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Paris Jackson

My Uncle Randy's a Big, Fat LIAR

7/18/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's only daughter is going to war with one of her famous uncles ... claiming Randy Jackson is spreading dangerous lies about the family ... and she's calling him out in public.

It's all over a letter that supposedly "leaked" to the Internet this week ... in which Randy, along with Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie demand John Branca and John McClain resign from their positions as the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate, effective immediately.

In the sharply-pointed letter, the family claims Branca and McClain have "failed" in their duties ... taken advantage of the family ... and have stressed out Katherine Jackson so much, that she recently suffered a "mini-stroke."

Randy went to Twitter and verified the authenticity of the letter Tuesday night ... but the very next day, Paris called BS on her uncle.

In fact, the 14-year-old went to her own Twitter page ... and wrote, "i am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened , she is completely fine."

She added, "i'd like to know who made up the rumor… i will defend my beloved family member with all i have , even if it means from other family members.”

Minutes later, Paris sent a new message directed to Randy -- which said, "@randyjackson8 hello dear FAMILY member i don't appreciate you telling everyone things that aren't true thank you very much."

When one of her followers suggested Paris should have respect for Randy ... she replied, "Maybe he should have respect for his mother."

Paris has since deleted the tweets.


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mj fan forever    

She also said many lies about the authenticity of Michael album which is actually authentic!!! She should be concerned about going to school not chatting on the internet, that seems to be the most important thing to her as her superficial, frivolous, attached to the money grandmother soon taught her!!! Michael Jackson would be HORRIFIED seeing the disorderly and unruly way his beloved children are raised!!! Not to mention about even working at a so young age and not to mention about even going on Oprah-bitch show who called him a paedophile for years and doesn't lose occasion!!! He would be HEARTBROKEN!!! And he did not entrust to his mother his children because she made of them "little stars", he wanted them to have a normal childhood but she is too greedy to respect his wishes!!! If Randy lied about greedy unnatural mother Katherine it's just another more lie!!! And now the bunch of parasites leeches had the nerve to write that shameful letter against the Estate which is doing an excellent job to preserve and protect Michael Jackson's legacy!!!! Of course now that the Estate almost paid off all debts they smelled the money and are still trying to put their hands on Michael Jackson's fortune even if they have NO chance, the will is authentic and approved by the judge!!!! Nothing new however, as always they have no shame!!!!

827 days ago

david 183    

who cares!

827 days ago

Latoya's Headband    

Go, Paris, Go! Since I'm LaToya's headband, I should know! So dump them and NEVER, EVER speak to that trash ever again!

827 days ago


"Maybe he should have respect for his mother."


827 days ago


There are lots and lots of do***ents put on record where discrepancies are noted.
if there is a problem, , they should go after the notary., who attested to the facts.
I like the Jacksons but I havent heard anyone come forward with another will and the wishes in this will take care of the people he loved most .
His mother and his children.
Of course his children would benefit from his estate over his siblings ..
I wonder if MJ or his children is mentioned in their own wills ..I would bet not, because people take care of their own family , not necessarily extended family
I think Jermaine has said that also ..
I think it is a true will and the estate has been turned around by the people in charge .
Just wondering , in what capacity , some family members feel the lawyers failed his heirs..
As far as Janet signing off on this , it is a surprise to me as I havent heard her voice any opinion regarding the will before .
I dont blame this family for having questions about what happened .but I dont think Branca would fake anything ..
He was and still is a very successful person himself

827 days ago


i respect paris for sticking up for her grandmother, lets just keep in mind that she is a 14 yr old child, who needs to stay in a childs place, there are adults who can handle that dispute, not her...

I understand she should stay in a childs place BUT that is HER money they are fighting over.

They get their way the girl will be broke.

Somebody needs to tell Randy and Janet, Jermaine etc. to F OFF!

827 days ago


Paris has every right to speak on her grandmother's behalf - especially since she lives with her and would at least be informed of any change in her health.

As for the letter calling for Branca's and McClain's removal, I call utter BS on the signatories. Janet would not have signed it, but would also feel the whole sordid mess so obviously beneath her need to respond. LaToya may claim that her brother was murdered, but she's not about to claim a dime of his money over it. As for Rebbie: Rebbie Jackson has _never_ been part of the "Jacksons" franchise or brand, has always done her own thing creatively, and hasn't said a peep about any of this. That leaves the sons who, quite honestly, have ridden Michael's coattails for decades and have _never_ tried anything on their own without sabotaging it and blaming it on Michael's absence.

827 days ago


She needs to shut up and learn some manners. Family business should not be discussed on twitter. She should be thankful that her white ass is being raised by decent Black family! Stupid Michael went and had white babies because of his own inferiority complex now they're showing their ignorant selves.

827 days ago


Michael said she was a spitfire and he was right. I'm sure she's doing exactly what he taught her concerning these fools she has to call family.

827 days ago


I don't know I'm on the fence about this one.

I feel that in a family of very meek people, who even when outspoken are still whispering, Paris is straight up in your face. And that's just what this family needs.

Nobody tells them off in the family. They either walk away or ignore it.

I personally never liked how Branca drew up a will in which MJ's kids don't take over until 40yrs of age.

In truth I felt this way for this reason because the family is going to do this until Prince turns 40!

I wish he could take over at 25 which is only about 10yrs form now.

We're going to hear this so often it's going to drive everyone mad.

Randy needs to stay out of Prince, Paris, and Blankets affairs.

They are the SOLE beneficiaries. When Katherine moves on her share of the will goes back to Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

I think the family fears she may be growing weaker and they will be left out in the cold since the kids will not go to bat for them to the executors.

Bottom line Paris is the only voice of her siblings.

And though she may be out of line the family is ALSO out of line. Yes Jacksons you are.

That's Paris' money NOT yours!!!!!!

827 days ago


Randy doesn't have a pot to piss in. He should get himself some business of his own.

Wasn't he working at a gas station just recently?

827 days ago


Regarding the validity of the will: In today's technology, you don't have to be at the site to sign anything, you can have an electronic signature; and you can do it via webcam and the recording of it would serve as proof with your lawyer as a witness.
I think that would be as valid as been in an office. Maybe that's what the lawyers have in their vault.

827 days ago


No wonder Michael kept himself and his kids away from his family.. Unfortunate that your own family only had $$ in their eyes.. I dont buy all their lovey dovey **** they say about michael.. I remember an interview that they said the last time they saw him was at a family party months prior to his death.. Idk about all of you but for sibiling that loved eachother so so much.. to not see eachother for months, especially since they live in such close proximity to eachother. seems like he wanted them away.. and good for paris to start telling the truth.. Love michael, but this family will not recognize the fact that he had a hand in his death.. the only people who used michael and his fame was his own family... except janet i would expect, shes an icon in her own career.. sorry about the rant.. yikes

827 days ago


Unreal! These guys have pulled mj's estate from beyond the brink to what will soon be a profitable business again. The family should be thanking these men, not slamming them. If the family cared this much for him while he was alive, perhaps he still would be.

827 days ago


Paris should have NEVER made this a public affair! Family matters should be solved at home. She wanted to defend her grandmother, which is fine, but she is very young and didn't know how to handle it.
Next time, Paris, call your uncle on the phone and speak your mind to him!

827 days ago
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