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TJ Jackson

The Perfect Guardian

For Michael Jackson's Kids

7/25/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just appointed TJ the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids and suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship.

There's a reason TJ Jackson had a lawyer prepare legal papers to make him the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's kids -- he has already partially assumed that role ... and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval.

TMZ broke the story ... TJ became alarmed when Katherine Jackson -- the current legal guardian -- disappeared for more than a week. 

Jackson sources tell us ... TJ -- the 34-year-old married son of Tito -- has had a strong connection to Paris, Prince and Blanket for years, but was especially comforting after MJ died.

One example ... at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales, Katherine was by herself in a private area, far from the kids.  TJ was in full dad mode, helping Blanket tie his shoes, helping Prince tie his tie.  He made sure the kids were fed during the concert, which lasted for hours.

Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years, tells friends, of all the Jacksons ... TJ was the closest to Michael and his kids.  She says TJ had a "father-like" relationship with Michael's kids, adding, "He's a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he'll do the right thing."

Paris, Prince and Blanket adore TJ and are behind the temp guardianship move, and that's something that will weigh heavily with the probate judge.
We're told TJ is in wait mode -- to see what happens with Katherine.  But the papers are drafted and he's ready to make his move in court.


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Kim has nothing to do with this, and you are kiss that piece of trashes ass here. Quoting her on anything has a negative effect.

798 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Why does every TMZ story have to include a KimSkank connection. Get over it already, F'in TMZ wankers.

798 days ago

The Universe    

word up

798 days ago


If I was him I wouldn't tell any one that he knew Kim and I would never use the biggest ho for a reference as being good. What on earth would she know about being a good person??

798 days ago


That poor woman is EIGHTY-TWO years old!! I felt for her when she had to assume that role in the first place, even knowing how much she loves them. And then to add that family circus on top of it all is asking too much....this whole fiasco would have happened eventually......sad

798 days ago


Has Kim Kardashian ever dated a caucasion guy?

798 days ago


hey TMZ, You might like your connection with the Kartrashians but the rest of us rate her the second most hated female on earth. SO PLLLEEEASE don't use her as a REFERENCE to any one's character.

and if Kim has children and treats them like her mom does, then she will beat Casey Anthony OUT of first place! uggg.

as for MJ's children...I am rooting for you and THRILLED that Paris is strong and outspoken. this will keep her from being pimped out. IN FACT, Kim could learn A LOT from this GIRL!!!

798 days ago


Kayne do you know that Kim Kardashian is used more than the buckets of condoms out for the olympic athletes.

798 days ago


Hopefully Kim K will have a baby soon and prove she isn't a Transsexual

798 days ago


Remember that TJ & his brothers were INCLUDED in MJ's thanks for the KK "approval" TMZ

798 days ago


Kim Kardashian seal of approval? Are you kidding? This tramp would be the last person you'd want in your corner - her sex tape says it all!!

798 days ago


oh? there is such a thing as "the perfect guardian"?

I did not know that.

Was Michael Jackson the "perfect guardian"?

oh wait a minute, that rhetoric is TMZ BS, now I remember.

798 days ago


why why why does kim kardashian name has to brought into everything/ stop it tmz that is his past and if he wanted it to be known he would of did by now but he didnt' someone else did and I wonder who/ so stop it tmz he is married let his wife speak of his character

798 days ago


Cha Ching

798 days ago


He better not wait long. And the sooner Katherine is no longer guardian, at least temporarily, the safer she will be from her vulcher children Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie. Those crazies are running the asylum.

798 days ago
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