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'Batman' Movie Massacre

Theater Steps Up for

Victims' Funeral Expenses

7/28/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The theater where James Holmes opened fire last week, killing 12 people, is offering to pick up funeral expenses for the victims' families ... TMZ has learned.

Several funerals were held Friday in Aurora, Colorado -- one of them for Rebecca Wingo ... a 32-year-old mother of 2.

Sources close to Rebecca's mother tell TMZ, Cinemark -- corporate owners of the Century 16 Theater -- called the chapel where Rebecca's service was held ... and offered to foot the bill for her funeral.

In fact, the owner of the chapel says Cinemark told him it was willing to provide financial backing to all victims' families -- by paying any funeral expenses not covered by the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund.

Rebecca's mother, Shirley Wygal, turned down the offer and through a spokesperson told TMZ, the reason was that the Victims Advocate Fund paid for everyone's main funeral expenses.

The spokesperson told us, "Ms. Wygal is extremely grateful for all those who continue to donate to their family through a memorial fund and Rebecca's two little girls left behind college fund via the families website at which is not only made for Rebecca, but for all the victims of the tragedy ... Any and all additional funds will be transferred to the two little girls of Rebecca's college fund."

It's unclear how many funeral homes and chapels in Aurora got the same call. Cinemark hasn't returned our call for comment yet.


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Geezuz!! Hold old are you guys? eight? It's the Century 16 Theater massacre!! NOT the TDKR's!
It was a movie that happened to be playing when he cracked and was attracting a lot of people. Stop using that moniker idiots.

783 days ago


that's really nice and some of the people might have really needed it because depending on what you get it might be a couple grand atleast

783 days ago

the real diva    

that was nice of the theatre to do's a start. but the media especially TMZ. should stop giving that idiot who killed those poor victims and injured others media time. as by constantly posting about hin you are giving him the fame he thinks he deserves. for the victims sake. and the families sake. stop posting about that idiot every day.
may the poor victims rest in peace. and may that idiot enjoy his new home in jail for the rest of his life.

783 days ago


big deal they are going to get sued for a ot more then funeral and medical expensies...that place will be a city park this time next year..

NO security and NO alarms on the emergency are they thinking?

783 days ago


This entire family, and I mean EVERY one of them is nothing but money grubbing pigs. Every one of them. I am so sick of them I will never read another article. Pigs.

783 days ago


Sorry for the money grubbing pigs comment, thought I was on the Jackson's thread! Sorry!!!

783 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

I agree,in part, with poster "Jannie" on page 2. Had there been an alarm on the emergency exit door to notify theater workers that a door was open, would Holmes' massacre have taken place? As much as I hate the basstarddd, his plan was brilliant: leave the theater talking on a cell, and no one's the wiser, thinking he just wants some privacy while he talks. We all know what happened next.

But what if an usher had removed whatever was blocking the door and shut it? Holmes would have had no way of going in dressed in his militia-type clothing. As "nice" as this gesture of paying for funerals sounds by the theater owners, I think their main objective is to head off future lawsuits, which you KNOW are going to happen. Those emergency exit doors are supposed to be one-way ONLY, and are there to protect people from the outside, as well as providing an escape during an emergency. In this case, they did neither and I feel that the theater owners are going to share in the blame for not providing a safe environment and means of escape for their patrons.

Yes, HOLMES is the person responsible for this massacre, but Landmark's negligence in using simple alarms played a part as well. I hope ALL movie theaters in the U.S. are encouraged to put alarms on their exit doors

783 days ago


Not sure why she denied the payment. It's not the theater's fault a crazed man came in with a gun and started shooting people.

783 days ago


I sub contracted with Cinemark for over seven years and they are a great company. This move does not shock me at all.

It also doesn't shock me that some people would sue them over this crap when they had nothing to do with it. Its sad we live in the world were people just sue whoever and then complain later why stuff costs so damn much.

783 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

This is for poster "John," in response to my post #43.

I realize that theater patrons use exits doors all the time. Obviously, I'm not suggesting that an alarm is sounded every time this happens.

What I am suggesting is that when a door is propped open and isn't closed within a certain amount of time, that a SILENT alarm is sounded where the staff will be notified. There should be no reason why a movie goer would need to prop open a door. If one needed to leave, re-entry could always be gained by going back in through the lobby. for your nasty, you really have some issues that need to be worked out. To come to a website and anonymously attack someone expressing an opinion by calling them "stupid" and an "idiot" says a lot more about you than me.

783 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Every time I hear about this I get really sad all over again . I feel so bad for everyone who was killed or hurt or witnessed this tragic event ! God bless all of you .

783 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Its a nice gesture if it comes without any agreement not to sue for further damages. Unfortunately, I would bet the cinema did write into the agreement that the recipients would agree not to sue.

That said, I really don't feel the theater holds any responsibility. Though it would be nice if they paid for the funerals without a clause.

783 days ago


How about suing the companies who sold the nut 6,000 rounds of bullets, without question & not reporting it to any agencies????

783 days ago


that is a huge and very nice gesture for them to do that. its a big chunk of change to flip the bill for that many funerals and for some families they may not have insurance and would be impossible to cover a 5-10k funeral bill.

great job cinemark!

783 days ago


TMZ should follow in the footsteps of CNN and stop mentioning the shooters name. Why give him any publicity? That's what he wanted. He's nothing more than a coward who should be forgotten. Let him rot in jail for the rest of his life until he burns in hell.

783 days ago
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