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Chris Brown/Drake Fight

Who's the Bad Guy?

6/18/2012 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_chris_brown_drake_tmz_gettyThe Chris Brown/Drake violent bar fight has polarized TMZ users. So without further adieu, we gotta ask ...


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Chris and Riri should get back together...they can be this generations Whitney and Bobby....WHAT to soon!! Chris is trash and a useless human being...i think he's human??? um?

799 days ago


They are such low lives, dumbass rappers..................

799 days ago


Wheres the box we don't give a frick?

799 days ago


Rappers are NOT inherently violent. I know of a lot of rappers that are not only NOT violent, but they are the nicest guys you'll ever meet. They'd never start a stupid bar fight knowing they could injure innocent people. THESE TWO particular rappers are nothing but no talent idiots who make crappy dribble they like to pass off as music. Two ****y dumb asses who instigated a fight that injured innocent bystanders... Don't compare all rappers to the ones that do stupid stuff and break the law... amazingly, the ones that are worth a damn don't get the publicity that these awful "musicians" do.

799 days ago


All trash is right. It's so stupid that idiots like this get press all time for being DUMBASSES. WHAT THE HELL? The more violent or stupid you are, the more popularity you gain. Makes me sick.

799 days ago


are rapper inhernelty violent??? what a stupid and racist question! is Will Smith inherently violent? Rev Run? how about Vanilla Ice?
some rapper are from the hood---poverty, drugs and violence---are you saying everyone who grows up in the ghetto is inherently violent?

799 days ago


Remember the good old days, when rappers would just have each other shot and be done with it? These ******* sit in VIP sections throwing bottles like two females. Chris brown needs to be thrown in jail. He clearly has no respect for anything including the law. So much for reforming himself. This guy is a complete dip****. The saddest part if the other people in the club that are injured. They nearly ruined an NBA champion and Olympic athletes career. Pathetic. I hope they both get sued for millions. Rappers are almost always in debt because they can't manage money and are forced to buy things they can't afford just to show off, so lawsuits would really hurt them.

799 days ago


EDITORS!!!! It's "...without further ADO..." not "ADIEU"!!! Sheesh. Do you need help over there?

799 days ago


Well i guess everyone can agree that Rihanna is hoe LOL

799 days ago


For the record, Chris Brown is NOT a you're asking if Drake is inherently violent??? Yes CB is black and he is in music but he is a SINGER. CB has only rapped on one song, "Dueces" in his entire career! TMZ wants to appear "young and hip" but this basic ignorance shows just how old Harvey really is!

799 days ago


I think the better question would be who is NOT doing Rihanna. She looks like she has been rode hard and hung up to dry. Her and Chris both make my stomach turn. I don't care for Drake much either, and don't consider him a real talent nor a rapper.

799 days ago


Okay Chris Brown was GOOD when he came out. Drake was GOOD when he came out. Guess what? They let it all go to their ****ing heads - celebrity. I cant stand either one of their too good attitudes they have. Dont get me wrong... they do have good music here and there but nothing like they used to. They are pathetic... and this is what younger kids are looking up to...

799 days ago


The whole lot of them both sides are the role models for our youngsta's!!

The yougsta's need to see what happens as in guilty by association.

Something very strict should happen to them maybe 5yrs behind bars for all plus every asset to their name be taken by the courts. The assets should be given to the judicial system to pay for all the trouble these thugs have caused in their role modelling.

799 days ago


By the way the results look Rhianna still a SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

799 days ago


Way to be misinformed. Rihanna never touched Meek Mills. He posted that dumb message on instagram about how her p**** must be amazing or some crap like that. He only insinuated some stuff at Chris Brown because everyone knows that guy has issues.

799 days ago
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