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Michael Jackson's Death

3 Years Later

6/25/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today marks the 3-year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson -- an event that had an impact across the globe.

Tons of lives have been changed since that fateful day ... Conrad Murray went to jail ... MJ's kids have moved in with their grandmother ... numerous doctors have been exposed for sucking up to celebrities and giving them pills they shouldn't have ... and Corey Feldman got another 15 minutes of fame.

Of course, the world mourned together during MJ's memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles ... when his daughter Paris choked back tears and said how much she loved her father ... and when Jermaine performed his touching rendition of "Smile."

Michael was eventually laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA.

He was only 50-years-old.


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And thank you TMZ, for your remembrance of Michael Jackson on this day! Don't forget his birthday in August!


I bet you don't even know when in August! Just like HN who got it screwed up and thought she was a loyal fan!


829 days ago


well, well, well, since MJ's death anniversary is here, let's review some of the more important issues/lessons here:
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829 days ago


People really need to get over this.

829 days ago


who freaking cares at this point. he is a has-been closet case....who died to his own addictions? he had talent but wasted it due to dope, surgery, and molestation.

829 days ago


@ALICIA- why don't you tell us step by step everything that happened in MJ's house since you were obviously there, I'll wait,NO, that's what I thought.And I don't condone child molesting, but YOU obviously condone IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY, have a BLESSED day.

829 days ago


His (BOUGHT) children are better off without him!!

829 days ago


iPad 625

Look at all the bashing of MJ,

Thank you for your support on this special day!

Happy days,

are here to stay!


This is the legacy he left behind!

Justice for MJ!!!!

829 days ago


RIP MJ listened to your music and enjoyed watching memorial shows this weekend and today

829 days ago


Looking through window......
This was not a good day for me. I much prefer to remember him in a celebratory manner as opposed to his demise mainly because there are yet other culprits roaming free. Anyone who paid attention throughout Michael's life and after his death knows that this is NOT a conspiracy theory, it's TRUTH. We got one man down and about 7 to go--2 in particular as they were the Masterminds of the whole thing.
Consider these age-old factors in any Murder Mystery:
-Who stood to gain the most?
-What was the "Macguffin"?
-Who stood to LOSE had Michael's "This Is It" Tour gone forward?
Think about it...
Bottom line, three years later, I still suffer from a broken heart--can't let him get away...
Something about Michael goes deep to the core maybe because he went so hard with everything--played hard, worked hard, LOVED hard....
Thinking of how to show my love for him today (other than spending hours talking to everyone I know about him all day) and just thought of the best idea: since it's so hot, I'm going to get a Supersoaker and douse a few people...
Friends and family, of course.....
Then again, a few water balloons on the head never hurt anybody....
I can hear Michael laughing all the way down here and see that GORGEOUS smile....sigh...
Michael, I'll never stop missing you, can't stop LOVING you, and Whatever happens, I'll NEVER let go of your hand....

829 days ago

TMZ Skydrive    

Folks, we have a winner! TMZ is pleased to announce that HumanNature, based on number of comments, is Michael Jackson’s number one fanatic! Over seven thousand unique comments, over 900,000 words so far! Over a period spanning an incredible 3 years! To put this in perspective, if we bundled all of HumanNature’s comments together in book form, we’d be looking at something the size of Dostoyevsky’s “Brother’s Karamozov.” His comments now account for over 40% of entries posted on any Michael Jackson story on our website (he also posts under at least one additional alias, Duilama).

And even more remarkable, he is even more obsessed with another topic: pedophilia, or “pedo” as he fondly calls it. Be it an article on any subject at all—football, perfume, real estate, public schools, adolescent girls, baby names, and hairstyles (just to name a few), he is able to deftly weave this topic in.

So to reward HumanNature for his admirable interest in Mr. Jackson, we thought we’d give him our “special treatment” even though we had to send our scouts out beyond our thirty mile zone for this one. With help from our IT department and our web surveillance team we were able to trace his true name and identity:

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Though for litigious reasons we can’t reveal his real name here, you can read more about him by clicking on:

829 days ago


Michael was Godlike !
But he was human.
He brought joy to millions.
But he made mistakes.
At the end of the day
He was a Genius
He will be loved
He will never be forgotten.

To the haters:
Haters are people who are dissapointed about their own lives and try to feel better by saying negative things about other people. Hating is not the solution. Getting help and staying positive is. Good Luck.
Mike we miss you ! Love always !

829 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Today, June 26th, 2012, Michael Jackson's fans, in the spirit of charity, inspired by their hero, would like to invite all the hungry children of California to come feast themselves on the rotting roses purchased in his name.

You're Welcome!!!

* Although transportation will not be provided, you will have to pose for pictures and go on record repeating prewritten pro MJ statements.
** Signed confidentiality agreements, proof of full price payment for Michael Jackson's new CD single and entry fee required.
*** Pubescent boys have first choice of roses. **** Limit one rose per child.
***** Water roses are stored in is not to be drank as it will be sold separately by Joe Jackson as "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water".
****** "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water" can be pre-purchased for a surcharge (shipping and handling not included) but there is no guaranty of actually receiving water and absolutely no refunds.
******* Commemorative "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water" bottles not included but can be purchased separately.
******** Only official commemorative "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water" bottles may be used for rose water.
******** The more "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water" purchased, the more Michael Jackson loves you. Minimum purchase requirement - 10 bottles.
********* A portion (0.000001%) of the proceeds (profits after costs) for the "Michael Jackson's Holy Healing Water" will be donated to charity. Other items not included.

********* This generous act will be added not only to Michael Jackson's list of charitable contributions but individual members of his family as well.

829 days ago


Why did Michael want to look like a old rich white woman?

829 days ago


Her tears were staged. MJ's whole death/funeral was staged. He really died back when he stopped being the [N ! G G E R] black man he was born as. He was a vile human being, and being glorified after what he has done to children is despicable. I spit on his grave for each and everyone who doesn't have the balls to do it themselves. Just Saying

829 days ago


I found this on internet, and i would like to share it with you.
i know that you are in heaven,
teaching the angels how to moonwalk,
god has called the King of Pop home,
you are in a better place,
in heaven there are no haters, scandals,
liars, media and ignorant people up there,
smile Michael i known that you and god are looking down,
and shaking your head, ate the lost souls that hate,
he has blessed you, and i miss you so much!
When i read this, i thought this is so beautifull,
and we all miss you , Michael!
But i am a believer, and we will see you again!

826 days ago
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