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James Holmes' Family


7/23/2012 12:52 PM PDT UPDATED: 7/23/2012 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Holmes' family stands by their son -- this according to the family's lawyer.

The lawyer spoke moments ago during a new conference in San Diego -- and when asked if James' family supports him, the lawyer replied, "Yes, they do. He's their son."

The Holmes' family lawyer addressed the media to clarify a recent ABC report, in which James' mother Arlene allegedly identified her son as the mass murderer, saying, "You have the right person."

The lawyer read a statement on Arlene's behalf -- claiming Arlene had replied "You have the right person" in reference to herself ... when the reporter asked if she was Arlene Holmes, mother of James Holmes.

Arlene's statement continues, "At this time, we will not be discussing James and his relationship to the family."

As for the original report -- ABC News says it stands by its story.


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I have two sons. If either of my boys did this I would disassociate myself, go into hiding and live with the guilt that I did something wrong with my parenting. This just breaks my heart that this family is "CALLING A PRESS CONFERENCE" in light of what's transpired. How about stop and think, your son is alive and facing only jail, maybe the death penalty, in the meantime, your son, on that night became judge, jurer and executor to a group of innocent people.

824 days ago


"The lawyer read a statement on Arlene's behalf -- claiming Arlene had replied "You have the right person" in reference to herself ... when the reporter asked if she was Arlene Holmes, mother of James Holmes."

Well, obviously a simple answer of "yes" must have evaded her. I think in the months to come...we're gonna find out just how f*cked up this whole family really is. There's an old axiom, "As the limb is bent, so grows the tree."

824 days ago


Stand by his side and watch him Rot in prison where the sick F#$@ needs to be.....

824 days ago


They are doing what I'd do. They love their son.

824 days ago


My prayers go out to everyone who has been effected by this tragedy including his parents. No matter how good a parent you are there is no predicting how your children turn out. The parents should be left alone.

824 days ago


So all that was just because the mom didn't want us to dislike her so much it seems. hmmmmm, didn't work, still not fond of the woman. It would have been better if she apologized to the familys for what they are going through or something after clarifying on the phone conversation.

Maybe her being so concerned with how she is viewed, instead of what other people are going through is where he got this narcissism from.

824 days ago


I'm just trying to decide if the public defender is hot or not. What d' ' ya think?

824 days ago


That is disgusting. If i would be parrent of this man, I would just say: You are on your own from now on..

824 days ago


I feel for those parents I am happy to hear her clarify her statement. I wish the best for the survivors and their families.

RIP victims

824 days ago

There's a problem here    

Of course they stand by him (whether they said that or not). He's their child. If one of my kids committed a crime, God forbid a crime of such magnitude, I could hate what they did and hate whatever part of them caused it to happen but they'd still be my child.

824 days ago


Poor genetic made him and poor genetics will support him.

824 days ago


How horrible to wake up one morning into a nightmare. Can you imagine the first thing you hear is that your child has done something like this?

824 days ago


Foe all you puzzues out there condemning his are fools....any parent in their right mind would stand by their kids...its a bond that is too strong for any parent to break...I do feel for his parents..they will be judged by thier sons actions from most low lifes here....Yes say all you want about James, but his parents are not involved in matter what you think...their son is the cullprit here not them and I;m sure they are reeling all this in and with tons of guilt anfd remorse even if their kid isnt. THEY ARE PARENT..and I remember my mom saying to us that she will stand by us no matter what...its that parental bond. They didnt do the shooting...he did!

824 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Of course white devils stick together! They raised this sick fck! I wouldn't be surprised if his daddy touched him inappropriately when he was a child. Sickos.

824 days ago


I can't blame them for standing by their son. They are barely finding out what happened just like the rest of us. I'll pray for them just like I'm praying for the families of the victims.

824 days ago
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