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James Holmes Massacre

First Lawsuit

7/24/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes mug shotOne of the victims in the James Holmes mass murder spree has lawyered up and plans to file a lawsuit ... because he feels the theater dropped the ball in a very fatal way.

Torrence Brown, Jr. was in Century 16 Theater when Holmes let loose.  One of Brown's best friends, A.J. Boik, was shot in the chest and died.  Brown, who was not physically injured, claims to now suffer from extreme trauma.

Brown has hired attorney Donald Karpel to rep him.  Karpel tells TMZ ... he is targeting 3 defendants.

1.  The theater.  Karpel claims it was negligent for the theater to have an emergency door in the front that was not alarmed or guarded.  It's widely believed Holmes entered the theater with a ticket,  propped the emergency door open from inside, went to his car and returned with guns.

2.  Holmes' doctors.  Karpel says it appears Holmes was on several medications -- prescribed by one or more doctors --  at the time of the shooting and he believes the docs did not properly monitor Holmes.

3.  Warner Bros.  Karpel says "Dark Knight Rises" was particularly violent and Holmes mimicked some of the action.  The attorney says theater goers were helpless because they thought the shooter was part of the movie.  Karpel tells TMZ, "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."


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Suing Warner Brothers? Really? Dude - you paid for your ticket. You knew which movie you were going to watch. The violence in movies & games blame game is a little old and played out. Some people are just nucking futs, and innocent people end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Warner Brothers is not played out. Doctors are not responsible for the behaviour of their patients.

759 days ago


Warner Brothers is not played out? WTF. I need to read what I type. I meant that Warner Brothers is not to blame. Oops!

759 days ago


So this attorney is going to sue Warner Bros because the movie was violent? Wasn't this the movie premier? How did they know it was violent if no one had seen it yet? If his client knew it was violent and went anyway, seems to me it's his clients fault. And the idiot wasn't hurt so I'm failing to see what the damages are. How does he know Holmes was on several medications?

759 days ago


I feel sorry for this guy for going through such a heinous event, but seriously... sueing??? NOT the movie theaters fault, NOT the doctors faults, NOT the fault of WB.
Good lord what an idiot.

759 days ago


oh give me a break! what a freakin mooch. just after some free money. he didnt even get hurt and wants some cash already?! lazy a$$whip. and how the hell can you complain about violent movies when you bought a ticket to go see the movie?! man these people make me sick. i hope the case gets thrown out and the judge makes him pay all the other party's attorneys fees. bum.

759 days ago


"Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence"

It is really nonsense to link those crimes to ONE aspect or result. Our society is completely schizo.

One the one hand you are confronted with real pervert cruelty, brutal & evil beyond belief against humans, animals and nature, on the other hand you learn, that nobody seems to be able to stop it.

So you have to arrange yourself with the facts: push it to the back of your mind and get schizo to some degree OR get aggressive and live in your own fantasy world where you are able to destroy everything and everyone that you hate.

Then some media or video games might help you to lower your inhibition level to a point where real killing becomes an option.

I decided to become schizo a long time ago...

759 days ago


By his reasoning he should be suing himself -- for buying a ticket and supporting the very movie violence he's now suing Warner Brothers for promoting.

759 days ago

Wishbone could get a job and EARN money like the rest of us. Try that Torrence. All the bow ties money can buy!

759 days ago


Oh I get it. The Warner Brothers part isn't about a lawsuit or even a settlement. The next thing this guy is going to do is whine and complain that Warner Brothers isn't voluntarily forking money over to everyone at the theater -- and TMZ will run it too to try to guilt trip the company into doing just that.

759 days ago


This idiot and the attorney need to be removed from the gene pool.

759 days ago

JENN sorry but its not the movie theater or warner bros fault for this guy to decide to shoot up a theater... they were not holding the guns. this guy is plain insane..its his brain noones elses...and wtf...suing warner bros cuz the movie is violent...HELLO!! obviously not to violent cuz you were sitting in the movie theater waiting to watch it....he is out for money..anyone else would be so severely traumatized that they would not even think to file a lawsuit days after....disgusting!

759 days ago


If Obama had a son he would like Torrence!

759 days ago


Well from the arguments presented, it's obvious that this guy is too stupid to work for a living so this is his opportunity to cash out on life. Too bad it's not going to work.

759 days ago


Something that I've been thinking about is the design of newer movie theaters. They are stadium seating with typically no exits at the top and then a long hall way along the sides blocked by wall so you have to walk down and around to get out. The last movie my husband and I went to see, it was reserved seating and we got unlucky with seats in the very front row. This is a horrible tragedy and I'd be traumatized too if I were in the movie theater and survived.

759 days ago


How can you sue the movie company? This guy suing was not forced to go see the movie, he knew it would be violent. It looks like someone trying to make blood money

759 days ago
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