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Janet Jackson

Did Not Slap or Verbally Abuse Paris Jackson

8/1/2012 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet Jackson did not slap or verbally abuse Paris Jackson during a confrontation at the Jackson family home in Calabasas last week.

TMZ published a story last week based on sources who told us Janet went off on Michael Jackson's daughter after the singer tried to grab Paris' cell phone. We also reported Janet called Paris a "spoiled little bitch."

Although we believed the story to be true when we published it, we have now determined it was not correct ... Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her.


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Strange how TMZ, a media news source, which is led by a "lawyer" would allow a non-factual story to run. I am sure there have been talks of a possible lawsuit by the Jackson camp if this story wasn't pulled and a retraction executed. Harvey, nice way of showing the public that your celebrity news program runs on here say and stories which are not verified before being posted. I guess this shows us that it's all about selling a story for you guys as well. The saying " the media will make and they will always handle breaking you" runs true!

813 days ago


Miss Jackson's lawyers hasseling TMZ.... I believe the first story for some reason! :)

813 days ago

brenda salcedo    

Lmao! What happened Harvey..scared much? Lol!

813 days ago


tmz at it again publsihing bull****

813 days ago


Paris said it herself that Janet didn't do anything TMZ reported, but everyone here continues to believe it.

813 days ago


**** u TMZ

813 days ago


they corrected their mistake, that's a nice move. but where's the apology?

813 days ago


It's very telling since Harvey Levin is an attorney, that TMZ has thrown in the towel and fallen on the sword after the obvious threat from Janet's attorneys. TMZ.'s credibility is toast.

813 days ago


I don't know about white families, but in black families your aunt, uncle, grandmother, any elder relative is allow to parent you, "whoop your ass" all that! And to be honest, someone needs to take Paris's phone and "whoop" her ass for all the bs she let out of the family. Keep family business . .family business. I seriously doubt her dad would be happy at her putting his families business out there like that! Regardless . . . why is no one talking about how much Branca/McClain are getting paid as executors of the estate. MJ fired them years ago, and did not update his will . . .

813 days ago

Terminal Tower    

TMZ....either they were lying then or they're lying now. I'm so done with TMZ.

812 days ago


What's the deal with Janet's left eye? Also, where can I buy tickets for or charter the TMZ (tm) tour bus? I can't find any information about it on the interwebs.

812 days ago


Glad you corrected the statement. TMZ is pretty reliable with the sources...just quit with the Krapdashian stuff..=)

812 days ago


Some of you people are just plain ignorant, you have no idea what really went on, clearly Janet did not slap that child, Janet is the calmest of them all and I am certain that any part that she had in it was in the best interest of her money. Janet does not need Michael's money, she is an Icon in her own right and is worth well over 100 million dollars, she has never been a guardy big spender, she has managed her finances well not to mention she is currently dating a freaking billionare. Janet is involved in this in the interest of her mother. I can tell that a lot of you fools on here are a bunch of ignorant white people, that is why your kids are so darn bad and disrespectful because you do not believe in discipline, you let them run wild and course you out and then they grow up to be a bunch of pshychotic mass murderers. Those kids need to be taken off of social media first and foremost. Yes they should have been told about the wheareabouts of the grandmother but I am certain that her CHILDREN had a good reason for removing her from the situation, some of these comments are so ridiculous a lot of you miserable lemmings would rather the story be true so that you can talk sh*t about Janet so you refuse to believe the fact instead of the fiction. Just plain ignorant. Than goodness Janet has an I don't give a f*ck attitude when it come to you critters. You fools need to worry about your own bad kids.

812 days ago

paris should have TWEETED THIS    

Paris should have made one last tweet before she signed off for good and the tweet should have said….MY AUNT JANET NEVER SLAPPED ME OR CALLED ME NAMES THAT IS A GOTD@MN LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, she didn’t WHY????????????? That is the 475 million dollar question…. (Things that make you go HMMMM)

812 days ago


You saw her try to grab the you think she was saying please? The whole Jackson clan are a bunch of posers...especially precious Janet. I love the Osmonds...bitcheeeessss

812 days ago
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