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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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The ONLY thing she is sorry of is that she got caught. I'm sure the "director" wasnt the only one.

784 days ago


are you serious tmz comparing her to the worst murder flub in america! Who have you got working the weekends? They need to be put back to running for harvey's food!

784 days ago


Her "public apology" was.. Very strange. I hope she's getting a lot of support from close girlfriends. She just needs some girl time right about now. Maybe go out for some tacos? Maybe tuna sushimi? Umm. Put on some casual flannel, ponytail up under a baseball cap.. Grab a couple brewskis with her girlfriends. Instead of a paparazzi filled Laker game maybe they could go catch a WMBA game?

784 days ago



784 days ago

She's baaaack    

I always thought she looked kind of inbred, but then I thought he did too. They made a good couple.

784 days ago


Really who cares???? Sorry for the pain but Really ???

784 days ago


She could have done a lot better. That director is too old and fugly for her.

784 days ago

Bill Andrews    

You people got duped by bad science in more way's than I care to talk about in History, In molecular atomic physics do you know what happens to blood cells outside the body?.. When It's cells outer relative enviroment changes in more outer relative oxygen atoms surrounds it. It dry's and implodes causing it to become harder, thus on cloth or blade of grass or Gloves will shrink depending on amount of contamination area involved.._ Wm Andrews a real Molecular Atomic physicist. (( C )) Outer relativity energy changes everything in History... Please get me my Nobel prize money, do the right thing in civil rights ?

784 days ago


What is there left to do except puke and say, "Go away, Kristen!"

784 days ago

Jay W.     

Promiscuity fits Kristen. She should own it... live it. She needs to screw me too !

784 days ago


Where are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Kathrine Hepburn, John Wayne, Anne Baxter, Stella Stevens, Anne Southern, "The Three Stooges," et al...when you need them?

784 days ago

wow ew    

The director is a dog, not only is he married but he has children he put to the side just to please his little c*ck. Yea I said it. Some men need to be restrained whether they're married or not, they'll do anything to get ***** including preying on naive girls like Kristen Stewart. Yea she's to be blamed for cheating but then again grown men like this Director need to not be chasing poonani like Kristen's. Some people can be really manipulative.

784 days ago


I'm feeling chatty so I'm gonna vote this way:

- Insane for making a public confession? I honestly dunno. I think history has shown someone in the public eye owning up to what they did and acting sorry and contrite will help them out at least as far as the public eye goes. So, no.

- Should Rob dump her? Yep.

- Was the apology sincere? I only saw a text version of it and it didn't read well. No.

- It was a one Time Deal? I don't think so.

- Who's worse? The director with the family or the young actress with the long-time relationship? I think they're both to blame here. It takes two to tango.

- I'm not even sure how to answer the Kristen cheating question. While I've never been impressed with Kristen I really don't have any feeling good or bad about Rob. Seems like a nice enough guy and I've never heard anything bad about him. This story makes me feel bad for him because I always feel at least a little bad for someone who's SO cheats on them.

- Kristen's career might have hit a bump in the road but since her career has rolled on quite well even with a distinct lack of talent and charisma, who knows what the long-term effects of this are?

- Find a new gal Rob. If this one's been giving interviews about how boring her life is, and her answer to that hipster boredom is to go bang the director of a bad movie just cut it off.

- Dumber move was Kristen's apology. Not that she made it, but the apology she made.

784 days ago


Once a cheat ... always a cheat.

784 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I am sure Rupert saw that exact face pose after the money shot.

784 days ago
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