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Chris Brown/Drake Fight

Who's the Bad Guy?

6/18/2012 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_chris_brown_drake_tmz_gettyThe Chris Brown/Drake violent bar fight has polarized TMZ users. So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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There should be an option 3 - All of the above!!!

752 days ago

Big D    

They are both loud mouth wanna bee thugs who would not be **** out on the street without all their body guards. Hollywood tough guys!

752 days ago


Who cares.. Chris and Drake were never have said to been in the fight...So why is the story about them.......just because they were there...TMZ has turned into a ****ing tabloid.

752 days ago


Chris Brown is a crybaby!! Karma's a beotch baby!

752 days ago


The only person I see with real potential is Drake. He's better than this and most certanly can do better than Rihanna. He should just get out of this mess before it gets more violent. Let Chris and Rihanna be Bobby Brown & Whitney. Drake is still likeable, he should get out of there.

752 days ago


I had no Idea Rhianna had STD's now the beating makes more sense than the rumors make it sound

752 days ago


Funk all you CB haters ... and Funk Drake and his payed out voice lame arzz liricks... fooo is wack i hope the Funk hi arzz up ...

752 days ago


Chris brown is a p***y! The rihanna incident makes that very clear but is he a bad fighter? i dont think so alot of people are saying they could beat him up but are we forgetting the crazy kid is a black belt, someone could shoot yes but beat him up i dont think so... Drake is a pu**y for real real, Go watch mtv punk where they fake an incident he can't even stop holding his bodyguards arm. those guys are both jokes.

752 days ago


First off Chris brown is not a rapper from time to time he drops a verse or two, but he is recognized as a singer. I do not believe that rappers are inherently violent. However, many rap about there experiences or those experiences witnessed. Unfortunately, they grew up in an environment engulfed in violence in most instances, and in some cases some people have celebrated violence. The great thing is that many have been able to turn that negativity into something positive. I don't see how rapping about violence or playing a part in a movie, or singing about violence as a rock star. If you commit a violent act then the punishment should fit the crime. Should not matter if your a rapper or rocker. But, there is impartiality. People affiliated with rap are treated with greater scrutiny, and harshness.
In regard to Chris Brown, I don't think he is violent by nature, but he was involved in an incident where is was violent (e.g., Rhianna). I think that no one is given him the opportunity to repent, and there is a continuance of judgment. At the end of the day everyone has their own opinion. Some will forgive while others will not. He can't live his life for others. I would hope that he makes better decisions from this point on. No one knows what really happened in that night club. I don't imagine that Chris B. would initiate an altercation given that he is on probation. It seems that with all the paid handlers surrounding these celebrities someone should have had the smart to diffuse the situation. It should have never escalated to this point. I for one am tired of hearing about all these celebrities and their self-consumption. They often bring unnecessary problems to themselves. Sounds like Rich People Problems (in my Pauly D voice). Tell them to call me when they get a real problem, because if fighting over rhiannas' Hot As# is a problem, it sounds stupid ,and is some straight BullSh#t!! to me.

752 days ago


it was chris brown!!!

752 days ago


Chris Brown is a punk Drake is a punk they couldn't break wind they are all tough guys when they have 20 hangers on so eager to plz catch them solo and press them

752 days ago


90 % of rap is crap , actually make that 99 %

752 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Dangggg, they are both FUGLY!

752 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Pitiful to see such thugs (fugy thugs) making all kinds of money when their only talent is beating people up.

752 days ago


leave riri alone, you don't have any proof that she's ****ing any of them, ASSUMPTION!!!!!!

752 days ago
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