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Rodney King's Family

We Need HELP

with Funeral Costs

6/25/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney King was not a wealthy man when he died ... and now his family is asking the public for donations so they can pay for a proper burial for the infamous LAPD beating victim.

Despite the fact King scored a $3.8 million settlement from the City of L.A. after the 1992 incident, King's family tells TMZ ... there is basically no money left over to pay for his funeral costs, which are expected to run north of $22k. 

The family has now issued a statement, through their rep, Kali Bowyer, asking people to contribute to a memorial fund established "for those who wish to contribute to the King family."

King's 3 adult daughters, along with other family members, are desperately trying to come up with the cash ... but Bowyer tells us, "They need the money."

King is scheduled to be laid to rest on June 30.

As far as the mystery surrounding Rodney's death, the family says, "[We are] looking forward to a swift investigation into the death of our father, as well as we put our faith in the authorities responsible for handling the matter."



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They are thinking about the lady on the bus and all the money she got.
They probably will get a lot of money donated.
You should have the "values" to take care of your
own. Any money left over will be faught over.
How sad how very, very, very sad.

829 days ago


Drinking and Swimming are not a good mix, I think we are wasting enough money on the autopsy! Just to point out you CAN NOT drink yourself into a black out and then jump in the freaking pool!! 3.8 Million he should have bought a life insurance policy, Idiots!

829 days ago


Rodney King was a bum! Now his family is taking after their old man.
throw his body off santa monica pier and be done with it.

829 days ago


22k for a damn funeral!
My answer to that....Cremation costs around 5-6 hundred, chuck his *ss in a box and light it up.....
Better yet, why not call all the hanger-ons from 1992 that help get everybody feathers ruffled up and ask them for it.

829 days ago


I guess he decided what was important...Funeral expenses & a not being a burden to his family: Not on the list. And who needs a $22K funeral?

829 days ago


i dont know about anyone else but im pretty damn sure i could make 3.8 million last for the rest of my life and use part of it to make funeral plans long before ever needing them.

i agree with the stinky beaver in that a cardboard box and a shovel would solve the problem but i have one better...

take him to colorado and get a free cremation out of the trip. or im sure they can find plenty of old shipping pallets, use em to build a coffin or stack a few up and put his body on top then strike a match.

when i first seen him i thought it was a comedy central show when the cops were beating his ass. sure wish they would show some re-runs on it... funny stuff.

828 days ago


are they serious? How much is the representative? Tell him to pay for it. I wouldn't give 1 penny. As much money as he had and he blew through it on drugs and alcohol. Let his family deal with it, it is not everyone else's problem. As many times as he was arrested for DUI and spent time in jail, the taxpayers have already given him enough money.

828 days ago


I'd like to know what's taking so long. He's already been dead for over a week. And now we are looking at Saturday? Odd to have a body lying in a freezer that long :/

828 days ago


You mean to tell me $3.8 mill is gone and this fool nor his family thought about life insurance or preparing for days like this?He could have prepaid for his funeral,after his brush with death at the hands of the police that should have been the first thing he should have done.The family wants to give him this $22,000.00 send off and NONE of them have a penny.This is to be expected.Give him a basic funeral and be done with it.The family should be embarrassed to ask for money after Rodney drank and drugged all of his up.I'm sick of people having caviar taste and a Kool-Aid budget.

828 days ago


I find this disturbing. A $3.8 million dollar settlement, and it's all gone? I don't intend to give a dime. And what is sad is that a lot of people will send huge sums, and the family will profit from his death. Where is all the settlement money?

828 days ago


go get a f*cken job

828 days ago


Black people never miss an opportunity for hand outs.
"for those who wish to contribute to the King family."
Notice it doesn't say for those who wish to contribute to his burial, but to his FAMILY. In other words PAY US! PAY US!

828 days ago

buzz kill    

This moron pi*sed away nearly 4mil and now the family wants money to bury him, you got to be sh*tting me. 22K sounds pretty extrarvegent, try a plastic container from Walmart and dig a hole yourself in some isolated place and be done with it. No smpathy here, anyone that reckless doesn't deserve any.

828 days ago


Well.. not a rocket scientist here but if Rodney King didn't invest his $$$$ on weed and was wearing a 'rubber ducky' life preserver before he took death plung, this wouldn't be an issue right now would it!

828 days ago

Syn D    

This has got to be a joke!!! This man was an alcoholic pot head that had the money at one point to have a respectable life and apparently chose to not change, well except for maybe not drunk driving anymore.. Not boo hoo'n here.. Cremate him and sprinkle his ashes on a pot farm, would make him very happy....

828 days ago
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