. I'm not republican or democrat, I'm Independent...I just want facts.
Anderson did an excellent job debunking the bogus democrat claim that there's a..."war on women" republicans.
(CNN Anderson Keeping Them Honest re MoveOn org @....
Contrary to feminist movement's desires...women do not belong on pedestals above men and children.
Women do not deserve special health funding above men and children.
Women do not deserve equal pay for UN-equal work, ie comparing life-risking job pay to climate-controlled office job pay.
And women certainly should not expect a president to set them aside in speeches and talk about them as if their wants and needs are more important than the wants and needs of men and children...such as Obama does to manipulate women to vote for him.
Anderson did a good job here with Barbie mom...and recently taking the 'war on women' people to task, pat on the back and a gold star ;)

881 days ago


Why does the jewelry thing have to be about race and "hate"? Why isn't it just about following rules? Is it too much to ask that these rappers try to stay out of trouble and follow the same rules everybody else has to follow? And that chick constantly yelling about race and haters needs to understand just how unattractive that kind of crap is.

881 days ago


Too many....dots :D
Anderson war on women link is...

881 days ago


I wonder if Kim, Paris, Lindsay etc., would they have gotten arrested like 2 Chainz for wearing it as a "fashion" accessory

881 days ago


I wonder if Kim, Paris, Lindsay etc., would they have gotten arrested like 2 Chainz for wearing it as a "fashion" accessory!?!?

881 days ago


Y did sher die the spring & not the summer?

881 days ago


Gary is the favorite in our house, always good to see him on!

880 days ago


You know how Harvey was bashing that talk show host who had Dr Oz on for sitting with his legs spread? What is the difference between that guy sitting how he's comfortable or Harvey standing up the whole time when it's awkward to watch him do so? I also laughed when Charles was sitting there spread legged when he said it. Charles and that host are probably packing something that Harvey isn't that makes sitting closed-legged uncomfortable for them.

880 days ago

Glory Bee    

Uh, Harvey, Why do you have to pull a race card? Profiling? Any sane person can see that's a set of brass knuckles. Ooooohhhh, seeeee? It has the word "dope" and diamonds on it.... couldn't POSSIBLY be anything but jewelry. And let's just say this thug, I mean "artist" reeeeeally meant ti to be jewelry. So what! LOOK AT IT!

880 days ago


That is the second time I've seen Gary save Harvey when someone called into to call Harvey out on something. I think he's Harvey's safety net lol. Harvey DOES wear super tight shirts (and pants) and it looks just as funny as Mike always wearing black.

880 days ago


How about that comment about Natalie Wood's death Harvey? Shouldn't a line be drawn there? Why don't you talk about that during your show???

880 days ago


What's the point of having a play by play, which I like, if it's only going to be covered up when you click on the video?? I haven't watched TMZ Live in weeks because of this.

880 days ago
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