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Gov. Chris Christie


Over NJ Yelling Match

7/20/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he has "no regrets" about the way he angrily went after a heckler on the Jersey Shore earlier this month ... claiming the heckler simply pushed him too far in front of his kids. 

Christie finally addressed the infamous TMZ video during a news conference in NJ yesterday ... explaining why he verbally blasted a heckler on July 6, while clutching a freshly scooped ice cream cone.

“Listen, I get heckled all the time," Christie said ... adding, "When you’re governor, that happens. And I don’t react almost at all to those hecklings."

"But I will not as a father stand for people using profanity in front of my 9-year-old daughter and her 8-year-old friend, and my 11-year-old son and his 11-year-old friend, and to use that profanity directed at their father, when I was out on the boardwalk, obviously having ice cream, and having fun with my kids.”

0_2yjedc81_0_7ipzit1lThe beginning of the confrontation was not captured on tape ... so it's unclear what words the heckler used to set Christie off. We do know the heckler was pissed about Christie's policies regarding schools ... and Christie responded by yelling, "You're a real big shot shootin' your mouth off."

Still, CC continued, "If people use that kind of language and think they can get away with it with me, they're wrong."

"I don't think any father or mother out there would just allow some person to come up and use that kind of language with them, directed toward them, in front of their children and not have some kind of reaction to it.”


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Wonder if he'll have regrets in 4 years when he tries to run for President. It may work on the hardcore Republicans, but among the general public he's going to look like a loose cannon. We don't need someone with that kind of temper in control of our Nukes.

822 days ago


I love this guy!!! I'd do the same thing if some liberal jerk off went off in front of my kids! I don't care what you all think, we need more guys like him!!!!!!!!!!!

822 days ago


I guess the people of New Jersey likes a guy who walks down the street, telling everybody to F- themselves.
What a baffoon!

822 days ago


Can't wait for the news he had a heart attack, the rude bastard

822 days ago


I remember him being a plain-spoken down to earth guy but not this fat loudmouthed fvck he has become. I think he's got some rage issues going on.

822 days ago

david 183    

He's such a pain in the arse.

822 days ago


Blah, blah, blah, so what, he's a big guy, eating ice cream. So frigging what! As far as politicians, I don't like any of them, they all suck & they're all phony, but I respect Christie because he speaks his mind & doesn't sugar coat things. FWIW, he's my governer, & I didn't vote for him & never would. I just wish more politicians had the decency to be real.

822 days ago


I love how Fat Bastard lambasts the Jersey Shore Cast for acting a fool on the Boardwalks and implores would-be tourists that those MTV Kids are not even real New Jerseyites...real residents don't act like that, down the shore. Well, Mr. Governor? I think, much like that ice cream you were bear-clawing with a Kung Fu grip in that video, you need to eat your words.

822 days ago


I'm glad for his yelling match too, as now his FAT ass will not be a VP nominee, sweet!

822 days ago


What a disgusting man! Totally sickening. Only in the Republican Party could a pig like Christie be looked upon as a leader. He's clearly out-of-control, since he can't reign in his temper any better than his drive for more food.

822 days ago


Gov. Christi was correct to shoo away the dirt bag who would interject anything into an afternoon with one's kids. Unless it's "Good afternoon Gov"

822 days ago


Why is he still governor! He has a terrible attitude and new jersey is a lot messed up than I thought now that I live here I wonder everyday why is he in office... I live in Essex county where it take police two hours to report to a home that is being robbed!!! Terrible!! I don't even want to talk about how he is mistreating the teachers in jersey, I mean that is really sad that he is still in office.

822 days ago


I think most adults would walk away, since antagonizing the person could trigger violence that might spill over to the kids. If the guy got violent and the kids got caught up in the scuffle, would he have regrets then?

822 days ago


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE is a Governor, he IS TERRIFIC, Governor CHRISTIE needs to be
ahhhhh such a FANTASIC sound, if it were
only TRUE!! Boooo 2 "O-Bummm-er" aka
"One-Term-er-Bumm-er"! MAX, MAX, MAX
IS SOOOO HANDSOME!! Raquel is funny, show more of her & LESS of that "jew boy-richard" in he back, who tries- - -tries 2 be funny~NOT! harvey,
stand up, oh u r standing up, u r alway$ tryin' make $$-"jew boy"!!

822 days ago


Boy, it would be GREAT to see him in the White House instead of the anti-American socialist. First Mitt, and then maybe Chris.

822 days ago
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