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Christian Bale

'Words Cannot Express the Horror I Feel'

7/21/2012 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Christian Bale
, star of "Dark Knight Rises," just released a statement regarding the massacre in Colorado.

Bale says, "Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them."

His words mirror those of "Dark Knight" director Chris Nolan, who called James Holmes' actions "savage" and "senseless" just yesterday.

Christian co-star Anne Hathaway were seen jetting out of Paris yesterday after a premiere for the film there was cancelled.

Warner Bros. has also cancelled appearances for the cast scheduled in Mexico and Japan.


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Commissioner Gordon: Batman, a new villain has appeared, he call himself the joker, but we think it is a copycat. He have just killed 12 people in a theater last night and wounded 60 others. We think he also set his apartment with explosives, we are in the process of debunking it. he is apprehended and put in jail.

Batman: Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.

802 days ago


Why is everyone involved with the movie making these statements & canceling appearances & altering the trailer, etc.? They are in no way responsible for what happened. This nuts just chose to open fire at a movie theater during that movie. He could have done it anywhere. Why are they canceling movie premieres in Paris?!?!

802 days ago


If you're really sorry, quit taking part in violent movies. When you do that I will believe you. We all have the power to stop this nonsense by not promoting violence. Hope your paycheck was BIG.

802 days ago


and to think, all those people's drugs were just kicking in. can't imagine the horror.

802 days ago


I hate pictures like batman anyway. I never go see them. Too violent and dark for me. I don't need this kind of thing in an already troubled world.

802 days ago


Anyone wanna team up to torture that ******* James Holmes or??

802 days ago


Words are cheap what is Warner Brothers going to do for those people of Aurora Colorado. So far Warner Brothers took there money and gave there hart felt apology. It is not Warner Brothers fault but to honor those who showed up at a midnight showing of there movie and they got nothing in return except a hell of an experience.

802 days ago


Why are people acting like its Warner Bros fault? Um, no. Obviously, James Holmes was mentally crazy & acted on his own. I doubt he would go kill people because of some movie he saw. I'm all for peace too, but acting like its "Batman movies fault" is the stupidest sh!t ive ever heard. If you have a problem with "violent" movies, then simply ignore them or dont watch them. damn

802 days ago


Stupidity has no limits. Buzz you are an *******...

802 days ago


I think there's a some guy in Alaska who hasn't posted how sorry they are that this has happened. I'll try and find his email so he can call into TMZ and we can close the stupid list out!

802 days ago


Christian Bale instead of sending your heart out to them why don't you open your check book and help them out with medical Bills that they may or may not be able to pay for help them with getting phscological help. Words are cheap lets see how your heart goes out to there pain and grief.

802 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Horror he feels? He's just as psychotic as the murderer. How funny. Christian Bale a psycho, this is something he would do as well. I don't know why you white men are so angry and always shooting up schools, malls and now MOVIE THEATERS TOO! WTF is wrong with you whities?

802 days ago

paul a.    

I am against any and all forms of censorship, but these highly paid actors and producers cannot simply wash their hands of any responsibility here. Remember how people jumped on Palin after the shooting in Phoenix? What's different here?

802 days ago

paul a.    

I dont think people are addressing the problem with this movie. It's not just the violence, it is "darkness" of the fantasy world that was being promoted heavily that did this. The evil was the hero. And nuts like Holmes can't distinguish reality from the fantasy

802 days ago


"Words cannot express the horror ...." And....? We all feel awful about this! Howabout - you and the entire cast do something substantive for a change. Like donate the money towards an anti-violence campaign. That's what I thought.

802 days ago
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