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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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Why do they have these stupid polls? How are you suppose to choose between two bad options?

791 days ago


You ppl are out of your flipping miinds..........that is all.

791 days ago

BB not bb    

I hope they don't put those stuid metal detectors in movie theaters now and go rummaging through people's bags. That is just more unnecessary humiliation and trouble over what is meant to be fun. I think people will stop going to the movies then if they have to be inspected like cattle before entering theaters. It is bad enough with the concerts, it does not make you feel safer, and it actaully gives people more license to be rude since they were already inspected and deemed to be not a danger.

Concerts aren't fun any more what with the attitude of the security and I guess the same thing would happen at movies. Soon there will be just armed guards all over in every nook and cranny waiting to feel down your pants and steal out of your bags like the TSA at the airports.

There is some risk to life in general. You are not completely safe anywhwere. Even in the woods you could get attacked by an animal or by the weather. People have to learn to cope and adapt to situations. I think it would be easier to deal with this situation by allowing more people to carry guns, so that they could defend themselves and others in case of a shooting spree like this.

791 days ago


1. In violent movies with evil & brutal villains there should be subtitles every time the villain is on screen: "Dear retarded viewer, this villain does not exist in reality. It's a fictional movie character which is impersonated by a professional trained actor."
2. Semi-automatic weapons should only be sold in liquor stores.
3. Christopher Nolan movies should be banned.
4. Mentally deranged people should not be allowed to watch superhero movies (which would reduce the box office sales down to 5%, but...)
5. Do not sell any weapons or liquor & do not show any super hero & action movies in Colorado

791 days ago


I can't understand why the Batman movies of today have to be so dark, evil and violent.Some people take characters in a movie to another level, by thinking they are "the joker" or whoever. His mother said "you got the right person" and she's a psychiatric nurse. That definitely says something. Also, your questions need changed. May God bless the families of the 70 people with peace. So sad.

791 days ago

Chaps from London    

Typical creepy white guy.

791 days ago


Dedicate movie to the victims.

791 days ago


Hey dumbasses, let's not stop at banning guns . . . Let's just ban EVERYTHING that people can use to hurt themselves and others. knives, multitools, drills, screwdrivers, nail files, knitting needles, sewing needles, forks, shovels, hammers, CARS, airplanes, etc, etc, etc.........

791 days ago


I think you are right, isolation seems to be a biggest factor here especially if it was due to an inability to make friends rather than being a loner by choice. It is possible that lead him to become caught up in satanism or some other extremist doctrine.

791 days ago


FVCK you TMZ, nothing on Sly's kid so you milk this........SICK.

791 days ago


One thing Harvey .. this goes to yesterdays show on the web.

You asked something along the lines of why anyone would want to own an assault rife when you don’t need one.

If you go by that logic why does anyone want to own a car that can do over 120 mph you don’t need to go that fast.
It’s a sport, or if you will a preference, or just because you CAN.

By the way in this country CARS kill (drivers) more people than guns(shooters) do.

791 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

quit showing his face and his name

this is why they do this kind of thing
when is the media ever going to get this ????

791 days ago


Hey tmz you stupid cowards let's say we banned guns right who's going to protect us from intruders or trespassers trying to break into our homes ? And who will protect me or us when the government becomes a tyrant ? Exactly my point you stupid idiots! Just because you support corruption and they give you grant money for your show doesn't mean people are stupid like I said harvey you little skinny gay boy stick to kim k because your committing suicide on this realm you fake jew gay lil boy

791 days ago


Well let's make my comment a little more clear and dedicate the movie to the victims of the shooting and anybody affected by the shooting and have a note at the end of a fund or somthing that is set up. That's all I can think of that might work. The movie is going to be stuck with this shooting for ever

791 days ago

King Daevid MacKenzie    

...when James Madison wrote the Second Amendment in the 18th Century, none of these automatic weapons were even imagined to be possible, let alone accessible. The Second Amendment is a badly-composed antique that itself needs to be amended to incorporate responsibility into the right to bear arms...

791 days ago
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