TMZ Live Chuck Norris Battling Obama Over Boy Scouts

6/26/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Chuck Norris -- Battling Obama Over Boy Scouts

TMZ Live

We know Chuck Norris can handle grizzlies ... but President Obama? Chuck's going toe-to-toe with the prez over gays in the Boy Scouts -- and you gotta see the scathing first shot in the battle.

Plus, Brad Pitt narrowly escaped a beat down from Mike Tyson -- according to Mike Tyson! Also, Jimmy "Dyn-O-Mite" Walker sets off our debate-of-the-day ... what's your favorite black sitcom?
(0:00) Chuck Norris thinks President Obama is trying to turn the Boy Scouts of America into a pro-gay organization -- and he's pissed.
(10:00) Wherever Rihanna goes, dudes end up beating the crap out of each other ... and it just happened again in London. What is it about her that makes dudes go crazy?
(16:25) We know who's a lock to replace Ann Curry on "Today" ... but Harvey thinks someone else would've been a way better fit.
(18:00) Shocking story -- an imprisoned drug dealer admits he's responsible for the first time Tupac got shot ... but he won't be prosecuted for it. We'll tell you why.
(22:35) The Kardashian clan was spotted checking out a burial plot for the whole family to be dead in ... and Harvey chooses to make a point about it using his shoe.
(26:15) Mike Tyson continues his amazing run of revealing interviews -- this time talking about an instance in which he tried to have sex with his ex ... only to find her with BRAD PITT. You gotta hear this.
(29:00) Lindsay Lohan does a photo shoot in which she puts a gun to her head -- if it were anyone other than Lindsay ... it'd probably be okay.
(31:05) We know what information Kris Humphies did -- and did not -- reveal during his deposition in Minnesota.
(34:50) Let the debate begin -- what was the best African American sitcom of all time?
(40:00) We take your calls!