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Lindsay Lohan

Truck Driver Is


6/9/2012 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_lindsay_lohan_gettyLindsay Lohan is calling BS on the truck driver’s allegation of bribery ... and everything else he said about the aftermath of their accident is a flat out lie ... sources close to Lohan tell TMZ. 

As TMZ previously reported, James -- the guy driving the 18-wheeler Lindsay crashed into on Friday -- told TMZ her people tried to offer him money to keep quiet. He also claimed Lindsay and her people took a mysterious bag out of her Porsche and told James not to mention it to police. 

According to our sources, Lindsay says the whole tale is made up -- there was no bribe attempt and no bag removed the car.

We're told Lindsay says the whole story is fabricated and she is (once again) just chalking it up to someone out to make a buck off her.


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Lindsay needs to do a movie starring her in a Final Destination. The Grimm Reaper won't give up and will catch up with Lindsay soon enough. She can over act and not know her lines and no one would care because they know the final outcome. It doesn't take a whole lot of acting to scream and run.

827 days ago


Right. And the truck cut her off just as her breaks failed. I'm calling BS on Lindsay's stupid story.

827 days ago


"and he is a big fat poopy head."

827 days ago


If TMZ will state emphatically they did not pay any amount of money or check or anything of value to the Truck driver, then maybe we need an investigation.

But if TMZ paid to show a photo and the story the driver tells, then I don't believe him.

827 days ago


Seems like everyone is making more money off of Lindsay...Then Lindsay!!!!

827 days ago


Since she wasn't driving, she was driving but he cut her off, she was driving but her brakes failed, and he cut her off as her brakes failed, I have a very difficult time believing she's telling the truth about this.

827 days ago

the equalizer     

lindsy the ultimate victim,when people don't take care of themselves they are forever the victim,the courts are enabling her which means there killing her....if it walks like a drunk,talks like a drunk ,and drives a car like a drunk,I'm guessing its a lohan!
i ask myself if there is a god but Trayvon Martin is dead and lohan is still alive....makes you wonder

827 days ago


My money is on the driver....He would have no reason to lie...He knows as I would our license is our bread and butter...Thank you driver...there are still good drivers out driver can you say ching ching ching...cause you know it's coming...Best of luck

827 days ago


Right skank LiLo, becasue you have proved yourself so truthful and moral in the past - eh you lying drug addicted little waste of flesh. Hurry up and OD you skank.

827 days ago


i beleive the truck driver this girl look how many things she has been invoved in she is a person not to be trusted she has bad character she was probably texting im most positive it was probably her fault she is always in the middle of something and isnt it funny she gets away with everything she is a sly fox

827 days ago

LA Native    

This morning on Good Morning America they are reporting that Linds is saying her brakes failed, something I never heard yesterday. They are also as some previous poster said, kind of reporting this story as a laugh, like they dont believe the "troubled starlet".
If she did indeed say her brakes failed, she is in for a big surprise as they can determine that rather quickly wrecked car or not.
I have a feeling she is going down on this one, her lies are going to be the end of her if the drugs dont get her first.

827 days ago


L.L. gets the dumb box of the century award......again and again and again.........

827 days ago


This bimbo NEVER accepts responsibility for her own actions. If the company doesnt replace her they are fools.

827 days ago


and since when does lindsanity have ANY credibility???

lohan's are losers

827 days ago


This is pretty much what everyone expected. Apparently everyone in the world is out to get Lindsay and make money off of her. Exactly how did he make any money? He wasn't paid for the interview and he didn't seek anyone out, they found him. He's not suing her, he was defending himself from the claims she was making. You can tell by watching him that he's being truthful. Lindsay, on the other hand, doesn't know the meaning of the truth. She's already changed her story three times. From what I've heard on the news and read in the newspaper and on actual news sites, there are plenty of witnesses that can back the truck drivers story up. Just wait until the 911 tapes are released, should prove who is right and my bet is it's him.

827 days ago
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