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Tom & Katie Divorce

Was She Cool with Scientology?

7/5/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are NOT splitting over Scientology -- according to Tom's people -- but one thing that's indisputable ... Katie is one smiley divorcée-to-be! We'll tell you why.

Plus, we knew Frank Ocean's decision to reveal he's gay wouldn't sit well with much of the hip-hop community - but we we're still shocked by rapper Lil Scrappy's reaction. You've got to see what he said about gays and AIDS.

Also, Heidi Klum's awesome 4th of July photo ... is the revealing pic a message to Seal? If it is, we say -- SEND MORE!!!

(0:00) Tom Cruise's people are saying that Scientology has nothing to do with his divorce ... but Katie Holmes is telling a completely different story.
(6:15) Prominent R&B singer Frank Ocean comes out as bisexual ... a dangerous move in hip hop community. We talk to rapper Lil Scrappy about it -- and his opinion of Frank's coming out party is shocking.
(10:00) Howie Mandel's worst nightmare comes true -- when the famous germaphobe catches two people having sex in his bathroom.
(14:32) Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson thinks African Americans are more athletic due to their roots in slavery ... does he have a point?
(19:00) We talked to Jose Baez -- Casey Anthony's former attorney -- about a shocking statement he made about the case ... that he thought he smelled the odor of a dead body coming from Casey's trunk.
(24:00) Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Von A-hole calls in to talk about renting his house out to Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and Steven Soderberg for the Liberace movie ... and the conversation gets real gay real fast.
(32:10) Heidi Klum tweets an incredibly sexy bikini pic -- and we thank her for it.
(34:00) Tommy Lee hates posing for pictures with fans -- are stars rude if they don't take the time to snap a pic with their admirers?
(38:00) Former Miss USA Rima Fakih isn't getting another DUI -- we have video of her wasted and stumbling around in heels ... but she doesn't get behind the wheel.
(40:10) We take your calls!

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I and others are not going to believe what comes out of the "Cruise Sci Fi Camp". Sounds like they are scheming a PR campaign to protect themselves of slander and attempt to take the spot light off of them.

Public is too smart for this. I know many who did not know what they do now about $cientology. It sounds like a scheme to profit off of uneducated or wounded people. Selling people on believing they can become super human by destroying toxic aliens that live in their body? Right out of Hubbard's twisted Sci Fi Brain.

No wonder why she's running. Hope she hires some ex Navy Seals to protect her!

809 days ago


Is TMZ connected to Scientology?

809 days ago


what the **** time does come on? you'd think these idiots would post the time the show is on the web... I live in the central time zone...

809 days ago


Tom isn't getting all that $ from movies. The money he makes from films are about equal to Adam Sandler, or less considering all of his recent movies have been flops. Majority of the $ he makes is from $cientology. Why? because the "church" uses Tom as it's biggest pawn. They pay him bucketloads to show up at co$ events. & they probably pay him even more to stick around in the cult. The "church" of Scientology is one of the biggest money making pyramid schemes.. the reason Tom is so rich? he's at the top of that pyramid with scam leader David Miscavidge.I guarantee that the Church is communicating with TMZ behind the scenes. They are either paying TMZ to begin posting things that boost Tom up, or threatening to SUE if they post anything else that puts him in a bad light, or post the truth about Tom's homosexuality.. and the truth about how much money Tom gets from the "church"Stalking is Scientology's big weapon. It is well known, and well do***ented that they use church recruit's $ to hire private investigators, computer techs, and even their own members to stalk, and dig and dig and dig. Once they find the littlest compromising thing about a detractor of the church, or anyone that has anything negative to say, they will BLOW it out of proportion. They have been known to file frivolous lawsuits to defame and suck every single penny out of people. They also like to publish nasty attacks in their "religious" publication, Freedom Magazine.Example; The XENU story, made popular by South Park, was brought to the public's attention by a long gone ex-member. They sued the sh!!t out of him!! because they made public "copyrighted material". They didn't want people to know the Xenu story.. not only because it was a batsh!!t insane fairytale written by a drugged-up science fiction writer.. but because it is a core belief of the"church" (SERIOUSLY!!) that Xenu infested humans with space aliens millions of years ago. "church" recruits pay upwards of $500,000 dollars, just to find out the B.S Xenu story.. and just to find out that there are "space aliens in your body" That's Scientology in a nutshell. The courses you pay tons of $ for, the auditing, is to "help control those aliens" They didn't want that belief out there because people would obviously think it's phony. But most importantly... because unsuspecting recruits pay the "church" TONS AND TONS OF MONEY TO FIND THAT OUT.

809 days ago


This Lil Scrappy is an idiot. It was painful listening to him talk.

808 days ago
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