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Gives BF a Hand on Stage

7/18/2012 8:06 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

When not flashing body parts, swastikas or putting a gun to her head on tour, Madonna likes to get touchy-feely with her 25-year-old dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.

At her London concert on Tuesday, the 53-year-old Queen of Pop slipped her shirtless boy toy a couple of fingers into his mouth and then took a break from grabbing her crotch to reach around to his nether regions.

While Madge's latest stunt is sure to cause the usual barrage of misogynistic and ageist comments to be hurled her way, if you had a ripped hot lover half your age you wouldn't be able to keep your paws off him either.


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wow, this is the same female that WON'T allow her kids to watch tv? Really? and for someone who's closer to 50 than 40, grow up! Your ex husbands are probably STILL ecstatic that they divorced you...

835 days ago


When you have to do your groping on stage just to have an audience, it smacks of desperation.

835 days ago


Nobody wants to see her geriatric porn. Maybe its time for her to recover some dignity and retire gracefully.

835 days ago


her entire career has been disgusting, I am sure her daughter will end up doing the same things...will make her proud.

835 days ago

jared phillips    

She's so gross. She needs to stop acting like a whore, she's almost 60 years old ffs.

835 days ago


Old nasty bag
Her kid must be so proud to have a mother like this slutty pos

835 days ago



835 days ago


She is a grown a$$ woman, with a daughter who is in her teens....such a "attention wh0r3" she is disgusting and I know why I totally avoid her whenever I see anything about her. But wanted to write this comment to vent my disgust with her. Grow up already Madonna...ur "like a virgin" years are TOTALLY done!!

835 days ago


Madonna is the most narcissictic person on the planet.
The media should not even cover any story about her or what she does. Please let her go away!

835 days ago

Who Knew    

hat old bag is out of control, a mid life crises?

835 days ago


No problem with the act by itself. Problem with the Grandma doing it.

835 days ago


Men do this all the time and no one says ish! But the minute a mature, financially secure, famous woman who looks damn good(face and body), and who actually looks better than most women half her age dates a much younger man, the disgusting comments pour in. I'll never understand or agree with the double standard. If shes desperate and pathetic, then so are the old fart men out there who need viagra to get anything going with their 20 or 30 something women. When I get to her age and if maintained myself that well and could have my pick, I would def pick someone younger to have fun with, who cares? Like really? Life is too short. Don't judge unless your life and decisions in life have been perfect. We all deserve happiness, be it short or long term. We all know if most of these older ugly rich men didn't have their $, no woman half his age would even crap on them. Same goes for women,..same goes for men. Madonna knows exactly what's she doing, so does J-Lo! Its funny how the older men always get milked and suckered out of their money and the older women usually stay in control, with the exception of Demi Moore of course. Stop the hate ppl! If she needs to grow up, then so do the very men that date young as well. Peace...

835 days ago


são lokosssss

835 days ago


she is really pitiful

835 days ago


She IS too friggen old to be doing this anymore!!!! Fucin act your age Madonna...and stop dressing and behaving inappropriately!!! You're NOT that "girl" anymore!!!!!

835 days ago
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