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James Holmes


In Colorado Court

7/23/2012 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Dark Knight" shooter James Holmes appeared in court moments ago ... sporting red-orange hair ... a red jumpsuit ... and a very bizarre demeanor.

Holmes was informed he will be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER for killing 12 people in a Colorado movie theater on Friday.  The formal charges are expected to be filed soon.

Holmes appeared sedated in court -- constantly opening his eyes widely ... and then appearing to doze off while the judge was speaking.

At one point, he began to blink wildly. 

Holmes did not say a word during the hearing.

The judge informed Holmes that he will be kept in custody on a no-bail hold due to the egregious nature of the crimes he's been accused of committing.

Holmes has been forbidden from contacting any of the victims or their families.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers addressed the media outside of the courthouse ... and said prosecutors have NOT decided if they will pursue the death penalty.

Prosecutors also said they do not know if Holmes was on any kind of medication during the hearing.

Prosecutors believe Holmes' trial won't start until a year from now.


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Miz Val    

Playing the crazy card is not going to work in this case .You knew exactly what you were doing .Wanna play crazy? Strap him in the electric chair , tell him it's the new ride at Disneyland, and pull the switch!

787 days ago


That's not bizarre behavior. That 's drug withdrawal. Coming off Vicoden especially can lead to a huge drop in awareness and can cause confusing depression. That's what I see.

787 days ago

Ur Over & Done With    

I didn't think Holmes acted any weirder than that idiot baliff that was standing up making weird, kooky faces and motions while the judge was reading his order. What the hell is that guy on?!

787 days ago


Dude is just tired. How is this strange behavior? Have you never been tired in class before?

787 days ago


You can have all the gun control you want, but until there are REAL consequences for behaviors like this, then you can guarantee that it will happen again. Now we all get to keep this poor excuse of a human being alive while we make sure to exercise his constitutional rights. What about the rights of the victims?? I was always taught that your rights end at my nose. This country is headed in a sad, sad direction and while everyone is busy being PC, our quality of life is diminishing right before our eyes.

787 days ago


Probably coming down off the high he had. I read he took a LOT of Vicodin a few hours before he went to the movie theater.

787 days ago


Of course he looks that way. They probably have him so high on sedatives that he can't think straight. But it's legal to drug them into a state of being weird. Not defending him, just saying stop with the stupid headlines. What did you expect him to look like?

787 days ago


I saw how lethargic he looked and am wondering if it has something to do with the Temporal Illusion he was studying? It suggests laps in time which is what he was experiencing in court. With that, fry the bastard.

787 days ago


He is doped up

787 days ago


They should put him in a dark movie theatre and give all the victims guns so he can die knowing excatly how they felt trying to get out when he trapped them like mice in a dark cage.

787 days ago


I am wondering if his lethargic behavior in cout is due to him studying Temporal Illusions? I read what it entails and it says laps in time which is what he was doing in court. So he might not have been medicated. With that, fry the bastard.

787 days ago


His lawyer will obviously go for an insanity plea, which means the case will drag out as long as possible with Holmes acting out the part. He has been instructed by his counsel to keep his mouth shut...the only chance he has. And even so, his lawyers will attempt to get him put away in an institution for life. It's not about his recent actions, it's about the law. Justice is an illusion.

787 days ago


This gut needs to die, or be tortured ASAP!!!

787 days ago


I say we treat him like a terrorist and get rid of him! Make him disappear! He killed innocent people. S***BAG!!!

787 days ago


has the vidoe started yet

787 days ago
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