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James Holmes

Reportedly Took Drugs

Before Shooting Spree

7/21/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


James Holmes took Vicodin 2-and-a-half hours before yesterday's shooting rampage ... this according to a new report.

According to KMGH TV in Denver, Holmes took 100 mg of Vicodin late Thursday night. 

Meanwhile a man who lived across the street from Holmes told the NY Post he used to "see him smoking weed behind the apartment." He told the paper, "Nobody ever really talked to him. He was alone a lot."

Holmes remains in custody and is scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 AM on Monday.


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Dan Frederiksen    

a stand up guy...

drugs are bad mkay

these shooters all seem to have serious mental issues. if there are signs maybe it should be mandatory to report. and a guide as to what warning signs look like so the nitwits on the internets don't start reporting everyone they don't agree with

825 days ago


ummm vicodin is half tylenol half hydrocodone or whatever. the small ones are 5/500 which is 5mg of hydrocodone and 500 mgs of tylenol. so to say he had 100mg of vicodin makes no sense. there are 10mg hydrocodone pills, and hes have to take 10 of those the be 100mg of hydrocodone. yeah. so thats funky. he either took barely none, or a whole crapload.

825 days ago


I'm sorry, if you would have said he snorted coke or ate those ****ing bath salts, I'd say there was some connection, but smoking weed wouldn't make someone this crazy, methodical, and violent. It's just more negative propaganda by morons who know nothing about cannabis. When you take vicodin recreationally, it also wouldn't make you do something like this.

You know what makes people do things like this? THERE IS JUST SOMETHING WRONG IN HIS HEAD...that is all. It's not weed, or pain pills.

825 days ago


Go to work on him with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

825 days ago


vicoden is NOT usually 500mgs,thats a crackhead,usual dose is the M360... and I think that is 5mgs...there is also 7.5 and 10,to be take every 4 hours,1000mgs in his system was most likely 10 percocets or a few roxy,either way this guy is gonna be constipated for life in prison

825 days ago


Superglue his balls to a tree and give him a knife. Set the tree on fire then let Holmes decide what he'd like to do.

825 days ago


In my college days I new people that smoked weed and some were creative alternative thinking people but they were not violent people they were mellow

825 days ago

Johnny krofft    

It must have been the weed he smoked. So many violent crimes are committed when people smoke weed and listen to Marilon Manson or other Rock N Roll music. These things must be banned.

825 days ago

vern dufford    

Heather... is right this does not sound factual!

825 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Wow, TMZ, thanks, now it all makes sense. This little tidbit just brings it all together, huh?

825 days ago


oh great another murder like casey anthony who gets rich and famous from killing some one tmz needs to stop reporting these losers

825 days ago


Who cares! His dad should walk up and slit his throat. Law enforcement should have killed him, now he will drain our economy even more. He thought everything out, boobied trapped his place (experts puzzled). He is not crazy and hopefully will not be in a state hospital. He is evil. Period.

825 days ago


Let's go ahead and omit the part about the weed. Weed makes people eat cupcakes and sleep not commit violent crimes.

825 days ago


I think he have problem with his heache.

825 days ago


First of all, VICODIN does not come in 100mg or 500mg dosages!!! It comes in 5, 7.5, 10 mg. The first number is the narcotic, the second is the amount of tylenol. So a 5/500 is 5 mg of Vicodin and 500mg of tylenol.
Second, I have NEVER seen anyone get VIOLENT after taking Vicodin. it is one of THE MOST PRESCRIBED meds in this country in general, let alone for pain.
Get your facts straight before reporting! Yes 100MG of Vicodin is quite a bit,(see above for conversion chart TMZ) but it would not make one go shoot a movie theatre full of people!!!

825 days ago
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