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Penn State


Sandusky Rape Showers

7/13/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

It's "Extreme Makeover: Disgraced University Edition."

The honchos at Penn State just released a statement saying the university plans to renovate the football shower and locker room area where convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky raped children.

The move comes roughly 14 YEARS after officials like Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier allegedly first found out about Sandusky's crimes ... but decided to do nothing about it, because they're a bunch of scumbags.

No word on when the university will begin the demolition.

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No Avatar


They better make those new walls see-through to to deter any more would-be kiddie rapists.

834 days ago


Excuse my language, but F**K Penn State, this damn School should be Shut Down, & I heard some idiot on Sports Center (ESPN) say Joe Paterno was treated to harsh.. So Disagree & Paterno got off EASY he died & Don't Have to Face the World...

834 days ago


They better call in an exorcist first.

834 days ago


Interesting. Sounds like they are redressing the area( to set right; remedy, adjust the area) perhaps they should consider relocating.

834 days ago


Rape Showers!! Is that the new slang now for a cruel and veil sex chamber.... OMFG But i hope they stay away from the colors Black/Blue/Red .. just saying

833 days ago


the ncaa has to do something about the psu football programme. it has to be suspended and for long enough to make the school really hurt... then on probation. there has to be 14 years of pain for the school, their precious football programme, and the big old men who protected child rape for so long. to hell with the reputations.

833 days ago

South Beach    

Let this be a lesson to all the other schools out there covering up explosive situations for the sake of PR. In the long term it may very well blow up in your face.

Penn State higher ups made that call all those years ago, and could have come out heros if they'd chosen differently. By busting one of their own, the message would have been that behavior was unacceptable, no matter who it was.

Now an entire legacy has to pay the price for the gutless choice made by a very few. I hope criminal charges are brought against the former president of the school.

833 days ago


Your so sorry is BS. If that was your son you would of done something immediately. Its only because these boys weren't your children that you didn't care, not to mention the reputation of Penn State. You might not be fined for knowing and doing nothing but damn if KARMA won't get your behind..

833 days ago


Filthy stinking University --- Burn it to the ground and bury the ashes deep in the Earth. Oh - an take that dirty tarnished statue of Joe down you disgusting college perverts. Sickening!!!!!!!!! I mean really sickening!!!!!!!!!!!

833 days ago

She's baaaack    

CLEAN THE HOUSE! Sit down a bit people, it isn't Pedo State, it is a place that was unfortunately ruled by people who practiced the Catholic rules of child molestation and swept it under the rug instead of bringing it out into the light of day and kicking Sandusky's ass to the curb. There are students, there is history (good history, not talking football), excellent research that benefits humanity, students, teachers, dedicated alumni ... all of them were let down by the people at the top. It won't happen again. Those children's bravery and courage have trampled on the cowardly men at the top. With them gone and punished for their despicable behavior the good people of Penn State will do all they can to again become a good institution. I'm not talking football, either.

833 days ago


Out out damn spot!

833 days ago


I think this school needs to be shut down NOW! I sure as hell wouldn't want to go to a school where little boys were raped. Sick fu*ks. I think the school staying open is like a slap in the face to everyone who was hurt by these maggots. If I had children I would NEVER let them go to that school. No matter what!! How can they keep it open and not feel like sh*t about it? Wait... I guess it's the same way they can allow little children to be raped and not give a sh*t. It's a disgrace that this school is allowed to stay open. Obviously they don't give a f*ck about the NUMEROUS lives they destroyed. How can anyone be okay with allowing this school to stay open knowing what it stands for. I can honestly say that if I found out someone burned this school down, I would shake their hand :)

833 days ago

Just one of those days     

Seriously? These people are nuts. He can have sex in the showers with young kids and now that we ALL are busted we will just build new ones. That makes a difference doesn't it? Makes everything better. Jesus. Pathetic never changes.

833 days ago


They should demolish the entire school! It is forever tainted, and there are still dumbasses defending, "Jo Pa." Sickos.

833 days ago


All in the name of FOOTBALL!! How could Paterno and the rest turn their heads knowing Sandusky was raping these innocent children..Why? The bucks that the Penn State football team brought in by alumni and anyone dedicated to Paterno and Penn State..The statue of Paterno? It belong in the yard of his wife or one of his children..Dottie knew what was going on but she turned her head..Enjoyed the good life of a famous husband..Both discusting..This college should be penalized to the maximum..I think taking away football for a year or longer is appropriate. I hope these innocent victims put those involved on food stamps and welfare as long as they live..Better yet..they deserve prison time because they contributed to these innocent children being raped for years..

833 days ago
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