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Katie Holmes

Suri in Aisle 5

7/8/2012 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_katie_holmes_infWhile some women hit the clubs after filing for divorce, Katie Holmes continued to enjoy the single life by going food shopping at Whole Foods in NYC for the second time this weekend ... this time bringing Suri along for the ride. 

She really enjoys tasting her freedom.


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So now Tom's pr team moved from saying "Katie knew Tom's devotion to COS and still she married him" into bashing Katie's behavior with Suri. So much expected!! I believe the direction now is belittling Katie's mothering abilities by paid Tom's team.

785 days ago


I've got something newsworthy...I got the dirt on why Katie is divorcing Tom. It's not Scientology (although that's one reason). No, they split up because Katie (with Suri) caught him in bed with David Beckham. Tom is not gay or bisexual, but he has sex with men. Apparently it's pretty common for straight men to do this--blek! Depending on who you ask, 10-40% of straight men do this at one time or another. Go to if you don't believe me. They say it usually starts with a "bromance" and Tom and David B. definitely fit that description. Poor Katie must have been devastated. And no wonder Suri still carries her baby blanket. Scientology is the reason why she wants sole custody, though. Plus I'm sure Katie doesn't want Suri stumbling in on Tom and some guy again. So the rumors are apparently true, people. Sad.

785 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

I do feel bad for both of them. They can't even do something as simple as grocery shopping without having a camera shoved in their face.

I give her a lot of credit for not losing it, as i know i would snap if someone was constantly trying to photograph me and my kid. Even if i was a celebrity.

785 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Yawn, Katie's prime is behind her. She never was a good actress but she had that "girl next door" quality that turned guys on.

Now she's just boring. Great, she went shopping AGAIN.

785 days ago


At least she isn't sucking her thumb!!!!

785 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

What no breast feeding too!

785 days ago


When is Katie going to make Suri stop walking around with a blanket and teddy bear. The kid is old enough to go to school.

785 days ago


Real compelling stuff here TMZzzzzz.

785 days ago


So what and who cares !!??

785 days ago

the sea    

She just wants her kid to have a normal life. But then again she should have thought about that when she married a cult freak and had (his) baby.

785 days ago


Good for you Kattie shop for those deals. Dumping Tommy Boy your not as flush as you once was. You went from 250 mil to 25-30 mil. But like I've said here before, she'll do fine. That girl is still routed in reality. As for Suri being in the cart, that's a good way to keep her close and safe. Pretty hard to just snatch her and run. I don't doubt she is a little leary about what her X may try.

785 days ago

your own luck    

I understand how she is going to be hounded by photographers out on the street, but really, inside the grocery store. This is just too much.

785 days ago


Recent post from Tony Ortega:

785 days ago


She's really not that pretty without all the makeup and photoshopping

785 days ago


Leave them alone. Suri is in that seat for her safety. If you shop the store once a week you obviously eat processed crap instead of fresh fruits and veggies.

785 days ago
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