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James Holmes Survivor

'Batman' Shooter Deserves


8/1/2012 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Batman" shooter James Holmes doesn't just deserve the death penalty ... he deserves the worst, most painful death possible -- so says one of the survivors of the massacre.

22-year-old Carli Richards -- whom Holmes shot in the back with a shotgun -- tells TMZ, "I think death by firing squad would be totally justified ... Just injecting him is painless."

She says, "I had enough needles in me that night to know that a needle isn't that bad. I want him to see what it feels like ... I wish someone would shoot him and let him bleed out."

She adds, "He shot me with stuff they use to shoot birds and deer. I want him to feel what it's like to feel that helpless."

Thankfully, Carli and her boyfriend made it to safety before Holmes could kill them -- but Carli says she's still in a lot of pain, and can't go back to work yet with her current injuries.

Carli is the second person affected by the massacre to call for Holmes' death. TMZ broke the story yesterday, the brother of a woman killed in the shooting also demanded the death penalty.

It's worth noting because prosecutors have said they will only consider pursuing the death penalty with support from the victims' families.

Holmes was charged Monday with 142 crimes stemming from the Colorado shooting -- including 24 1st degree murder counts, and 116 counts of attempted murder.

If he's found guilty of 1st degree murder, he faces the death penalty by lethal injection.


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is it just me or... are all the survivor or what not coming to TMZ and trying to claim their day of fame?

811 days ago


He needs to be put into general population.

Unfortunately, he will be placed into a mental health facility.

I do not buy that he is insane, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people he injured, killed, and their families.

811 days ago


He deserves to be shot with the same weapons he killed the others with. First in the legs ,then the arms, and slowly up his stomach to the face. As painful as possible. F*cking a**hole. What was the point of killing and harming innocent people??

811 days ago


If she was shot with the shot gun in her back, wouldnt she have a BIG ass hole?

811 days ago


There has been enough violence. Words such as hers just increase the cult of violence that already rocks this country and world. Wishing him or anyone to suffer won't heal or change anything in a positive way, and in fact doesn't separate her thoughts from the shooter's violent thoughts. James's future already is black due to his own actions, so to wish him more harm only brings more dark energy into this world and doesn't help or heal anything. We need to be careful not only of what we say, but how we think. Especially publicly!

811 days ago


That ruca got hit with birdshot que no? I got hit with the same thing in me barrio in east Los "la primera" **** hurt dawg. Hope she gets better. I hope that maicone get how from the carnnales.

811 days ago


Agreed. Tell you some others who also deserve the same....The Univ Of Co Aurora's Threat Assessment
Team. Holmes' psychiatrist did the right thing and reported no less than 5 times her concerns of violence. They could have prevented it. They did nothing.

811 days ago


Nice Tattoos. Was the pic taken in their trailer?

811 days ago


i think im with her. but live the pin would do him good. let the men in there take care of that punk. let him be some1 bitch everyday.

811 days ago


I agree, our Forefathers could not have forseen such violence against citizens.We need some constitutional changes for this behavior to live in peace.

811 days ago


As a taxpayer I would gladly go buy the bullets for the firing squad versus the thousands of dollars it will cost to keep this ******* alive on death row for 20 years.

811 days ago


The problem is, We waste time with these type of criminals, It should be like the old days once he was arrested he should have been taken to the nearest tree and hung! If we punished people right away for the crime, Crime would go down. people would be more cautious to commit a crime if they new they wouldn't get a life in prison with TV, internet and 3 meals.Hang em all, The world needs to rid itself of thieves,Criminals and Liars...

811 days ago


I agree with her. he should be put to death by firing squad. Now he's trying the insanity role now. F him man.

811 days ago


Don't kill him. Release him into general population with instructions that killing him will result in the death penalty for his killer. Anything else done to him will be ignored.
At age 24, he will probably live another 50 to 60 years. 50+ years of getting raped by inmates, stabbed, cut, beat up... a fitting punishment.

811 days ago


And this make you any better than him how?

811 days ago
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