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James Holmes

Fellow Inmates 'Talking About Killing' Him

7/21/2012 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Recently released inmates at Arapahoe Detention Center in Colorado are saying the only thing the inmates still inside can talk about ... is killing James Holmes ... this according to a new report.

Wayne Medley told the NY Daily News, "All the inmates were talking about killing him. Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It's all they could talk about."

The paper says Holmes is in solitary confinement and was placed on suicide watch. Another inmate, Dima Damalov, told the paper that if Holmes was released into the general population he wouldn't "live to see Monday's court appearance."

A jail employee said Holmes "hasn't shown any remorse" while an unidentified inmate told the paper, "He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards. He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

Holmes is due in court for the first time on Monday. He could face the death penalty if convicted.


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Give the inmate who kills him an early release for good behavior.

803 days ago


Makes me wonder what those noble souls that would kill him are in for.


803 days ago

BB not bb    

I feel like he has no support of friends or family and is just desperate and alone and trying to express himself in any way he can make his point. I think there is alot he could tell a forensic pathologist since he is so intelligent. I think it would be worth it to have people interview him to see what kind of motives he had and it would also help him to calm down and stay in control.

I don't know if jails are about justice and helping people so much as torturing people and stirring them up to hurt and abuse others. They are just basically fortified rat holes. If they start putting him on psych meds for being crazy, no one will ever get to hear what really led up to this. They will just lobotomize him into being a vegetable.

I would like to know what motivates this, but if the facts get out, maybe some people would be implicated who would themselves kill to keep their secrets.

I am guessing that every second is pretty much hell for him right now. I am sure he would love the chance to open up to someone. He did surrender peacefully. He could have had a shoot out to the death if the wanted and taken down some cops.

803 days ago


Well, it's too bad we know about this assassination attempt, because if we know, the prison officials also know, and they will absolutely try to stop it.

803 days ago


I remember him when he worked for TMZ.

803 days ago


Not to worry James. Our justice system will protect you. God knows they protect killers more than real people. Get your health checks and dental work done. It will all be paid for BEFORE YOU DIE.

803 days ago


First of all if this is true these inmates are dumb to tell everyone about the threats. They've just ensured he'll be protected now. Should have kept quiet and let him be put in general population. Second of all if a murderer wants to commit suicide, why do we stop it? The way I see it, suicide would be a great form of justice and sure would save a lot of taxpayer money. Why not throw a rope in his cell and leave it up to him?

803 days ago


Y'all know about Christian Bale's temper - he should be the one to take care of this goon.

803 days ago


One word to anyone in the "Eme". GREENLIGHT......

803 days ago


He looks like Phillip Phillips!!!

@FORTHELULZ you ass most of the people who caused massacres in the world were WHITE you dumb ass!!! Hitler, Stalin....... must I go on!!!!!

803 days ago


of course they want to kill him, this would mean higher status in prison. Don't fool yourself thinking that it is because they care about victims, they are killers too. Inmates wanted also to kill Anders Brevik, Luka Magnotta, Paul Bernardo. Those who killed Jeffrey Dahmer were considered heros and got better status/respect in prison dinamics.

803 days ago

arale norimaki    

a killer clown?

803 days ago


"If convicted" you have got to br kidding. Put his A$$ id general population and let nature take its course. Save the taxpayers millions of dollars in trials and boarding this A Hole

803 days ago


The guy is safer in the Jail under suicide watch than we are at home, plus he gets 3 meals a day,and medical care if needed. and all the Attention his lil sick mind wants.

803 days ago


he should not even live long enough for a god...why a trial..he confessed...just kill him...instead we are feeding him...sad....just sad...!!! make an example of him...and this will never happen again!!!

803 days ago
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