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Sage Stallone

Law Enforcement Probing

Possible Drug Dealing

7/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Authorities investigating the death of Sage Stallone believe a "likely scenario" is he was dealing drugs -- specifically Hydrocodone -- generic Vicodin -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told authorities do NOT believe Sage was an addict, in no small part because of his weight.  Our sources say ... at the time of his death, the 5'7" actor (his IMDB profile incorrectly lists his height at 5'10") weighed 188 pounds.  One law enforcement source tells TMZ, "He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost always rail thin."

Our sources say authorities did not find a single Hydrocodone tablet in Sage's house.  Yet, as we previously reported, they found more than 60 gigantic empty prescription bottles -- the kind stocked by pharmacists to fill consumer scripts.  Each bottle holds a minimum of 500 pills, so Sage probably had more than 30,000 pills, but they were all gone.

We're told LAPD detectives and L.A. County Coroner investigators are going to try and trace some of the bottles using batch numbers and serial numbers, but one well-placed source believes there's a "strong likelihood" the pills were shipped from another country.

Although the baggies of white powder found in Sage's room -- a room the maid was prohibited from entering -- have yet to be tested, our sources believe it will probably prove to be ground up Hydrocodone.  Again, however, the power has not yet been tested.

As we first reported, Sylvester Stallone met with famed private investigator Scott Ross Tuesday and Ross will be doing his own digging to find out what was going on with Sage and why he died.


No Avatar


Isn't that Police Profiling by the Police saying Drug addicts are usually Rail thin, so every skinny person the Police sees is looked at as a Drug addict ??

825 days ago


" ... and drug addicts are almost always rail thin" Busted.

825 days ago


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825 days ago


File this revelation under DUH.

825 days ago


I think the police are just trying to muddy the water now by sending the press in another direction. They don't want to say he is an addict and they likely can't prove he is a pusher.

825 days ago


This is dumb - the only drugs that cause anorexia for sure are stimulants - meth and other amphetamines, coke, crack. Addicts who do other drugs or who don't exclusively do stimulants but also do downers and or pot are usually NOT rail thin. There are plenty of 'chubby' alcoholic pill poppers out there. Some people with a drug problem are able to hide it very well for a long time because they don't have the characteristic druggie look or behavior which could be why Sylvester and others had no idea. Unfortunately the it's all too easy for celebs and celebspawn to become addicted because of the environment they are in. None of this makes it any easier for Sly though - I feel terrible for him reading these posts.

825 days ago


People addicted to painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin are normally overweight, not rail thin.

825 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

John Belushi was a FAT pig snorting mountains of coke. Duh.

825 days ago


It sounds like a robbery/murder to me as there should be thousands of pills at the scene.

825 days ago


Wow what a hustler.

825 days ago


"He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost always rail thin."

Like David Crosby?

825 days ago


Didn't Sly get busted for trafficking drugs?

825 days ago


"...the 5'7" actor (his IMDB profile incorrectly lists his height at 5'10")" Same thing for Sly!

825 days ago


Brittany Murphy had ovarian cyst, resulting in the possible need to take hydrocodone due to pain .. obviously nobody fully read her autopsy report to see she was plagued by female problems.

As for the huge pill bottles with Sage .. I get 30 motrin 800 tablets per month and they give me a huge blue bottle that could hold up to 200 because they run out of the smaller bottles at the pharmacy.

I wish you guys would stop witht the speculation, but again...until I see the autopsy reports, I will ignore all the gossip.

825 days ago


U idiots! I have known sage for over twenty yeas. TMZ get your **** straight. Sage was not a drug dealer. He had a close circle of friends and that's how he kept it. He would have never met with strangers to sell drugs. His soul would not allow for that. If he was in a public forum he would keep to himself and only converse with people he knew. Sage was into one thing and that was watching films. He could watch him for days on end and not get off the couch. I would bet a million dollars that there were only soda cans in his room and lots of them. Tis has nothing to do with his parents, it was a horrible accident. Everyone in his circle has kept their mouth shut because of a real friendship. This will continue, this speculation by this group of monkeys is pathetic. You are destroying a mans legacy with your sad attempt to be journalist. TMZ, do any of you have children, please report this story as if Sage was your child. How about waiting for facts before printing a headline that is pure speculation. Sage has always been ten to fifteen pounds overweight. He has NEVER done cocaine. I have walked into situations with him where it has been in the room. He walked right out and cut those people off. His drug of choice was movies and cream soda.

825 days ago
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