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Justin Bieber


911 Calls

7/7/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine was not the only motorist who reported that Justin Bieber was flying down the freeway at breakneck speed ... TMZ has learned, a total of 10 drivers called 911.

We broke the story, Zine -- who was an LAPD motor cop for 18 years -- believes Bieber was traveling faster than 100 mph. Bieber's people dispute Zine's estimate, noting that the singer was cited for ONLY going 80.

But when Bieber was finally stopped by CHP officers, he was several miles from the point Zine spotted him, and Zine told us Friday night his100 mph estimate was "conservative."

And get this ... we're told someone from Bieber's security team was a passenger in his car and allowed Justin to put the pedal to the metal. Mind you, Justin was weaving in and out of traffic, baring squeezing in between moving vehicles.

As we reported, Bieber was being chased by paparazzi, but Zine maintains the 18-year-old jeopardized his life and the lives of others and he should have slowed down and pulled off the freeway.


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mike hunt    

100 MPH?? if you think Justin is the only person who drives like this in LA,, Well then you've never been to LA.

806 days ago


I wish the little dweeb had been arrested and granted shower privileges in the graybar hotel. When he bent over to pick up the soap -- he might have got what's been coming to him for far too long...

806 days ago


Perhaps if you didn't drive around in such a flashy car showing off your doucheness, you wouldn't have so many problems.

806 days ago


Perhaps if you didn't drive around in such a flashy car showing off your major douchebag attitude you wouldn't have these problems.

806 days ago


This guy is an idiot! His clock is ticking. Just wait and see.

I just hope it doesnt involve someone else getting hurt because of his assine actions.

806 days ago


Seems to me
you lived your life
like a candle in the wind
never knowing
who to cling to
when the rain set in

806 days ago


Put that little ass in jail. He's going to hurt somebody, or worse.

806 days ago


If he was only doing 80 then why did so many call the cops? Sounds like he only slowed down to avoid even more trouble, idiot.

806 days ago

average jane    

Sick of these young Hollywood punks who feel so entitled. He just jeopardized a lot of lives. I don't think a ticket that will be pocket change will make a difference to him. Lock him up before he does it again!

806 days ago


STOP HATEING SO MUCH LIKE IT'S SERIOUSLY ANNOYING... why do u even care like, it's his life and plus he was been followed by some stupid paparazzi that ruins his whole life..... THATS SERIOUSLY NOT FUN...!!!

806 days ago


If you have that much money, and you want to drive fast. Build yourself a track and go for it! Stop putting us regular folks in danger dumb a**......

806 days ago

matty boyyyy    

Oh boo hoo. Forget he's Justin Bieber, he's an 18 year old kid. These dumb asses do this all the time not just in 100,000 dollar cars, but in little old Hondas and motorcycles. By most accounts, he's not generally a reckless screwed up kid. Aside from the fame, he's pretty normal. Kids screw up and learn from their mistakes. I've seen grown men racing Corvettes and Mustangs on highways in Jersey. At least he's young enough to learn what he does was pretty bad. Think he doesn't have numerous people telling him "Hey, ass - one half second off on that lane shift and you would have killed some teenage girl and your career and our career will be dead?" Kids screw up and learn.

806 days ago

Joan K    

Stupid little boy is going to kill some innocent family driving like an azz and why the hell wasn't he arrested? Oh yeah he is Justin Bieber, dumb azz.

806 days ago


This little punk is going to pull a James Dean. I wonder who will portray him in the movie.

806 days ago


Well, duh, of course people were calling 911 about all this.. Whats the story again? Dont take this as im defending Justin or making excuses for him, but can we move on now? People drive and speed everyday, and just because its a celebrity, all of a sudden its a big deal? There are gangs, killings, politicians stealing your money, and we are here bashing on a kid who was chased by paparazzi and he was driving too fast? I think our priorities are a little screwed up!

806 days ago
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