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'Batman' Massacre

1st Photo of Shooter

James Holmes

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/20/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes Myspace photo

Holmes also posted a picture of himself on his MySpace page (above). Holmes had no friends besides the MySpace founder Tom, who was automatically added as a friend to anyone who signed up for an account.



Here is the first photo of "Dark Knight" theater shooter James Holmes ... released by the University of Colorado, where he attended the School of Medicine. also obtained a photo of Holmes, which appears to have been taken several years ago.

Holmes grew up in San Diego.

Batman Shooter: James Holmes


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Does this mean I can't go see dark knight today? I really want to but I'm scared ****less

823 days ago


Why are there so many comments "I knew it would be a white boy"? It could have been any race, but I do agree that the shooter would certainly have been a male. Why a male? Testosterone makes men more violent. Estrogen makes women soft and feminine so they can bear children. Still hate to see the stereotyping, because bat-sh*t crazy comes in all shapes and sizes. And this boy has the look. Prayers for the victims and their families.

823 days ago


Two words:


823 days ago


Why is it that compared to Canada, the murder rate by guns in the US is 300% higher? Are Americans more insane? More violent? More evil? Or is it due to the stricter gun laws and lack of NRA influence in Canada?

823 days ago


@JANDEAN61; you are so on Point what you fact and comment.. @MELINDA., you don't know What you are talking about , you and those Rich White people Who are fightining to keep guns law are Sick and greedy . Those Rich White are Gaining money from the sells of guns to War countries and drug dealers thats Why they are fightining to keep it in place. Gun is bad, spear me that stuipd quote from DMX movie " guns don't kill people, people kill people" **** that ****. Guns kill people . In England last year the cops shot 1000 bullet just in One year Why cause the cops in England don't use guns except in high case of robbering and citizen too don't have gun right as you guys do in American . I bet you New jersey cops shot 1000 bullet Per mint in One State of América let alone the whole of USA, i bet América cops shot like 2million bullet in One year. American have the most Crimes and killng then any other western country in these world and your cops too have the most crime yet the crime rate and killing is still high what does that tell you. It means crime and guns goes hand in hand you your cops use bat(as those of England cops) then take the guns from those crazy citizen then the crime rate will come down . You take about hunting but you fail to Remb that before the invention of guns our forefathers were hunting and killing bigger animals for food with bows and arrow and curb and knifes ; you gives hunting with guns as a yardstick for have guns but that makes no sense at all. White people are the problem in these country in terms of gun law and the second amendenment, every white person in America have a gun even a kid of 8-10 in a white house knows how to use a kill same with old white women . When you hear of kids killing their self or brothers with guns and sick people killing with guns just cause they are sick of their life what comes to your mind is that gun is so esey to get in American and the law is not there to control who get the guns and who use it, why ?cause of the second amendenment . Change that law and I bet you the killings of innocent people and violent in American will come down for good. But who am I to say to rich white people 1% to do that. I pray these things happen to those rich white people who are fighting to keep that law of right to bear aims. Gun is only might for the army's and police not for us citizen . You might say drug dealers will have an avertage of citizens have they remove guns but when they remove the guns from us citizens then those crimrimes and drug dealers will have no guns to use and anybody the cops see with a gun will do life in jail. I bet you nobody will use a gun again if that law is in place.

823 days ago


How come this isn't considered an act of terrorism? Is it because the guy isn't wearing a turban?

823 days ago

Mystery Guest    

Is it just me, or is there something weird about his eyes?

823 days ago


This is just sick. guess he is getting the attention he probably never got. they need to quit showing his picture or mentioning his name again.

823 days ago


Death penalty- we must have stronger deterrents for
these heinous crimes! Must over taxed Americans
support yet another criminal's life sentence? Quit coddling criminals! And quit making us pay for their

823 days ago


He definitely has the eyes of a killing sociopath.

823 days ago


Hollywood needs to make more violent movies where the big movie stars tote guns like candy bars.... Nice Work Hollywood and all the big stars who make money off of violence ! Bravo ! , Where are you all today ?

823 days ago


Aspergers Syndrome??

823 days ago


You morons (TMZ) are making this idiot a celebrity. He doesn't deserve to be known.

823 days ago


Protect yourself & loved ones; pirate movies instead.

823 days ago


That is sad he didn't have any friends on my space except the founder...Something MAJOR happened to this young man.

Let's ALL try LOVE, KINDNESS, RESPECT for one another it makes for a better WORLD for US ALL!!!!!


823 days ago
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