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Toddler's 'Ain't No Homos' Song

Puts Church on Lockdown

Pastor Gets Death Threats

5/30/2012 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Members of an Indiana church say they've been flooded with death threats since video of a 3-year-old proudly singing, "Ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven" ... was posted on the Internet.

Multiple members of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg, Indiana tell TMZ the church office has been getting harassing calls and the pastor has received death threats at his home. They also say a prayer meeting scheduled for this evening at church had to be moved to a secret location.

We're told they are looking into increasing security, but for now the congregation is handling it ... taking turns watching over the church.

One member says Pastor Jeff Sangl is extremely worried about his safety -- and this morning he and his wife left for vacation without telling anyone where they were going.

Despite the threats, all the members we spoke to have no regrets about the song getting posted online -- in fact one said, "The people who are upset just don't read the word of God. If we don't teach the children the truth early they will never learn."

As for the thunderous applause after the hate-filled song -- we're told, "Of course we applauded a child who is singing a song about God."


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And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.Rom 1:27 you believe gods word or you don't.If you do you should teach your child the word of God it would be a much better place. And it does say they ERROR from what I see.

873 days ago


may homo's aren't gonna make it to heaven but these rednecks are living hell right now

873 days ago


I guess the truth hurts

873 days ago


These people say that children should be taught such things and are proud that at three years old they've instilled HATE into a child... and they call them selves people who believe in something like god? Newsflash, if "god" exists, and is all about love like y'all saying, then teaching your children to hate before they are even three years old is going against your "god" as is. I agree that death threats aren't the way to educate these idiots though; Criticism, Scrutiny, and Shunning, yes. But I implore everyone who does have a brain and uses it to not lower yourselves as far as these hate filled bastards by threaten to harm, or harming them just because they have no minds of their own.

873 days ago


bunch of undeducated jackasse. That kind of ****s why I quit church.

873 days ago


...and the pastor has received death threats at his home. -- and this morning he and his wife left for vacation without telling anyone where they were going.

I'm *sure* he filed Police reports before embarking on his trip... right?

I think that we've accidentally stumbled upon a lost tribe of Pentecostals - one that speaks in Forked Tongues!

As for the thunderous applause after the hate-filled song -- we're told, "Of course we applauded a child who is singing a song about God."

In fact, church members claim that toddler was merely testifying. "We believe in children being active in the church and that's one of the things we do," Brown said. "Do you think the boy knew what he was saying?" we asked church member Gerald Sipes. "Maybe, partially," he responded.

Response ---->


873 days ago


Do I believe Homosexuality is a sin? Yes I do. That and Abortion. that being said... its not for me to judge whether or not they go to Heaven or Hell. I believe it's a sin, but in the end, it's God's call, not mine. God said to love our enemy... hate the sin, not the sinner, show compassion, do unto others. Our job is to love others as we love ourselves, and hope our love will radiate the love of God and put people on the right path. I think hate should be kept out of churches period. Christ came into the world to preach love. we should focus on the word of God, and not on spreading hate. in the end, it's for God to judge... not us. None of us will go before God with sinless hands. Just my opinion.

873 days ago


all I can say is a church should teach bringing people to God, not singing something that will push them away. The young man was good in his song of what he believes. BUT

Churches, and believers need to remember that God's love is way beyond our love and tolerance and maybe we shouldn't point a finger and maybe we should pray and humble ourselves, because we aren't so hot either.

By his grace..

873 days ago


TMZ please ask them about the Police Reports they filed for these "Death Threats"... :-)

873 days ago


I never heard this song and I don't care to. I'm against homosexuality as it's not Scriptural. However, we are told by the Lord that we are to love EVERYONE. No matter what. I was listening to a Pastor from Hawaii talk about that during one of his sermons that was posted online. We can love the sinner but dislike the sin.

No one is perfect. Even Christians screw up. That song sounds so hateful. I find it hard to understand how the parents could allow this to happen.

If they were standing here, I would ask "How would Jesus have handled this? Do you think He would have sung that song?"

My answer would be "no." They'd probably be speechless.

Don't let anyone like this steer you away from Christ. He loves everyone.

873 days ago

buzz kill    

With any luck in a few years this kid will replace the Biebler.

873 days ago


this is from their web page - obviously they forgot that don't lie stuff from their bible too
5/30/12 - The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason. We believe and hope that every person can find true Bible salvation and the mercy and grace of God in their lives. We are a strong advocate of the family unit according to the teachings and precepts found in the Holy Bible. We believe the Holy Bible is the Divinely-inspired Word of God and we will continue to uphold and preach that which is found in scripture.

873 days ago


Ok..I was going to stay quiet about this but I feel the need to put this in perspective for people. I do not got to church because I do not agree with organized religions. I do however believe that there is a God. I have relatives that go to this church that are not crazy, racist or bigots. They do not hate anybody, they may not agree with me on certain things but would never insult me. So with that being said…This incident happened on a Saturday when this church was having an annivercary celebration, another church had been invited to come in and they were having a revival kind of thing. Every church service the preacher has the children come up and talk or sing about God..this is not rehearsed and they had no clue this child was going to sing what he did. It was one of the moments OMG I can't believe that kid said what he did…Kind of like when my son was young like 3 and said a bad word or something off the wall. Unfortunately when this kid decided to act up it was in a church and was being recorded by someone visiting and the church's reaction was one of laughter and clapping..kind of a caught off guard response. I do however blame the child's parents for this behavior and the child should have been corrected and disciplined immediately. Now I do not agree or condone what happened and I'm by no way against any race, gender or sexual preference (as long as legal), but I think this situation has gotten so out of control and the messages being left are cruel especially when you wish a child dead….Come on people…really..think about if it was your kid. Again this was a very awkward and maybe not the best response from the church members but I can guarantee you (at least the people that I do know) that go there were completely caught off guard by the child antics. I'm not making any excuses for anyone, but do to the fact that I know some of these people, I had to speak up. If I thought the people I do know were "Homo" Haters, I would put them out of my life. I'm very open minded person with enough common sense to stand back from this situation and find out the facts as to what happened, why it happened and what has been done about it. I wish others would do the same instead of assuming the worse. Oh and by the way..for all the people who posted that they wish this child would die..I'd like you to know that he's only 3 and has Leukemia.

873 days ago

Jay W.     

Sexuality... one helluva a touchy subject in this day and age !

873 days ago


This is such a disgusting story. Keep up the treats people. These idiots have so much hate they obviously know nothing about.

873 days ago
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