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Katherine Jackson


Returns to L.A.

7/25/2012 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's conspiratorial siblings couldn't withstand the onslaught of bad publicity ... because Randy Jackson just revealed that his mother Katherine is finally returning to L.A. -- proof the Jackson scheme has completely fallen apart.

Katherine has been holed up in Arizona for the past 10 days ... after she was effectively kidnapped by Randy and several other Jackson siblings in what appears to be a scheme to pressure Katherine to try and overthrow the executors of the Michael Jackson estate.

But moments ago, Randy -- the family ringleader -- appeared on "Good Morning America" ... and announced his mother was finally coming home ... just one day after Tito BAILED on the plot.

It's unclear if this will affect TJ Jackson's plan to seek temporary guardianship of MJ's kids.


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Notice how Randy NEVER answered the questions asked. Instead he kept deflecting and saying everyone else is causing the problems. I hope someone will clue Katherine in to what has transpired and which of her children are responsible!

790 days ago


2 choices.

1. Mama Jackson went ran away from her responsibilities as their guardians, UNFIT needs to lose custody,

2 Randy Kidnaped her, Randy needs to go to Jail.

790 days ago


I am so sick of Jackson family trolls saying Paris and twitter are the problem. Thank goodness these children had a way to expose the bad actions of these family thugs.

790 days ago

Wow ...    

It isn't about the money? Then why are you arguing the will is invalid???? What a contradiction!!!

790 days ago


The Jackson kidnapping extortion plot has failed for now and they are bringing Katherine back because of all the bad publicity and they don't want Katherine to lose the $70,000 a month from MJ's estate.

790 days ago

Wow ...    

DId you all notice how he once again, declared that house "OUR HOME". We were denied access to our home???? No, this isn't your house...It belongs to your mother and MJ's children.

790 days ago

the will    

WE DON'T F@$&ING CARE!!! Care about Micheal's kids, yes. Care about this circus, HELL NO !!! Chad Everett passed away. What did you all have yesterday afternoon, The Wacko Jacko Circus!!! And someone is getting a divorce!

790 days ago

XpLzT Xpl0rAtioN    

either way she ABANDONED the kids...take them and let her live in poverty like she did BEFORE mj made them all rich!

790 days ago


The Jackson siblings all need the Trayvon Martin treatment.

790 days ago


she was willed 40% of the MJ estate until she dies, so she will get paid if she keep the kids or not! lets keep the facts right!!! kids or no kids Mrs. jackson portion 40% is worth roughly 400 million dollars! so she don't have to deal with them brats to get paid

790 days ago


I'm confused as to why Katherine would not know something was wrong by not being in contact with the children for 10 days???????? This family's picture is beside the word disfunctional in the dictionary. How sad that all the concern for the children during the early days of MJ's passing is now about money. Place the children with someone that truly cares for them and not MJ's dynasty, if that person exist.

790 days ago


what sucks is i fear now she is running back and they will have some bullShizz story about her not hving phones or whatever and things will remain status quo for now with her in charge but behind the scenes the fam will still be trying to get the money. I wish the court would really act and take away all access but i just dont see them being that way . I hope i am wrong and i hope there is more evidence and investigation going on that we dont know about. Love to see them all exposed without any doubts of what went down but not holding my breath.

790 days ago


I hope Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie are no longer allowed in Katherine's life, or the children's lives. And if Randy was indeed the planner of this ridiculous kidnapping, and is considered the family spokesman, the family may want to pick a more respected person for the job--because he is done. He's a fool.

790 days ago


Who would have thought Michael was the good one of this bunch.

790 days ago


no saying she gets 40 percent is not true 1) when she dies it all goes back to the estate/kids and 2) she only gets an allowance- not the whole 40percent..and 3) her current allowance was only this big because she also took care of kids. if seh loses kids she will be provided for until her death but not nearly as much money .

790 days ago
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