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Katherine Jackson


Returns to L.A.

7/25/2012 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's conspiratorial siblings couldn't withstand the onslaught of bad publicity ... because Randy Jackson just revealed that his mother Katherine is finally returning to L.A. -- proof the Jackson scheme has completely fallen apart.

Katherine has been holed up in Arizona for the past 10 days ... after she was effectively kidnapped by Randy and several other Jackson siblings in what appears to be a scheme to pressure Katherine to try and overthrow the executors of the Michael Jackson estate.

But moments ago, Randy -- the family ringleader -- appeared on "Good Morning America" ... and announced his mother was finally coming home ... just one day after Tito BAILED on the plot.

It's unclear if this will affect TJ Jackson's plan to seek temporary guardianship of MJ's kids.


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These kids need to get their own attorney and file for emancipation. Get the hell as far away from this freak show as possible.

823 days ago


Janet didnt slap Paris TMZ are liars!

823 days ago


Janet didnt slap Paris TMZ are liars!

823 days ago


I am an Aunt to many nieces and nephews.
I cannot imagine myself, ever, approaching one of my young FAMILY members in the manner the some of the Jackson clan did with their FAMILY members, especially ones that have already had some much loss and transition in the life. God Bless All Our Families.

823 days ago


NO wonder why MJ kept those kids under wraps. Talk about family values being screwed up. I'm sure he has rolled over three times in his grave, and Janet is pizzed beyond belief.

823 days ago


There definitely needs to be another guardian appointed to at least co-guardian with Katherine because she's getting too old to do it alone. There needs to be someone in place to take over if she dies or really does become unable to be guardian. This episode shows that she is not able to withstand the influence or actions of anybody who may have nefarious intentions. She herself needs a guardian.

823 days ago


I think TMZ is reporting this story completely wrong. I don't think his siblings want his money. What evidence shows that thats true? TMZ please explain why Janet is involved? she is not hurting for money. I think the siblings " kidnapped" their mom because she was being controlled by the people in charge of mike's estate. They are the controlling ones not the siblings. Someone needs to get Paris off twitter. Just becuase she's tweeting doesn't mean what she's saying is true. She's what 14 or 15? Wasn't it being reported that Janet was upset that Paris was being allowed to be in a movie. I think we all know Mike would not want that. TMZ sucks . very one sided, all based on harvey's perception and dislike for the jackson siblings

823 days ago


I really do not know what to say? Is it wrong to wonder why MJ let them live off of his debts? For heavens sake he had no money (upon death) so the Jackson's and there baby mamas (which could have been up to 3@ a time) all lived in that mansion. No one worked It is beyond weird, Janet was the only one with her own money , and it seems as if she is as cuckoo as the rest when all is said and done. No comment on her hitting someone because I know nothing about it. Is it just me, or was MJ so messed up from drugs that he did not see reality? his mom was to old to take care of his 'will' along time ago, why didn't he go to a reputable bank or attorneys and make them his conservators if something where to happen.Lets face it, his Mom still lived with Daddy a man who is in need of a hospital.No one in that family should of had anything to do with his kids either. And the show goes on.

823 days ago


You know, that was a very effective way to find out who's surrounding them, and how the family is going to react if she were no longer around all of the sudden?!

823 days ago


Who Cares!

823 days ago

mj fan forever    

OThe JAcksos-delinqunts plot has fallen but they remain greedy people hungy for money willing to do anything for money and they showed it widely!!! She would have had to never accept to leave alone Michael's children in the frist place!!! And Tito's son-part of the plot is absolutely a nobody in Michael's children's life!!!

823 days ago


I told you so!!!!!!!! I knew this bitch would appear once she knew her allowance was in jeopardy of being seriously reduced.

823 days ago

mj fan forever    

All of them are hungry for money, included greedy unnatural mother Katherine who also showed widely!!!!!

823 days ago


Just turn guardianship over to TJ. Katherine is in no shape to take care of 2 teens and a pre-teen much less all of the kids that she's left in charge of. I don't understand where MJ's siblings or their wives are at that they ALL leave their kids in the care of an 80+ yr old woman! I can guarantee you if she's the only adult in charge of all those kids, then YES, the kids are running that show and MJ's brothers/sisters have no one to blame but themselves for how poorly they may be acting!

823 days ago

mj fan forever    

Hungry for money and willing to do anyhting for money!! They are nothing but a bunch of delinquents parasites leeches!!!!

823 days ago
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