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Michael Jackson Estate

Executors Support Temp

Guardian for MJ's Kids

7/24/2012 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The executors of Michael Jackson's estate will go to court to support a move for a temporary guardian for Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has learned ... papers are being drafted by the lawyer for someone who will ask the probate judge in the Estate case for the temporary guardianship. We do not know the identity of that person, however, we are told the Estate is drafting legal docs supporting the temporary guardianship.

We're told the person seeking the temporary guardianship is also filing legal docs claiming Katherine Jackson -- who is currently the legal guardian of MJ's 3 kids -- has been effectively kidnapped by Michael's siblings, and as a result they are without supervision.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the executors feel responsible for protecting the kids ... since the kids are the primary beneficiaries of their father's estate. As such, the executors will support a temporary guardian for the kids.

As we previously reported, Katherine went off the radar more than a week ago leaving her grandkids behind as Janet, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Tito executed a long-standing plan to convince Katherine that Michael's will was a fraud and the executors had to go.

Sources tell us ... this plan has been in the works for months, but here's the problem ... Even if the will was invalidated, MJ's brothers and sisters would get zilch because the prior will also gives them nothing.

And, although we're told Randy wants to make a move to replace the executors, that would never happen. First of all, the executors will not be removed. And second, even if they were removed, the court would never appoint someone with no background in finances.

We're told there will not be a court hearing today on a temporary guardianship, but it could happen in the next few days.


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Paul J. Wallin    

Jackson Family May Need to File for Conservatorship over MJ’s Mom and for Custody Modification over his Children

There appears to be a major issue brewing within the Jackson family as it relates to the assets of the Jackson estate and to whether Katherine Jackson is capable of handling her affairs. Michael Jackson’s mother has legal custody of his three children.

This latest altercation may have something to do with whether or not she is capable of continuing as the legal custodian of the three minor children. If this is the case, family members may consider filing for “conservatorship” over Katherine Jackson. This could be motivated by the financial desires of the family members.

In addition, the family could go to court and file for a child custody modification asking the court to award the child custody of Michael’s children to another family member.

This is an ongoing legal battle and the latest sad commentary on the life of Michael Jackson and how his family is attempting to cope with his loss, as well as with the financial and “legal custody” issues that have arisen in the Jackson family since his unfortunate death.

Wallin & Klarich
Paul J. Wallin

800 days ago


they already reported that tito's 34 yr old son TJ was the one who filed the motion to obtain guardianship!!! people need to get up off of Katherine. Michael knew that his siblings would make this a free for all as they are doing NOW!!! praying for those kids cause they are in it for the long haul!!!

800 days ago

dj gunter    

well they r his adopted kids i think they should investigate the excutors. now outer no where here they come talking about pertecting those kids thats bull they probley had something to do with his death his mother can take care of all money money thats all they want to do is get their hands on MJ, money with their greety asses.please leave his mother alone and let her do what she think is right for the kids they her grand children.get out of their lives.all people do is sit back and try to figuer out how to get in other people pockets and that a shame.god bless the jackson family.

800 days ago

Wacko Sucks    

First he dyed his hair white. Next he adopted white kids then didn't give his real family a dime. Slave for the white man, embarrassment

800 days ago


Off topic but...I'm looking at a picture of three white kids. LOL @ anyone who disputes the fact that they have no genetic connection to MJ whatsoever.

800 days ago


Are you guys not seeing the real picture....Janet nor any of the other Jackson's need money!!! They are trying to save this bad as entitled generation of bad kids!!! These kids are using twitter, and social media to make their family look bad. But the truth probably is those kids are doing whatever they want being under the supervision of an elderly woman who can't keep up w/ them. I definitely don't think this is about money

800 days ago


Kids please take care of yourselves and know that the public is fully behind you in keeping you safe from the jackson vultures

800 days ago


"Finally, thank God" all are hopeless! Right after MJ dies everyone was screaming out how the will was a fake! Now they are looking into it and your still not happy!
So blind to the possibility that John and John are trying to completely get rid of the Jackson's all together ( and they know you all will believe anything) and keep the money for them selves. The 3 children are over the top priceless! They will be of age soon to have more say in their own finances and Branca could very well be starting the "Grooming" of the kids to brainwash them to get control over their money in the future. They are too naive to know anything! This happens all the time in Hollyweird, parents, or people who have custody, most always take the kids money!
You wait and see what the future holds, the kids will be hooked on drugs and not know left form right after these two John's get custody! It is all wrong no matter how bad the Jackson brothers may be or seem to be. Who knows maybe the REAL WILL says the opposite! MJ may have been very angry with his siblings,but I still have a hard time believing he would leave them ALL out of his will....even Janet and Rebbie? Makes no sense!
Stop falling for it all! The Jackson's are still part of MJ!

800 days ago


I am convinced that Debby Rowe has no biological connect to Prince or Paris. Blanket (I hate calling him that) does bare a resemblence to Michael! I feel if Debbie was the biological parent to Prince and Paris, she would get off of her horse in Palmdale and see what the hell was going on with her kids!

799 days ago


The executors of Michael Jackson's estate will go to court to support a move for a temporary guardian for Michael's 3 kids.

They should have done this much sooner.

I hope their mother becomes their temporary guardian,they will be better off with her than anyone else.

799 days ago


No. 1 -- Joe and Katherine Jackson did not teach their children responsibility. The children, except for Michael, are disgustingly trifling. At least Joe tried to teach Jackie how to dig ditches when they were young boys, according to that biological film about them.

No. 2 -- Michael realized at a very young age that he was the only one pulling the weight, in terms of talent. When Jermaine got married that first time to Gordy and turned his back on the family group, Michael was finished with him. According to that biological film, Michael begged Jermaine not to turn his back on them, but he did anyway. I can't stomach Jermaine.

No. 3 -- When Michael had his Will drawn up he knew very well that he wanted to exclude all family members, with the exception of his mother to care for his children. His biological family did nothing but hurt him all of his life, according to the film about them. I don't blame him.

No. 4 -- Katherine is f*cking up by allowing all of those family members to occupy the home that Michael's estate provided for his children. That is totally unfair and unjustifiable. Katherine is too weak to tell her sorry azz grown children to get a f*cking job. She needs to be stripped of guardianship, from the way it appears.

No. 5 -- Michael was a smart businessman and his Will is iron clad, which is good on him. His children will be fine, because their father was a good businessman. I've lost every bit of respect I've ever had for Michael Jackson's biological family.

799 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

First off, MJ must have knew he didn’t have long to live and “his ways” would catch up with him. How else could someone reasonably (then again it was MJ) expect a woman of her age to take care of three kids? Considering the family involved, we all expected there to be power struggles for the money, the kids being a big ticket item as part of it all.

What a wonderful family:
- Pedophile (actually Hebaphile)
- Child abusers
- Wife swappers
- Deadbeat dads
- Addicts
- People with serious mental problems
- Grifters
- Morons
- Opportunists
- Loafers
- Leaches
- Freaks
- And on and on

If it was anyone else, child protective services would be involved. What kicked this all off can certainly be considered abandonment. If you left three kids with a babysitter and disappeared for over a week without them (kids and caretakers) knowing where you went or when/if you’d be back, you bet there would be consequences. The simple act of the names chosen for them (yes, I know Blanket is a nickname) was child abuse.

The best thing for those kids, aside from keeping them off the internet, is to break ties with the family completely. They should be sent to live with the biological mothers that they were purchased from.

This is just a countdown to failure for those kids.

798 days ago
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