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James Holmes Massacre

Victim's Mother Ready

to Sue Movie Theater

7/30/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_james_holmes_aurora_tmzThe mother of one of James Holmes' massacre victims has hired a high-powered attorney to sue the Aurora, CO movie theater where he opened fire ... killing 12 people, and injuring 58 others.

TMZ has learned Shirley Wygal is retaining a lawyer in Los Angeles to handle her case -- and we're told she plans to go after the Century 16 Theater.

Shirley's 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed in the theater.

Sources close to Shirley tell us she believes the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them ... especially for a premiere as anticipated as "The Dark Knight Rises."

Witnesses say Holmes entered the theater through an emergency exit door and then started shooting. Authorities think he may have propped the door open earlier from inside the theater.

TMZ broke the story ... a survivor of the shooting spree is planning a similar suit, but he also intends to go after Warner Bros. and Holmes' doctors.

We've reached out to Cinemark -- the theater's corporate owners -- but no reply yet.

Holmes will be in court Monday morning to be formally charged in the massacre.


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PATHETIC! Only in America. Using a horrible situation to try and get paid. Sad, pathetic, individuals.

815 days ago


I feel terrible for the victims and their families BUT now this just looks like a cash grab. First, suing because there should have been a security guard at the theatre?!!!? Is this the world we want to live in? One where a security guard has to be stationed at every movie theatre? As for the people who want to sue Warner Bros. THAT is a cash grab if ever there was one. Sue them for what? Clearly Holmes hadn't seen the movie yet. Maybe I should sue them because after seeing Harry Potter I couldn't get my broom to fly and I fell off my deck. Please people. I'm sorry for your loss really I am but this whole "let's sue everyone we can" is sick.

815 days ago


I don't know how this person plans to win this case. A theatre showing a movie can

815 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

The theater should sue anyone who WASN'T packing.
They failed as Amuricans to Stand Their Ground,
so getting shot was their own damned fault.
Rush Limbaugh told me so.

815 days ago


The theatre is not responsible for a sick person who planned something like this for months or the movie makers. This could have happened anywhere and regarding any TV show or movie.

815 days ago


Maybe they should ALL just sue the parents of the sick fk that did this, they raised him, or how about the college for not weeding out the bad ones, or his high school principal that should have seen it coming, and his kindergarten teacher for not seeing the early warning signs?! The list goes on. Why don't people get, that there are very sick people in this world that are just BORN with mental illness and there isn't always going to be answers as to a resolve. My dad always told me, "Life isn't fair" -- hello -- it never will be! I can almost guarantee that the people suing are not rich & are just trying to make $$$ off the tragic death of someone they supposedly love. This is NOT the last time this will happen and we ALL know it!

815 days ago


What a shame, put the blame where it belongs! I'm from Aurora, leave the theater alone so the people can continue to move on and enjoy it!

815 days ago


and by the way, you would need a S.W.A.T team as security to have prevented a lunatic in full body armor with an assault rifle! just saying

815 days ago


I understand she wants to avenge her child's death. but she needs to go after Holmes. The purpose of an emergency exit is to exit in an emergency. There is no obligation to keep a security guard at a movie theater exit. What Homes did there was unprecedented. She will only achieve in putting someone (who did not kill her daughter) out of business .

815 days ago


I truly feel for the victims of this massacre. Some of them may be disabled for life unable to work, mounting medicals bills with no insurance ect ect. One woman is paralyzed, lost her daughter and had a miscarriage. I can see the truly injured victims attempting to sue the theater in desperation but no it doesn’t make it right. Unless there is some law stating that the theater was to have alarms at the door I don’t see why it would be the theaters fault. This is the first time something this large scale has happened in US theater history. How was the theater to know? If anyone should be sued its James Holmes but obviously that will go nowhere. This is terrible,sometimes there just is no one to blame or sometimes like this case the one person to blame is the one person with no money.

815 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

The police are too busy arresting Fred Willard
for spanking his choad at the porno flicks.

815 days ago

go home!    

For all that are suing or thinking of suing.... it's not going to bring them back people...Your anger should be directed at Holmes, not the theater. Though, Holmes doesn't have money, does he?

815 days ago


Here is a point I have yet to see addressed yet, will every single public building need to be equipped with these alarms and security guards at every entrance/exit now? I mean, what's to stop a crazed gunman from walking into any public area full of people and opening fire? Whether it be a grocery or big box retailer, etc? There are no guarantees in life when it comes to your safety.

815 days ago


This is insane!!!! The only person responsible for her death is James Holmes! Why sue the theater? I understand you are hurt but suing the theater is not going to bring her back!!! This man does not even deserve a trail he deserves the death penalty immediately!!!!!!!!!

815 days ago

Right back at ya    

Sue Warner Bros, seriously? Regardless of the nature of any Film, if you're a Psycho, or a straight-out Evil being, it's gonna happen, regardless. Change the laws for Assault Weapons, and yes, DO sue the Therapist. As far as the shooter is concerned, WHY would the Parents stand by him? Sure, he was over the age of eighteen, and the Parents were not legally responsible for him, but if they knew something was wrong, and then the Mother makes a passing remark of "you've got the right Person," why did they wait until something horrific like this, happen? Wow, not only would I be full of sorrow and horrified, but I would feel a sense of responsibility for the emotional well being of my Child, regardless of their age.

815 days ago
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