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Jenny Rips Jim ...

Fair or Cheap Shot?

6/6/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Jenny McCarthy put Jim Carrey on blast for not staying in touch with her 10-year-old son -- but there's a lot more to this story. We have new details from insiders, and we gotta say ... it's looking like Jim got the shaft.

Plus, our super-heated debate over ... John Mayer and Taylor Swift?? John's pissed 'cause he thinks her "Dear John" song was a double-cross, and for some strange reason ... everyone's fired up about it.

And "Glee" star Josh Sussman shaved down his fabled jewfro -- did he lose his Connect 4 powers too? The new low-pro Josh returns to TMZ for a rematch against Shevonne!

(0:30) Turns out Kris Humphries is actually knocking boots with that chick he was hanging out with at the beach -- and it looks like she's got a little obsession with his ex's family. You know, the Kardashians.
(5:05) Jenny McCarthy slams Jim Carrey for not keeping in touch with her autistic son after they broke up ... Harvey and Charles have a big problem with this.
(10:00) Harvey RIPS Taylor Swift for writing a break-up song about John Mayer ... and Charles RIPS John for bitching about it.
(16:00) A Miss USA contestant claims the pageant was fixed -- and now Donald Trump is going after her .... guns blazing.
(18:32) A 14-year-old radio host launches a full-scale attack on gays -- you have to hear him explain why President Obama is supposedly causing people to be gay ... and you have to hear Harvey blast the kid for having bad grammar.
(24:15) Miley Cyrus gets engaged at 19 -- Harvey and Charles think it's a recipe for disaster.
(27:45) An "America's Got Talent" contestant claims he was injured as a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan -- and it caused him to stutter ... except when he sings. Sounds like a great story ... if the guy's not full of crap ... and he just might be.
(32:10) Melissa Etheridge's ex is getting HALF the royalties of a bunch of songs M.E. wrote ... but not the one everyone knows.
(34:30) It's the rematch of the century -- "Glee" star Josh Sussman returns to retain his "Connect 4" crown against Shevonne ... but this time he doesn't have his trademark fro. Will his drastic haircut kill his mojo? Only one way to find out...
(41:15) We take your calls!

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Did you see they found the report a doctor wrote who was feet away from President Lincoln when he was assassinated? It had been lost for 147 years. You can read the full report here:

868 days ago


ever think that's just his type? ? i've dated a bunch of guys that kind of look alike. . because that's the type of guy i'm attracted to. .

868 days ago


Jim Carrey is doing the right thing probably Jenny didn't want him around and now is crying Boo Hoo because her son misses a man in his life. Can't have it both ways.

868 days ago


Booooo PLEASE TMZ get off the Kardashian payroll!! It's exhausting seeing so many stories about them.

868 days ago


Why is that staffer still wearing that horrible blonde wig? DO NOT CUT TO HER! Gross.

868 days ago


Raquel, girl, you need to go natural! Short locks, and back to your natural color. The public has spoken.

868 days ago


holy cow harvey!!!!! john mayer is a player and he just got caught!! - plus watching john mayer on WWHL the other night - he is not tmz's biggest fan any more!! be careful about defending him so staunchly!

868 days ago


Are you on Team Meyer coz he used to be "so much fun" (Harveys words) for the TMZ camera guys? And Taylor ..well, have you ever got Taylor?? I'm no Taylor fan but John Meyer has a big mouth and lets be honest he knew she douched hook ups in her songs before he banged her (SNL monologue anyone??). Guy probably enjoys another notch being made public. This time he's not doing the work.

868 days ago

Flying Blind    

like the Apprentice is not rigged, a black guy and a gay guy in the finals. After Donald is trashed for saying "the blacks like me" and bashing Rosie. who couldn't see that a mile away. I like Arsenio and glad he won, but loud mouth gal and the pop singer did all the work for the teams.

868 days ago


Melissa1987 = fat Loser with no friends that has sex with her pet pitbull or other family members when she gets horny. Scraped through high school and now makes her living cleaning toilets at 7-11.

867 days ago


Honestly, I have to avert my eyes from the screen when that Raquel is on, and she was on A LOT today! PLEASE stop putting her onscreen!

867 days ago


omg! will you knock it off about raquel!!! your constant bullying just shows what chicken shi*t you are - are you jealous because she has a better job than you??? I don't see you putting your real picture up - i'm sure i can tear you apart if you did! being such a jerk is not funny or entertaining in the least - just shows your lack of intelligence!

867 days ago


Shavon (sp?) has no chance with those two squawkers next to her the whole time. Just listening to that would annoy me into a loss, no matter how good I was.

867 days ago


Tmz is getting worse everyday....
Lame gossip regurgitated all day/ who cares who Kris Humphries is dating or not, stop portraying every single individual as fame seekers (Myla).

I don't get why some people have such negative comments to say towards Kris and his supposed new girl, especially considering the way Kim K has been lying/playing the country/world since the min she got the spotlight on her. Her motives/family are beyond disgusting and in my eyes far worse than some everyday girl sharing her personal opinion on her twitter.
She doesn't owe anyone any explanation the end of the day who the **** is Kim K?! Just some lame/rich whore who believes her own hype. NEXT...

867 days ago


Harvey, Remember Jim Nabors? He stuttered and sand "like an angel", too.

867 days ago
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