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Marlon, Tito, Jackie Jackson

Unlike Jermaine & Randy

We're NOT Money Grubbers

7/25/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725_tito_randy_jermaine_marlon_jackie_gettyUnlike Randy and Jermaine Jackson ... Marlon, Tito, and Jackie have NEVER tried to suckle from the teat of the Michael Jackson estate -- this according to well informed sources.

We're told the financial motives of Randy and Jermaine have splintered the family -- because the other siblings have refused to ask the estate for a handout since Michael died.

If anything, the factionalization shows how sharply divided the family has become after being left out of Michael's will.

As for TJ's new role as temporary guardian of MJ's kids -- we're told Tito, Marlon, and Jackie fully support the court's decision.


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Wait untilt these kids become of age and inherit millions. These people will REALLY be after them then. I hope the Jackson kids don't have access to that money before the age of 30-35. Any younger than that and they are likely to blow it or fall under the infulence of people (like the Jackson family) who would love to seperate these kids from their money.

I fear for these kids. Lisa Marie Presley inherited a lot of money but she had her mother to keep her grounded. These kids have nobody but Katherine Jackson who is in her '80's and is dependent on MJ's money herself.

819 days ago


yea right . . . wasn't it Randy and Jermaine that was trying to get the estate to pay their back child support (as they do everything else?)

819 days ago


The black Kardashians

819 days ago


It figures it is the 2 brothers who owe the most child support attempting to be underhanded. Didn't Randy marry Jermaine's leftovers? Damaged goods, all of them!

819 days ago


It is all about the money with all of them. Greedy deadbeats.

819 days ago


You know your family is screwed up when La Toya comes off as the only sane one!

819 days ago


While I don't normally condone the language that came out of 14 year old Paris Jackson due to her age, who can blame the poor kid. She was attacked along with her brothers in the driveway of what was suppose to be a safe place for them to live. Girl's got chutzpah!

819 days ago


If Michael had no children, he would, in his will, give some to his mother, but all the rest he would've given to charity. After his mother's death, he would've wanted everything to go to charity.
He knew his siblings and parents would start fighting about his $$$ if he didn't outlive them all. Not that they weren't after his money when he was still alive.

819 days ago


Tell them to STFU. They are ALL AFTER MONEY. They have made that perfectly clear and they are not fooling anyone. They are only semi-backing off because of the press.

819 days ago


Is Jermaines hair painted on or something?

819 days ago


They're all bad but I think the real villain in this mess is Janet. What a disgusting fat pig she turned out be.

819 days ago

M. Jones    

Plastic people.

819 days ago


There are many sides to a story and then there is the truth. I bet when Katherine Jackson gets back to LA some heads are going to roll! I am sure she will get things straightened out & it appeared on Nightline tonight that Janet almost was in tears over this negative situation and the impact it is having on her mother. I feel for Katherine Jackson in her eighties having to deal with this mess. I am sure it is very embarrassing for her, as well as the Jackson family. I think Janet, Randy, Tito, Rebbie and Jermaine may have removed Katherine from the home as they knew the media coverage would be difficult with challenging the executors. Michael complained of the media spin all the time as I am also sure Katherine probably already needed a long break from daily drama & was tired of dealing with the constant issues of estate. I believe she didn't want to be in town when the will was contested because if it was viewed that she was involved . . . . she would lose everything. I pray for all the Jackson family and hope they pull together as a united front despite the obstacles they face with the executors. As Michael would say, "'Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.' I also don't believe Janet would jeopardize her career unless there is substantial evidence to support the claims against the executors as she is too smart of a lady and business woman who has experienced both positive and negative aspects of the entertainment industry and only trying to protect Paris. I feel for this family as they go through this difficult time and may Heavenly Father provide them the protection and guidance to move forward with their claims and hope truth will be revealed with the greater good for all.

819 days ago


Those white kids are in danger. Are child protective authorities at all engaged?

818 days ago


I still would not trust them!!!

818 days ago
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