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James Holmes Massacre

First Lawsuit

7/24/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes mug shotOne of the victims in the James Holmes mass murder spree has lawyered up and plans to file a lawsuit ... because he feels the theater dropped the ball in a very fatal way.

Torrence Brown, Jr. was in Century 16 Theater when Holmes let loose.  One of Brown's best friends, A.J. Boik, was shot in the chest and died.  Brown, who was not physically injured, claims to now suffer from extreme trauma.

Brown has hired attorney Donald Karpel to rep him.  Karpel tells TMZ ... he is targeting 3 defendants.

1.  The theater.  Karpel claims it was negligent for the theater to have an emergency door in the front that was not alarmed or guarded.  It's widely believed Holmes entered the theater with a ticket,  propped the emergency door open from inside, went to his car and returned with guns.

2.  Holmes' doctors.  Karpel says it appears Holmes was on several medications -- prescribed by one or more doctors --  at the time of the shooting and he believes the docs did not properly monitor Holmes.

3.  Warner Bros.  Karpel says "Dark Knight Rises" was particularly violent and Holmes mimicked some of the action.  The attorney says theater goers were helpless because they thought the shooter was part of the movie.  Karpel tells TMZ, "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."


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As we Canadians say about litigious Americans.... U love to sue! Point proven here.

822 days ago


damn disgrace to the race, what a low life

822 days ago


This story absolutely angers me! This person - Torrence is a money hungry bastard! I understand if you think it is necessary to sue someone, then that is your right, but why are you suing Warner Bros exactly? Because it was violent. Well you paid money to see that violent movie, so how is that at all a reason to sue? You need to be thankful you weren't hurt and stop trampling on those that lost their lives because you want a couple bucks!

822 days ago


What a disgusting human being. The first victim has not even been buried and this greedy person who was not injured wants money. He is probably applying for the monetary assistance Obama promised. What an A--hole.

822 days ago


SERIOUSLY???????? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! This guy is a greedy pig off of misfortune

822 days ago


This person is a jerk. Talk abou profiting from tragedy. Noone is even put to rest yet and he already has a lawyer and he wasnt even shot. it's people like him that are ruining the economy. He should be thankful his friend is alive and he wasnt hurt. How does he know at this early time that he stress is an ongoing thing. Of course he is tramatized, but he should give it a while and then file his frivilous suit. LOSER HOPE YOU GET NTHING

822 days ago

Darlene Bishop    

That's good... people are murdered and before the funerals are held someone is trying to get money out of the situation. Only in America.

822 days ago


This tragedy is a black man's lottery.

822 days ago


"Karpel tells TMZ, "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."

How about the people that CHOOSE to go!!! I can support the suit against the theater, but thats all.

822 days ago

Mason H    

Brown suffers from a serious case of "get rich quick-itous". Everyone else sues to get rich, why shouldn't he. Who cares that other people died and he walked away unscathed? Why should he have to work for a living? What a self entitled douche-bag trying to make money off of other peoples suffering and he couldn't even wait until the bodies were cold to do it!

822 days ago


Mr. Brown is only doing this for money. Not because he gives a damn about his dead friend. Not because of the movie or the violence. Someone has to pay for that girl to eat. First off, the movie theater would have violations from the fire Marshall if it was to be alarmed or guarded and not. The emergency door is there for a emergency, which would have bought up the lights. The fact that it was propped open does not do anything but mean Holmes wanted a way out. WB does movies, millions of them and make money doing it. They know what sells. Why did not one person speak out about any other of the batman movies before this creep did? Because he wants a piece of their pie too. More food for his girlfriend. The PTSD that he is talking about takes MONTHS before he can can have diagnostic issues and or treated for. He can have dreams but come on, he himself just showed his hand as greedy bastard. (and totally fugly just like his girlfriend.)

822 days ago


What a disgusting loser!

822 days ago


Some people are just discusting!

822 days ago


People are responsible for their own actions. Don't take advantage of a horrible situation, you weren't even injured.

822 days ago


Leave it to a black family, who wasn't even hurt in the massacre, to be the first to file a lawsuit. Don't you just love this country?

822 days ago
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