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Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce

The Great Divide

6/30/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_katie_holmes_tom_getty_cruiseKatie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise because she fears Tom will force her into the Church of Scientology, hook, line and sinker.  So we gotta ask ...


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This is all very simple. Katie's 5 year marriage contract is up and she doesn't want to renew it. Hope you made a bundle Katie! The best part of the deal is precious Suri :))

846 days ago


before bringing children into this world have the discussion about religion and moral beliefs. If you don't agree on these things then you don't have children together. Not rocket science....

846 days ago


You can never put a good man down. Tom all the way!

846 days ago


scientology isnt a religion.its a cult full of crazy maniacs...a global fraud

846 days ago


my co-worker's aunt makes $79/hour on

HAve you ever wondered why these posters are too stupid to follow their own advice so they could post
"I make $79.,,, do they perhaps think it makes them more believable to tell us about someone else??

846 days ago


Hello? It was a 5 year contract. Katie gets $12Million for her time and Tom gets continue his charade that he is a straight action hero and not a closeted actor who likes to dress up in wrestling gear and cruise around LA in a black car look for men to "workout" with.

846 days ago


Even in 2008, when I saw them at dinner at the Polo Lounge, there seemed to be no communication between them. Tom was on his cell phone from the minute they sat down, while Suri was jumping up and down in the booth all during dinner..

846 days ago


I never liked Tom Cruise. He has been trying for years to brainwash Katie to switch over to Scientology. She finally smartened up, and probably could not take him any longer. From over the years what i've read was he was very demanding on her. I'm just glad she's finally seen the light. To me, he got weird the day he starting to jump up and down on Oprah's couch, going crazy at the mere mention of Katie's name. Once a freak, always a freak.

846 days ago


Tom very likely promised Katie all kinds of things if she would agree to be his beard. He very likely promised her a very big payday when it was all over, and probably told her he would get her movie roles.

Something happened very quickly after she married him because she started looking haggard and very depressed. More than likely she was assigned a minder and was never allowed to go anywhere alone.

I can't stand Tom Cruise. He is so paranoid people will get proof that he is gay, he tries to control everyone with his threats.

846 days ago


Katie Holmes must of been the only person in the world who did not know Tom was big in Scientology. She married him, she had a daughter with him knowing this was his religion. She knew what she was getting into. I have no sympathy for her.

846 days ago

Il Duce    

This is usually what happens when a long tall beauty marries a psycopathic midget!!

846 days ago


If she thinks it's going to be easy?

To "play" a Tom Cruise?

She's got a 'nother thing coming.

"Hell-Hath-Have-No-Fury(Suri)" -

-trust Nof on this.

... gonna be like Pacino in the original "Godfather."

846 days ago


You 'f" with a super super super-star while ...

He's over-seas shooting a PICTURE ?

Expect World War 7 -

Upon his return.

Bad move, home girl.

This will back-fire.

And in ways you couldn't POSSIBLY have imagined.

846 days ago


You were nothing before Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise made you relevant -


You're relevant DUE to Tom Cruise.

To do him like this - regardless of ANYTHING -

When he's working (hands tied behind his back) -

On like Pluto?

Is asking for the worst kind of trouble.

I'm not into Scientology - don't agree with the guy on x, y and z -

But what's he's accomplished is mind-blowing.

And we need NOT to humiliate our biggest people.

This is just gross - Jenny McCarthy-ish.

"Poor Evan cries all night for Jim..."


846 days ago


This has been Bob Dylan's problem all along.

A complete inability to trust ANYONE -

Other than his damn dentist -

The great Stan Goldman .

...Ye can't trust anyone, ye just can't...

I've been knifed by two people I put my life on the line for -

Still having those two daggers removed.


And by Dr. Back.

846 days ago
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