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Justin Bieber Car Chase

CHP Split

On Who's to Blame

7/10/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Officials and deputies in the California Highway Patrol are deeply split over whether Justin Bieber should have received a citation for Friday's wild, high-speed chase on the 101 Freeway in L.A. ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We have spoken with numerous people from the CHP, and the division is deep.  Several high-ranking officials tell us ... they would not have ticketed Bieber, who was clocked at 80 mph, because he was "the victim" of rogue paparazzi who were chasing him.  One source said, "This was like a Princess Diana situation. It was not Bieber's fault."

And, of the ten 911 calls made during the initial chase, we're told most of them mentioned that a sports car was being chased in police pursuit style.

But others in the Department strongly disagree, saying Bieber should have slowed down and even gotten off the Freeway.  One source said, "It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth. You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did."

And, we're told, even though the paparazzo who was the biggest offender is under investigation after Justin filed a formal complaint, it's "unlikely" he'll be prosecuted. One CHP source said, "It's a misdemeanor committed outside the CHP's presence and it's a stretch the City Attorney will take the case."


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REGARDLESS if he was in a dangerous high speed chase he should have pulled over onto the shoulder OUT OF TRAFFIC to STOP whomever he perceived was chasing him!! That CHILD has had enough exp. with paps TO KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN A chrome car! BIEBER made the choice to get a VERY HIGH PROFILE vehicle announcing his presence EVERYWHERE, what did that CHILD expect? Incognito? His arrogance is the spark that fired the flame. HE WAS BEGGING FOR THAT TYPE OF ATTN! So instead of diffusing HIS MESS he Fanned the flames by ALLOWING HIMSELF TO BE CHASED instead of protecting innocents HE put in danger by pulling off. TAKE THAT CHILD'S LICENSE & MAKE HIM DRIVE A FORD FOCUS! There are just 2 or 3 traffic laws that could STOP THIS by ALL. ......

842 days ago


Justin was wrong, but so were thse chasing him. The CHP officer should have called for backup, and give each of those all occupants of vehicles pulling over to take pictures a ticket+.

It was illegal to pull over to take those pictures. If any are published they should go after everyone involved!

"The RNC pointed to money that went to Fisker Automotive, which is producing a luxury electric sports car in Finland., though, says that while the firm got a $169 million federal loan guarantee, the loan money itself was spent in the U.S."

Fisker is the car! It is linked to Obama outsourcing our money to a foreign auto maker.

Bain Capital was a Private Business, and not the United States Treasury..... Obama bit into a poisonous apple.

842 days ago

I Was About To Say    

@Justin Bieber, you say you are inspired by MJ? Well MJ NEVER would have put anyone at risk like you did, he always told his drivers to SLOW DOWN, he ALWAYS let people take his picture no matter what, you just wanted to show off your fast car AND in MY opinion, you probably were hoping for make it "LOOK LIKE" you are so sought after by the media, PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what game you are playing but your lil 14yr old girlie fans don't.

842 days ago

I Was About To Say    

@Justin Bieber, you once said "I want to be bigger then MJ"....and thats why you are trying to make it like you can't go anywhere and media are hounding you and you are using the media to accomplish this and blah blah phkg blah! You are not fooling anyone but yourself. AND by the you have ANY (i repeat) ANY dance moves that are YOUR OWN and not MJs???????????????????????????????? Jus sayin....

842 days ago


JB's public image is all about "Hey, Look At Me" and he's acting the victim? Grow UP! Grow a PAIR! and ACCEPT responsibility for YOUR actions.

842 days ago


Sure lets this pre pube keep speeding around in cars he can't handle. Some day soon he will hit someone and that person will be seriously hurt; then those who felt he was not to blame for starting a High speed chase (which I may add police are told not to do) then we shall see who is next to this kid when he is sued during a wrongful death case.

This is why Cal should just slip into the ocean. It has gotten to the point if you are remotely famous and break the law you will get off. judges who slap multiple offenders on the wrist and say you are a bad boy/girl, all the while the bad boy/girl is laughing to themselves and wondering where then next party is or how stupid the judge must be to think that they will listen to anything they are told.

Better yet blow the whole damn state up. Oh but that would kill the wildlife and Red woods. OK just put the purple James town punch into the water supply.

842 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Make note: Get out of a speeding ticket by claiming you were being chased by 50 paps behind you on the freeway.

842 days ago


Bieber deserves the ticket. Yes it was like Princess Di but that doesn't give him the excuse to drive like a bat outta hell. But knowing how celebrities get treated, he will get a slap on the hand and told "don't do it again". Take his license away, make him take defensive driving classes, something to make this little punk learn some responsibility

842 days ago


cops are not judge and jury they are revenue generators nothing more than ticket writers they arent smart enough to think

842 days ago


The moment Bieber thought he was in danger, he should have pulled over to the shoulder and called 911. End of story. To do anything else was wreckless. A crime for which he should be charged and has no one to blame but his own idiotic ass.

842 days ago

david levine    

this is a mater of two wrongs do not make a rightJustine was going to fast true but the popazzi were in the wrong s there arestocking laws among things the car stands out to mtuch ost celeberties will even drive a Ford sow asume that whale it might nt be the best thing frothe envirment celebertis need the safety of a heavier vheicle it was low for the popertizzi to shoot when he was being wrent a tick and I woder were i Juatine liecence to drive Califonia or Otowa

842 days ago


Gee, what were they going to do to him...oh, take his picture...I tell my children all the time " they can't chase you if you don't run"... deal with it JB

842 days ago


No problem JB, just give up all the fame and money and show up at my warehouse for a nice 12 hour day in 105 degree heat for $9.00 an hour in beautiful New Jersey.

...ok then, how about we stop acting like a photo is going to harm you and enjoy the life you so desperately wanted.

842 days ago


No problem JB, just give up all the fame and money and show up at my warehouse for a nice 12 hour day in 105 degree heat for $9.00 an hour in beautiful New Jersey.

...ok then, how about we stop acting like a photo is going to harm you and enjoy the life you so desperately wanted.

842 days ago


jesus christ, this is not rocket science.
*being chased does not give you the right to endanger other people and speed.
*if you're driving fast AND being chased, chances are they will speed up to catch you. duh.
*the paparazzi are also stupid. both parties are dumb and idiotic.
why doesn't someone call this child on his bull****? any person with half a brain cell wouldn't pull an oj and go flying down the highway. he should have just called the cops like any person with common sense would have done.
and don't get me wrong, it's totally stupid and embarrassing that this pisses me off, but it's so ****ing simple. both parties need to be ticketed and taken to court. why is everyone making this so complicated when it's not?

842 days ago
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