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Katie Holmes

Suri in Aisle 5

7/8/2012 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_katie_holmes_infWhile some women hit the clubs after filing for divorce, Katie Holmes continued to enjoy the single life by going food shopping at Whole Foods in NYC for the second time this weekend ... this time bringing Suri along for the ride. 

She really enjoys tasting her freedom.


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Katie looks terrible. She looks 45 and depressed. Sad to see.

800 days ago


what a crazy cult scientology is! pretty soon they will all buy new Nikes and cover themselves with purple cloth. Where is the comet???

800 days ago



There, I said I'd scream if I saw one more trivial piece of nothing on Homes/kid/Cruise from tmz and here it is. That's all. I feel better now.

800 days ago


Katie. Why don't you spend your time in your 10 million dollar apartment instead of giving these stupid photo-ops everyday? Relax and enjoy the good life that 14 million unemployed people can't.

800 days ago


Who cares, honestly!!!! So she got some groceries. And her little girl is too old for the kids seat.

800 days ago

I believe Katie is basking in the attention she is finally receiving. She knew what she was getting into when she married TC, an will continue to benefit from her relationship with him for the rest of her life, but hopefully we will not read abot her daily trips to Whole Foods for much longer.

800 days ago

how lame    

They must eat a lot because i swear there's "news" about the two grocery shopping everyday. They need a hobby, like posting on celeb gossip sites.

800 days ago


Man, Shhe looks so happy and stress free. This is the best feel good story. I just wish other ex-scientologists could leave the evil cult easily, look how happy they would be just living a life without misery and abuse.Ths is why I hate the cult of scientology because it robs people of a happy life. I have never seen a happy scientologist who looks genuinely happy.

800 days ago

Bitch please    

It seems like Katie has been happier these past few days than shes has ever been since marrying Tom. She looks so much happier just doing the little things like going to the store with Suri or going for ice cream than going to those pertentous Hollywood parties with Tom and fake Hollywood people. Good for her. These are the times that she will cherish the most with her daughter and she can be herself. No more being something that only Tom wanted her to be. You cant buy everyone Tom. Maybe Tom should think about getting into a relationship with a Scientologist woman and or man next time, instead of trying to convert someone.

800 days ago


I dont get what the problem is with the child riding the trolley. I always have a five year, nearly six years old in the trolley she loves it. She normally sits in the grocery part or rides standing on the front, its fun for kids. I see heaps of kids, most kids actually. Its faster to shop this way. Maybe its an Aussie thing.

800 days ago

A viewer    

Carried around like a huge spider monkey, now sitting in the toddler seat of the cart? I have never seen a six year old do that. This kid will have real problems, needs to act like a six year old - helping mom, getting things, putting them into the cart, sneaking a candy bar in with the veggies!

800 days ago


I hate to say this buy I am really surprised someone hasn't shot and killed david misacavage yet. You would think there are enough people who have been pushed to the edge or people who have lost family. Just saying.

800 days ago


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800 days ago


women like her make me sick. she was a nobody, and she could have married a nobody, but instead she wanted to marry a star. she knew exactly who he was and what his beliefs were. she's no victim, she's a whor*

800 days ago


Those cart seats have a 35lb weight limit, my 2 year old barely fits in one! But I guess she is learning how to be a normal person for the first time in years, so I suppose she can be forgiven for not knowing how to control her 6 year old in public without needing to strap her in a cart.

800 days ago
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