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'Batman' Shooter

The Killer's Arsenal

7/20/2012 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes used 3 different kinds of guns during his assault on a Colorado movie theater ... including a high power assault rifle.

The Aurora PD says Holmes was in possession of an AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber glock handgun when he was arrested this morning.

Cops say they found another 40 caliber glock in the shooter's car, located right outside the movie theater.

An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon ... capable of firing off hundreds of rounds per minute.

Below is a video of someone demonstrating the firing power of the AR-15 -- a civilian version of the M-16 assault rifle.


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TMZ, get your left wing story an facts straight. An assault rifle is categorized as having automatic fire capability, the civilian AR-15 does not, therefore it is not an assault rifle. And the ones that do are $8000+ and it has to be registered with a $200 tax stamp.

795 days ago


TMZ you have a bunch of damn buffoons writing for you, a SEMI auto Ar15 will NOT shoot hundreds of rounds a minute and that video clearly shows a FULLY automatic rifle... ignorance.

795 days ago


Gun control does not work and is a total FAILURE! We need open carry or concealed carry. If just one person had a gun on him in that theater to protect himself, things might have turned out different. The answer isn't unarmed innocent citizens it is armed citizens to protect themselves from freaks like this guy.

795 days ago


Quit giving this ****er more attention.

795 days ago


TMZ is misleading everyone. I have not come across a police report yet stating he had a fully automatic AR-15 like TMZ is making it out to be.

Chances are it was semi-automatic, meaning one shot for every pull of the trigger vs. fully automatic (multiple shots/ continues firing with one pull of trigger).

Many hunting rifles are also semi-automatic and operate the same way as an AR-15. But because people are uneducated on them and mislead by the media, they see a "black gun" or "military looking" gun and assume its a fully automatic assault rife... even though it operates the same way a semi-auto sporting rifle does... which they are perfectly fine with.

The video they posted is pretty misleading. Sure you can fire x-amount of rounds per minute, but you can with any gun. Its easier if it is fully automatic, but again, I doubt, since I haven't seen it confirmed, that this was a fully automatic rifle.

Before you condemn guns or gun owners or gun rights and call for stricter gun laws, do some research. Criminals are going to get their guns no matter what the laws are. Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens. Criminals don't care about that, they'll go buy guns and smuggle them in from out of the country.

If you don't know anything about guns or think you do but haven't fired one... watch this video:

795 days ago

john johnson    

dam shame this had to happen. but this situation as well as all others involving a gun are situations that can be eliminated if theres a repel of the second amendment. the NRA is the most powerful special interest group in the country. if you breaks their backs, if you hold their feet to the fire, then owning guns and possesing them becomes impossible. all the public school shootings, all the "stand your ground" situations, all the late night clubbing/house party flareups will have a lot of survivors without guns being presently available. i'm angry at this kunclehead but i'm also tired of the families that say something has to be done when the solution was ALWAYS in their face!

795 days ago

Jon Smith    

Um, you can't fire "hundreds of rounds" with a semi-automatic rifle. First, humans can't pull the trigger that fast (1 pull = 1 shot fired) plus, you have to factor in changing mags/reloading.

795 days ago


TMZ should be responsible in what and how they report new information to the public regarding this tragedy. It's sad that people like this killer get such notoriety, when in fact, they should be nameless, faceless and erased from history.

By releasing more and more information TMZ, along with the rest of the media, is glorifying this type of behavior. Detailing his weapons accompanied by images? Shame on you TMZ. There are enough morons with bad ideas out there they don't need you to give them bad ideas to.

795 days ago


An AR-15 semi-automatic will NOT shoot hundreds of rounds a minute. The version shown in the video is an automatic. What a crock.

Let's put the blame where it belongs, this sick twisted individual.

795 days ago


"An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon ... capable of firing off hundreds of rounds per minute."

yet again a complete fail of TMZ.. my god stop talking about firearms if you do not know wtf your talking about..

A AR15 like the one sitting in my safe does not shoot 100's a min.. it only does one round per trigger pull aka semi auto.. its no different than any other semi auto made. A pistol does one bullet per trigger pull also..

A full auto does multiple rounds but thats not a AR15 thats a M16 and that can only be had by people approved by ATF or the Military/Police..

stop sting to make the rifle evil.. it can not do anymore than any pistol as far as the amount of rounds per min..

795 days ago


How did he get all of the weapons, smoke canisters , helmet and bullet proof gear in without being noticed? I am a military vet and gun carrying american. I will carry mine to the theater from on.

795 days ago


I dont understand why civilians have to own assault weapons,do they hunt deer with them?

795 days ago


Assault weapons need to be BANNED. Clips should hole no more than 5 rounds. If you can't shoot an intruder or robber within 5 shots, you should not have a gun to begin with! The NRA is only interested in lining their pockets & the wallets of gun manufacturers. They don't care about liberties, or deaths, they care about CASH. Time to crack down. NOW!

795 days ago


Any moron that thinks a bunch of conceal & carry morons would have saved lives by opening fire in a dark, smoky room is insane. Imagine 3 or 4 carry & conceal "heros" opening fire. Everyone would have been dead. No shots are fired in 95% of bank robberies. All it takes is one "cowboy" to pull his piece and all hell breaks loose & people die. Responsible gun ownership in the home = Good. Idiots with a carry and conceal trying to be a hero = more people dead. The NRA is a fraud that is only concerned about money in their pockets & in the bank accounts of gun manufacturers. They do not care about human life.

795 days ago

Mr. Slick    

An AR-15 is not technically an assault rifle because it doesn't have a fully automatic fire mode. An assault rifle has a fully automatic mode. An AR-15 is only semi automatic.

795 days ago
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