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Woody Allen


By Estranged Son

6/18/2012 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Woody Allen had an awkward Father's Day ... because his estranged son roasted him on the Internet by reminding the world ... Woody's current wife USED TO BE his step-daughter.

Ronan Farrow -- the 24-year-old son of Allen and Mia Farrow -- went to Twitter and posted the following message:

Mia retweeted the message ... and added the word, "BOOM."

According to reports, Ronan stopped speaking to his father back in 1992 ... when it was discovered Woody had been dating Soon-Yi Previn -- Mia Farrow's adopted daughter with her 2nd husband André Previn.

Woody began dating Mia in 1980 ... when Soon-Yi was 10 years old.


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Yup, according to Hollyweird, Woody Allen is a genius. Just a reminder folks, Hollyweird also thinks Roman F'n Polanski is a genius too.

859 days ago


according to our law its pedophilia what the heck is going on in the US? this sicko shoulda been jailed 20 yrs ago

859 days ago


How can this be. How the hell can it be public knowledge. He should be in jail then hell.

859 days ago


Oh here we go again. She was NOT his stepdaughter. She was the daughter of his girlfriend; they did NOT even live together. A bit creepy yes, but hardly sick or illegal.

859 days ago


Say hello to Jerry Sandusky with fame, fortune and scott freedom.

859 days ago


First of all Mia Farrow really needs to stop poisoning the mind of her son when it comes to his relationship that occurred with his now wife. Few people probably realize that Allen was NEVER married to Farrow. Allen NEVER adopted Previn. Therefore she was not his daughter and he WAS NOT her father. That gives them both the right to pursue any kind of relationship he wants. To Mia Farrow I say get over it already this all happened sixteen years ago. The son needs to realize we all do things that aren't exceptable to others, that doesn't necessarily make them bad!

859 days ago


Woody Allen is major perv. Mia's son has a right to be upset even though it has been 20 years. That was his sister.

859 days ago


From Wikipedia --- the answers for clarity:

From Soon-Yi:
Soon-Yi Previn said in 1992 that she does not, and never did, consider Woody Allen to be her father, stepfather, or father figure; she said she considers André Previn to be her adoptive father.[7] She also commented that "I was never remotely close to Woody. He was someone who was devoted exclusively to his own children and to his work, and we never spent a moment together."

From Woody:
In 1991, when the relationship started, Allen was 56 and Previn was 21. Asked whether their age difference was conducive to "a healthy, equal relationship," Allen said equality is not necessarily a requirement in a relationship and said, "The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to those things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that."

859 days ago


For those screaming forgive and forget and move on! You were not in this young man's shoes. The humiliation and betrayal that this man heaped on his family out of his own self interest cannot be easy for any kid to live with. Unlike what some of you think parental betrayal or any perception of it scars deeply even beyond what a so-called lover could. Some can walk away from that and move on and kudos to them for it. But for other "normal" people - yes his reaction IS normal, it is incomprehensible that those who are supposed to love and protect you did not given their actions to the contrary.

859 days ago


What's sad is that Mia and Ronan are obviously still carrying around a lot of pain and anger as a result of Woody's actions, but you can rest assured that Woody and Soon-Yi aren't losing any sleep over it. Stinks when the ones who are betrayed are the ones who suffer the most and whose lives are forever changed (for the worse).

859 days ago


Think he will give up an inheritance from Woody?

859 days ago

Who Knew    

Forgot how sick and twisted he is, apparently his son and former wife have not.

859 days ago


Woody was/is creepy. I don't blame Ronan or Mia...what a breach of trust and a slap in the face for him to have hooked up with essentially his 'step-dgt". Woody was living with/involved w/ Mia-Soon-Yi's Mom and Ronan's sister. That's a little too incestous-gross!

859 days ago


Why are the relies having a 404 message pop-up?

859 days ago



859 days ago
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