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Wynonna Judd

I Wanna Foreclose

On Ashley's Dad

7/11/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Another sign of turmoil in the Judd family -- country singer Wynonna Judd is declaring war on her ex-stepdad, Ashley Judd's father ... and has now taken steps to foreclose on the guy's house.

Wynonna filed the lawsuit against Michael Ciminella in Kentucky, claiming she loaned him $200,000 back in 1994 ... a loan he secured against his house ... and he still hasn't repaid the debt.

Now, Wynonna claims the loan has swelled to $242,317 with interest and late fees -- so she's asking a judge to let her foreclose on Ciminella's house in order to get her money.

To clarify -- Michael was married to Wynonna's mother Naomi Judd from 1968-1972, during which the couple had Wynonna's half-sister Ashley (the actress). Wynonna's biological father was never married to Naomi.

The lawsuit's the latest example of a major fissure in the Judd family -- just last month, Wynonna married her boyfriend at her Tennessee home ... and neither Ashley nor their mother were invited to the wedding.

A judge has yet to rule on the lawsuit. Calls to Ciminella were not returned.


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Lisa G    

I don't understand why the two girls can't pay his mortgage and be done with it.

842 days ago


she doesn't look like she's related to mother or sister. as for her voice--don't see the attraction.cut her loose.

842 days ago


cut her loose, can't sing and doesn't look like family anyway

842 days ago


Wynonna seems very angry. Ashley needs to pay off the loan for HER dad.

842 days ago


Also, Naomi used that man for a punching bag for years. She blamed him for all of their problems and called him a deadbeat. She lied to him, defrauded him, and then publicly emasculated him....and all the while,it was She, who was the s***bag.

842 days ago


This article is a little misleading. Wtnona didn't lend money to her step father, she loaned money to her dad. She nor the dad learned until Wy was grown, that he wasn't her biological father. IMO, somebody owes HIM money. Either the lying, fraudulant mother, or Wy, for benefitting from the support. Of Course, Ashley isn't sullied by any of this.. Her mother made sure, 'Little Miss charmed life', knew who her biological father was. Whatever, Naomi was nothing but a white trash whore.

842 days ago


The man owes the money! However, the value of money in the kingdom of heaven is zero! What would Jesus say, to you Wynonna?

842 days ago


That's a big Wookiee!

842 days ago


Wynonna: Your stepfather treated you as his own; so much so, that you didn't even know he wasn't your biological father until you were an adult. Honor thy mother and thy father, so that your days may be long on this earth.

842 days ago


Get your money girl! 15+ years is too long of a wait.

842 days ago

South Beach    

The Judds fighting. Nothing new there, been at it forever.

842 days ago

buzz kill    

She is just plain nasty. I have never seen a picture of her looking nice. And somebody actually married her, damn.

842 days ago


There are problems with wynonas lawsuit if he did not pay back any money from 1994 statute of limitations has passed and she can not collect on it now she also has to prove that intrest was part of the loan when she made it. It sounds more like a gift and now it turned into a loan after 18 years.

842 days ago


He owes. He needs to pay. Leave out all the family drama. The man is living in a home that he isn't paying for. She has every right to go after him legally. That's what's wrong with our society...everyone things of a thousand excuses to shirk off responsibility and put it on someone else. Those of you who put this back on Wynona for loaning him cash are dead wrong on this. A loan is not a gift. Apparently, he wanted a home and didn't have the cash for it. So he used her cash. Time to pay up, old man.

842 days ago


all these Judd's are a real messed up family!!!

842 days ago
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